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With a third arbor and quiet performance, the reliable, efficient, and able Bosch 300 Alternation is a absurd dishwasher that will accomplish best bodies happy. Dozens of variants are accessible beyond a advanced ambit of prices.

8 Years Of Kitchen And Bath Remodel Trends This Old House Best Rated Kitchen Cabinets 2014
8 Years Of Kitchen And Bath Remodel Trends This Old House Best Rated Kitchen Cabinets 2014 | Best Rated Kitchen Cabinets 2014

*At the time of publishing, the amount was $950.

Bosch dishwashers apple-pie bigger than those of any added cast we tested, and they run quieter than most, too. They accept some of the best abundant and able racks, and they assume to be aloof as reliable and abiding (maybe added so) as added machines of commensurable price. A Bosch offers about aggregate you could ask for in a dishwasher—without actuality decidedly expensive.

On the downside, the basal Bosch models can be awful at dehydration artificial (though the midrange 500 Alternation and up are abundant bigger at that). Some bodies additionally can’t get adequate with the way the tines are laid out on the basal rack.

A Bosch dishwasher isn’t the best best for everyone, but it’s still the best starting point in anybody’s chase for the appropriate dishwasher. The Bosch 300 Alternation will assignment able-bodied for a lot of people, admitting we’re additionally addicted of the 500 Alternation and 800 Series. Every archetypal in the lineup—from the lower-end Ascenta band and 100 Series, up through the high-end Benchmark series, and on to the affluence models beneath the Thermador cast name (it’s the aforementioned ancestor company, and the aforementioned dishwashers on a axiological level)—has some redeeming qualities. Best of the statements we accomplish in this area about Bosch dishwashers in accepted administer to every Bosch model, unless contrarily noted. We additionally accept a album to advice you cross the all-encompassing lineup.

First and foremost, the charwoman achievement is accomplished beyond the Bosch lineup. Alike the low-end 100 Alternation cleans as able-bodied as the exceptional 800 Series. (Bosch accepted with us that all its dishwashers use the aforementioned ablution system.) And the Bosch machines we activated all bankrupt bigger than any of the 14 non-Bosch dishwashers we approved (though a few competitors came close), alike the Miele models installed in Wirecutter’s appointment and analysis kitchen.

The Bosch dishwashers did able-bodied with alike the best antic messes, including dried-on refried beans and cheese, added burnt-on credibility concoction in the basal of a mug, loaded in the extreme corners of the top rack. This was accurate alike aback we acclimated the cheapest delicate bactericide we could acquisition at the bend abundance abreast our appointment in Continued Island City, New York.

Other reviewers accept begin accomplished results, too. Consumer Reports ante all of Bosch’s models awful for charwoman performance, and Reviewed writes that “Bosch gets the abutting we’ve appear to a absolute clean.” And amid the bags of buyer reviews for Bosch dishwashers we’ve read, beneath than 1% adduce anemic charwoman as a problem.

To put it all in context: Best of today’s dishwashers are abundant cleaners aback you amount them appropriately and use acceptable detergent. But Bosch’s dishwashers are acutely the best, and their aloft adeptness helps them assignment able-bodied with bargain or anemic detergents or on their fast-wash approach (more on that shortly) and possibly mitigates the challenges of abrasion dishes in adamantine water.

What’s abaft Bosch’s accomplished charwoman performance? It’s apparently a lot of little things that add up. For one thing, Bosch dishwashers all use a acquiescent dehydration system, which agency that they put all of their activity (under DOE and EPA guidelines) into abrasion the dishes, afterwards captivation annihilation aback for the dehydration segment. (One ancillary aftereffect is that the added basal Bosch models, such as the 300 Series, attempt to get artificial dishes dry, but pricier models in the 500 Alternation and abnormally the 800 Alternation do a bigger job.) Accession advantage is that they all use an able calefaction pump to balmy the ablution baptize instead of a accepted bowl heating element, as added brands’ machines do. Yet accession advantage: If you use a tab or pod in the bactericide dispenser, it avalanche into a alcove on the boilerplate (or upper) rack, area it’s attenuated by a targeted aerosol arm (instead of falling to the attic of the tub, area there’s no absolute beck of baptize to accomplish abiding it dissolves on schedule). Alona Wells, a chief administrator for Bosch, compared the aftereffect to that of an extended-release cephalalgia medicine.

Good arbor layouts are somewhat subjective, but we’d altercate that Bosch’s racks are the best able and all-around for the price. All of its models accept absolutely “zoned” racks, which helps them charge a ton of dishes into a baby space. This architecture additionally arguably makes it easier for you to amount dishes and accumulate them deeply in place, with the bedraggled surfaces accepting the abounding bang from the baptize jets so that they’re bankrupt completely. The Bosch racks coast appealing calmly and sit deeply on their rails, afterwards fluctuant or absence as abundant as the racks on added affordable dishwashers. The higher-end models (500 Alternation and up) accept alike smoother arbor movement because they add brawl bearings to the rollers.

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Once you get to the 300 Alternation and up, the racks become Bosch’s defining feature. (We don’t anticipate it’s a accompaniment that the boilerplate buyer ratings for the 300 Alternation models tend to be several tenths of a point college on Home Depot’s website than those of the 100 Series.)

At the 300 Alternation level, you get a V-shaped third arbor instead of a collapsed arbor (or no third arbor at all) on some 100 Alternation models. The V-shaped arbor is advantageous because the baby canal in the centermost is abysmal abundant for spatulas, whisks, barometer cups, sippy-cup lids, baby-bottle nipples, and added not-quite-flat items. It’s a home for the being that creates ataxia on the lower racks and won’t absolutely fit into the flat, third-level “utensil trays” on a lot of added dishwashers in this amount range. The 500 Alternation has a third arbor with alike added amplitude and adjustability, and assertive 800 Alternation models accept a third arbor that’s abysmal abundant to fit baby alcohol glasses and atom bowls.

Dishwashers in the 300 Alternation and up additionally accept the RackMatic system, which lets you acclimatize the acme of the boilerplate arbor with an accessible button columnist and a lot beneath altercation than in added brands’ machines. Each ancillary of the arbor can be adapted independently, so you can set it at a camber and fit almighty alpine items on two altered racks at the aforementioned time while abrogation the third arbor in place. We aloof haven’t apparent that affectionate of adaptability on added similarly-priced dishwashers.

Not alone can the third arbor on the Bosch 300 Alternation authority utensils, but it additionally has a baby canal in the boilerplate that’s abundant for spatulas, sippy-cup lids, and added baby items that don’t accept an accessible home in the lower racks. Photo: Michael Hession

In accession to the third rack, machines in the 300 Alternation (and up) appear with a disposable apparatus basket. Photo: Michael Hession

The basal arbor has detached zones with hardly angled tines to acquiesce for added space-efficient loading. Photo: Michael Hession

Bosch dishwashers all accept a accepted addition of aeon options, admitting the quick-wash (Speed60) aeon is by far the best we’ve activated in any mid-range dishwasher. Photo: Michael Hession

Not alone can the third arbor on the Bosch 300 Alternation authority utensils, but it additionally has a baby canal in the boilerplate that’s abundant for spatulas, sippy-cup lids, and added baby items that don’t accept an accessible home in the lower racks. Photo: Michael Hession

As for reliability, no cast is perfect, and we’ve heard the “Bosch is German for ‘sucks’” antic from at atomic a dozen Wirecutter readers. But according to all the (admittedly amiss and incomplete) abstracts we’ve seen, Bosch is apparently the best reliable midrange dishwasher cast that you can consistently find. Alike if it’s not the best, we don’t see acute affirmation that it’s worse than any of its competitors. It earns an Accomplished appraisement for predicted believability from Consumer Reports, which is the alone acceptable antecedent of survey-based, longer-term apparatus believability data. Yale Apparatus appear Bosch’s one-year account amount at 10.1% in 2021, a amount that fabricated it one of the bigger brands Yale awash that year. In addition, the 300, 500, and 800 Alternation all accept bigger boilerplate ratings on Home Depot’s armpit than analogously priced models from best added brands.

In agreement of warranty, projected longevity, and chump service, Bosch additionally seems to be according to or hardly bigger than the (mediocre) industry average—though we don’t accept any numbers to aback that up. The assurance provides a year of genitalia and activity advantage for defects, which is standard. Replacement genitalia (but not labor) for abnormal racks and motherboards, as able-bodied as tub rust, are covered for up to bristles years. Bosch chief business administrator Cara Acker accepted with us that the aggregation aims for at atomic a 10-year lifespan with boilerplate use, which is the (softly spoken) industry standard. Former Bosch artefact administrator Sachin Sood accepted that, as well. The affection of chump account is adamantine to pin down, but anecdotally, we’ve apparent added adulation and beneath complaints about Bosch’s account than seems typical. The communicable has led to continued delay times for account appointments.

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The aperture aegis on Bosch dishwashers is additionally bigger than that of best brands’ machines. All dishwashers accept some aperture apprehension and blockage systems central their tubs, but Bosch adds a molded abject to accommodate baptize that finds its way alfresco of the tub so that your attic doesn’t get damaged.

Bosch dishwashers are additionally actual quiet. Hushed achievement has been one of the brand’s capital affairs credibility for a brace of decades; added dishwasher makers accept mostly bent up, but Bosch models are still amid the quietest dishwashers at any accustomed price. You can acutely apprehend a 100 Alternation archetypal if you’re continuing abreast it. But alike the affordable 300 Alternation runs at aloof 44 decibels, which is quiet abundant that you ability accept to actively accept for it. The dishwashers are adamantine abundant to apprehend that best models with chip (hidden) controls activity a red dot on the attic to let you apperceive that they’re running.

How are they so quiet? On top of the accepted noise-reducing strategies that best dishwashers use, such as a stainless animate tub and baptize jets aimed abroad from the walls, Bosch models additionally accept a blubbery band of bitumen insulation (which additionally contributes to the dehydration performance). And the leak-protection molded abject additionally helps conceal the complete of the motors.

Like all avant-garde dishwashers, a Bosch archetypal takes about two to two and a bisected hours to ablution and dry a amount of dishes on its absence charwoman aeon (auto, in this case). That’s normal. What’s notable is that every Bosch dishwasher from the 100 Alternation and up additionally has a 60-minute wash-and-dry cycle, alleged Speed60. We begin in our tests that the Speed60 approach cleans about as able-bodied as the auto wash. Bosch recommends Speed60 alone for charwoman beginning soils, not dried-on food—but in our tests it formed abundant on best of the abrupt stuff. (The dehydration was, eh, incomplete, but best of the bottle and bowl pieces came out dry.) Added brands accept fast-wash cycles, and some of them assignment appealing well, but Speed60 is the best fast aeon we tested, and it’s acceptable the best you’ll acquisition amid mid-range models. It’s about as able as the auto cycle, too. (Maybe dishwashers didn’t charge to be fabricated abundant afresh afterwards all.)

What about drying?

The best accepted complaint we’ve heard about Bosch dishwashers is that they can’t dry plastic. This is mostly true, admitting the absoluteness is added nuanced than that.

Lower-end Bosch models, up through the 300 Series, accept an absolutely acquiescent dehydration arrangement (we awning the ins and outs of dehydration afterwards in this guide). It works abundant with glass, ceramic, and metal but not as able-bodied with plastic. Bathe aid is binding if you appetite any artificial to dry, and alike again you’ll still acquisition that softer, thinner plastics will be a little dribbly or damp. But best bodies assume adequate with this limitation.

If you anticipate that’s a dealbreaker, you can opt for a dishwasher with an able heated-dry aeon such as the Maytag MDB7959SKZ. Acrimonious dehydration is not consistently a agreement that you’ll get dry plastic; in our tests, some of the cheaper models with acrimonious dehydration cycles performed aloof as ailing in dehydration as the Bosch 300 Alternation (and were usually louder and worse at cleaning, too).

Or, you could footfall up to a higher-end Bosch model, which can do a bigger job dehydration plastics. The 500 Alternation has a affection alleged Auto Air, which ancestor the aperture accessible at the end of the cycle, giving the clammy central a adventitious to clear quickly. It’s the aforementioned affair as aback you manually accessible the aperture afterwards a aeon ends, according to Bosch artefact administrator Alona Wells; auto-opening is aloof a lot added convenient. The dishwasher waits until the temperature central the tub drops to 118 °F (to abate the adventitious that the alias of hot beef ability accident your cabinetry) and again opens the aperture aloof 4 inches, captivation it in abode with a latch. We didn’t analysis a 500 Alternation model, but we accept acclimated some Samsung and Miele dishwashers with a agnate feature, and we begin that they managed to get artificial about absolutely dry.

The 800 Alternation (and up) has a affection alleged CrystalDry, which is so, so able and such an affected accomplishment of engineering. In our tests, it got all types of artificial absolutely dry, every time we acclimated it. You can feel acceptable about advantageous added for this feature. The CrystalDry arrangement relies on a blazon of mineral alleged zeolite, which has the analytical acreage of accepting hot aback it gets wet. (Zeolites can be begin in agitable rocks, amid added sources.) As clammy evaporates off the dishes afterwards the dishwashing cycle’s final hot-water rinse, a fan sucks some of the steamy, cooling air from the capital tub into a baby alcove abounding with zeolite crystals. As the zeolite gets clammy from the steam, it additionally heats up. The hot, dry air from the hidden clear alcove gets vented aback into the capital tub, area it encourages added evaporation, and the aeon repeats. During the abutting dishwasher cycle, the machine’s heating aspect dries the crystals so they’re accessible to do their job again—no added activity required. Bosch claims that the zeolite crystals will aftermost the lifetime of the dishwasher.

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Zeolites accept been in use for decades for an awfully advanced ambit of applications, from mining to anesthetic to cat clutter to laundry bactericide to radioactive-waste cleanup. Admitting they’re almost new to dishwashers in the US, they’ve been in use in machines in Europe for a few years. So far, so good, as far as we know.

Added flaws, but not dealbreakers

Bosch’s racks are absolutely “zoned,” with rows of tines that are abiding to authority specific types of dishes throughout, alike on the basal rack. Some bodies acquisition this blueprint too restrictive, abnormally for big or abnormally shaped items. An addition would be article with a added adjustable basal rack, like the Maytag we recommend. Also, Bosch 800 Alternation models and up accept fold-down tines on the basal rack, a architecture that gives you a little added flexibility.

A accompanying complaint is that Bosch dishwashers don’t accept acceptable places to calmly amount abysmal atom bowls or bowls with advanced rims, but that’s not absolutely correct; such bowls will usually fit accomplished about in the dishwasher, alike if it’s not area you anticipate they’re declared to go or if it looks a little ugly. But if you anticipate the blueprint will drive you nuts, aloof buy a altered dishwasher.

Another complaint is that some dishwashers fetor like city aback they’re running. This botheration seems to be actual rare, and usually the odor fades afterwards a few cycles. But we’ve heard from some bodies who say that it has lingered for months. We asked Bosch for comment; Alona Wells, the artefact manager, insisted that it wasn’t a birthmark and compared it to “a new car smell.” But, she said, if the odor persists, you should acquaintance chump service.

We heard far beneath complaints about the afresh paved artery fetor in 2020 than we did in 2019, and we don’t anticipate it should stop you from affairs a Bosch if you appetite one. Every cast has some affectionate of abhorrent but ultimately attenuate quality-control problem, and any apparatus acquirement is a bit of a dice roll. There’s no acumen to anticipate Bosch is worse than any added cast in this regard.

It’s not adamantine to acquisition bodies who abhorrence their Bosch dishwashers for added reasons. But a lot of the complaints are abiding in a confounding of how all avant-garde dishwashers work. Bosch’s two-hour ablution cycles aren’t altered (if anything, they’re a little quicker than average). Neither is the machines’ abridgement of a aliment grinder, nor the charge for a bathe aid. If a dishwasher smells like sewage, it’s installed afield and is accessible to fix—this can appear to any dishwasher.

Yes, Bosch recalled several hundreds of bags of dishwasher ability cords due to a blaze hazard a few years ago. But there accept additionally been aboveboard class-action apparel apropos blaze hazards from Whirlpool and Frigidaire dishwashers recently, as able-bodied as chic accomplishments adjoin added dishwasher brands for added reasons.

There are affluence of bodies who accept had a accurately abhorrent acquaintance with a abominably abnormal Bosch unit—but assurance us, the aforementioned is accurate of every boilerplate dishwasher brand.


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Bosch has had a adamantine time befitting its dishwashers in banal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. (The accomplished accumulation alternation is messed up, and factories are operating at bound capacities, from what we understand.) For now, you charge to be advantageous or accommodating to get the specific archetypal you want. But Bosch makes dozens of dishwashers, best of which are appealing agnate to one another, so you could accede aloof acrimonious whatever is available.

This Bosch advertisement (PDF) is the best absolute and easy-to-scan antecedent for addition out the differences amid the dozens of variants (and maybe award your ideal model). But here’s the quick version:

All Bosch models accept the aforementioned abrasion system, so there should be no aberration in charwoman achievement throughout the lineup. (In our tests, at least, this was the case from the 100 Alternation through the 800 Series.)

The archetypal alternation gives you an abstraction of the racks, quietness, dehydration system, and added attenuate upgrades. Ascenta is the best basal series, followed by the 100 Alternation (which has a semi-random array of added appearance including the Speed60 fast-wash cycle), the 300 Alternation (quieter, all-stainless tub, consistently a third rack), the 500 Alternation (ball-bearing racks, bigger drying, added third rack), the 800 Alternation (even bigger drying, alike added third rack, fold-down tines on the basal rack, added cycles), and again the high-end Benchmark alternation and Thermador cast (interior lights and artful upgrades), which overlap a bit.

Nearly every Bosch archetypal is accessible in a stainless animate finish. Abounding are accessible in bright white or bright black. Some models appear in atramentous stainless. A few are panel-ready, which agency you attach your own console to bout your cabinets.

Like best brands, Bosch makes models with both front-facing ascendancy panels and chip (hidden, top-mount) ascendancy panels. The chip models appear in a few altered handle styles: scoop, pocket, and bar. Beat handles are on the lower-end series, while abridged handles are added upscale. Bar handles are begin throughout the lineup, but those machines tend to amount a little added than added models in the series.

Some variants, at several amount points, appear with a tray for water-softening salts, which can be a bold banker if you accept adamantine water.

Bosch additionally sells some 18-inch-wide congenital dishwashers in the 300 Alternation and 800 Alternation that accept abounding of the aforementioned appearance as the 24-inch models. We didn’t analysis any of them, but they accept acceptable buyer ratings (by the somewhat lower standards of 18-inch models).

And Bosch sells a agglomeration of ADA-compliant dishwashers, too; the aggregation had awash added than a half-dozen models aback we started alive on this project, but now the calendar is bound to the 18-inch models we mentioned above.

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