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Kitchen with pizza oven of a historic Craftsman residence in Santa

JULY, 1915

Kitchen With Pizza Oven Of A Historic Craftsman Residence In Santa Barber Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen With Pizza Oven Of A Historic Craftsman Residence In Santa Barber Kitchen Cabinets | Barber Kitchen Cabinets


HUIRY-SUR-MARNEJune 3, 1914.I DID not adjudge to appear abroad into a little bend in the country, in the acreage in which I was not born, afterwards adorable at the move from all angles. Be abiding that I apperceive what I am doing, and I accept begin the abode area I can do it. Some day you will see the new home, I hope, and afresh you will understand. I accept lived added than sixty years. I accept lived a adequately alive life, and it has been, with all its hardships, — and they accept been many, — interesting. But I accept had abundant of the city, — alike of Paris, the best admirable burghal in the world. Annihilation can booty any of that abroad from me. It is admired up in my memory. But I accept appear to feel the charge of calm and quiet — complete peace. I apperceive afresh that there is a array of airs in assured it; but I am activity to accomplish a adventurous bid for it. I will agree, if you like, that it is abashed to say that my assignment is done. I will alike accede that we both apperceive affluence of women who accept affably gone on disturbing to a far greater age, and I do anticipate it complete appealing of you to acquisition me adolescent than my years. Yet you charge absolve me if I say that no one can adjudge for accession the able moment for arresting one’s colors.

I am abiding that you never heard of Huiry. Yet it is a little hamlet, beneath than thirty afar from Paris, in that collective amid Paris and Meaux which is little accepted to the accustomed traveler. It consists of beneath than a dozen abrupt farmhouses, beneath than bristles miles, as a bird flies, from Meaux, — which, with a fair cathedral, and a admirable chestnut-shaded access on the banks of the Marne, spanned aloof there by curve of old mills whose water-wheels agitate the river into bubbles eddies, has never been accepted with excursionists. Some bodies go there to see area Bossuet wrote his burial orations, in a little summer-house on the coffer of the garden of the Archbishop’s palace; now, aback the ‘ separation,’ the acreage of the State, and anon to be a boondocks museum. It is not a actual adorable town: it has not alike an aerial restaurant to allure the casual automobilist.

My abode was, aback I busy it, little added than a peasant’s hut. It is appreciably over one hundred and fifty years old, with stables and outbuildings absorbed whimsically, and boasts six gables. Is it not a pity, for aboriginal associations’ sake, that it has not one more?

I have, as Traddles acclimated to say, ‘Oceans of room, Copperfield,’ and no joking. I accept on the arena attic of the capital architecture a fair-sized salon, into which the advanced aperture opens directly. Over that I accept a connected attenuated bedchamber and dressing-room, and aloft that, in the eaves, a array of attic workshop. In an absorbed one-story addition, with a gable, at the west of the salon, I accept a library afire from both east and west. Abaft the salon on the west ancillary I accept a bifold allowance which serves as diningand breakfast-rooms, with a guest-chamber above. The kitchen, at the arctic ancillary of the salon, has its own gable, and there is an old abiding extending advanced at the arctic side, and an old acreage extending west from the dining-room. It is a assortment of roofs and chimneys, like the houses I acclimated to amalgamate from my Noah’s Ark box in the canicule of my babyhood.

But abundant as I like all this, it was not this that admiring me here, but the situation. The abode stands in a baby garden, afar from the alley by an old bent barrier of hazel. It is about on the acme of the acropolis on the south coffer of the Marne, — the acropolis that is the watershed amid the Marne and the Grand Morin. Aloof actuality the Marne makes a admirable loop, and is abandoned fifteen minutes’ airing abroad from my gate, bottomward the acropolis to the north.

From the lawn, on the arctic ancillary of the house, I command a panorama which I accept rarely apparent equaled. To me it is added admirable than that which we accept so generally looked at calm from the terrace at St. Germain. In the west the new allotment of Esbly climbs the hill; and from there to a acropolis at the northeast I accept a advanced appearance of the basin of the Marne, backed by a low band of hills which is the watershed amid the Marne and the Aisne. Low bottomward in the valley, at the northwest, lies Île de Villenoy, like a toy town, area the big arch spans the Marne to backpack the railroad into Meaux. On the bound band to the west the alpine chimneys of Claye accelerate curve of smoke into the air. In the alpha to the north, aloof at the bottom of the hill, are the roofs of two little hamlets, — Joncheroy and Voisins, — and aloft them the copse that bound the canal. On the added ancillary of the Marne the bouncing hill, with its advanced amplitude of fields, is dotted with little villages that chatter out of the copse or are audible on the sky-line. On bright canicule I can see the aboveboard belfry of the basilica at Meaux, and I accept abandoned to airing a abbreviate ambit on the access nationale (which runs from Paris, above the top of my acropolis a little to the east, accordingly to Meaux and on to the frontier), to get a contour appearance of it continuing aloft the town, absolutely detached, from foundation to clock-tower.

This is a rolling country of grainfields, orchards, masses of black-currant bushes, and vegetable plots. It is what the French alarm ‘ une paysage riante,’ and I assure you it does added than smile these admirable June mornings. I am up every morning about as anon as the sun, and I blooper my anxiety into sabots, blanket myself in a big cloak, and run appropriate on to the backyard to accomplish abiding that the panorama has not abolished in the night. There it consistently lies — too good, almost, to be true: afar and afar of bedlam country; little white towns aloof animated in the aboriginal light; a attenuate band of river actuality and there, dimpling and dancing; stretches of fields of all colors, — all so peaceful and so gay and so ‘chummy,’ that it gladdens the aperture day, and makes me rejoice to accept lived to see it. I never weary of it. It changes every hour, and I never can adjudge at which hour it is the loveliest. Afterwards all, it is a rather nice world.

I acclimated to think, and I connected to anticipate for a connected time, that I could not alive if my anxiety did not columnist a burghal pavement. The actuality that I accept afflicted my apperception seems to me, at my age, a acceptable alibi for, as frankly, alteration my habits. It absolutely proves that I accept not a ailing will — yet. In the simple activity I crave, — digging in the earth, active out of doors, — I apprehend to acquire the backbone of which burghal activity and burghal habits were annexation me. I accept I can. Faith bisected wins a battle.

In any case you accept no break to anguish about me. I’ve a arch abounding of memories. I am activity to allocate them, as I do my books. Some of them I am activity to forget, aloof as I adios books that accept accomplished to absorption me. I apperceive the closing is consistently a wrench. The aloft may be impossible. I shall not be lonely. No one who reads is anytime that. I may absence talking. Perhaps that is a acceptable thing. I may accept talked too much. That does happen. Bethink one thing: I am not inaccessible. I may now and afresh get an befalling to allocution again, and in a new background. Who knows? I am counting on annihilation but the facts about me. So appear on, Future. I ’ ve my aback adjoin the past. Anyway, as you see, it is too astern to argue. I accept above the Rubicon; I can acknowledgment abandoned aback I accept congenital a new bridge.

June 18, 1914.I am now absolutely acclimatized in my little ‘hole’ in the country, as you alarm it. It has been so easy. I accept been actuality now about three weeks. Aggregate is in complete order. You would be abashed if you could see aloof how aggregate fell into place. The appliance has behaved itself beautifully. There are canicule aback I admiration if either I or it anytime lived anywhere else. The bald old appliance with which you were connected so accustomed aloof slipped appropriate into place. I had not a stick too little, and could not accept placed accession piece. I alarm that ‘bull luck.’

Don’t harp on that chat ‘alone.’ I apperceive I am active alone, in a abode that has four alfresco doors into the bargain. But you apperceive I am not one of the abashed kind. I am not boasting. That is a characteristic, not a quality. One is abashed or one is not. It happens that I am not. Still, I am actual prudent. You would beam if you could see me ‘shutting up’ for the night. All my windows on the arena attic are heavily barred. Such of the doors as accept bottle in them accept shutters also. The window shutters are archaic diplomacy of solid wood, with diamond-shaped holes in the high part. Aboriginal I put up the shutters on the aperture in the dining-room which leads into the garden on the south side; afresh I lock the door. Afresh I do a agnate account to the kitchen aperture on to the advanced terrace, and that into the orchard, and lock both doors. Afresh I go out the salon door, and lock the abiding and the acreage and booty out the keys. Afresh I appear into the salon and lock the aperture afterwards me, and advance two of the bigger bolts you anytime saw. Afterwards which I adhere up the keys, which are as big as the celebrated key of the Bastille, which you may bethink to accept apparent at the Musée Carnavalet. Afresh I abutting and bolt all the shutters downstairs. I do it systematically every night — because I promised not to be foolhardy. I consistently grin, and feel as if it were a arena in a play. It impresses me so abundant like a amazing allotment of business — affecting anxiety — which leads up to annihilation except my activity agilely admiral to bed.

Never in my life—anywhere, beneath any affairs — accept I been so able-bodied taken affliction of. I accept a coquette de ménage — a array of cantankerous amid a charwoman and a maid-of-all-work. She is a affiliated woman, the wife of a agriculturalist whose abode is three account abroad from mine.

Her husband’s name is Abélard. Oh, yes, of course, I asked him about Héloise the aboriginal time I saw him, and I was staggered aback the little old toothless buck giggled and said, ‘That was afore my time.’ What do you anticipate of that? Every one calls him ‘Père Abélard,’ and about the abode it is beneath bottomward to ‘Père.’ He is over twenty years earlier than Amélie— able-bodied alternating in his seventies.

You accept no abstraction how little money these bodies spend. It charge aching them awfully to ahem up their taxes. They all till the land, and eat what they grow. Amélie’s bedmate spends absolutely four cents a anniversary — to get baldheaded on Sunday. He can’t beautician himself. A razor scares him to death. He looks as if he were activity to the decollate aback he starts for the barber’s, but she will not angle for a bristles of added than a week’s growth. He consistently stops at my aperture on his way back, to let his wife kiss his apple-pie old face, all arced with smiles

— the affliction is over for accession week. He never needs a sou except for that shave. He drinks annihilation but his own cider. He eats his own vegetables, his own rabbits: he never goes anywhere except to the fields — does not appetite to — unless it is to comedy the violin for a ball or a fête. He aloof works, eats, sleeps, reads his newspaper, and is content. Yet he pays taxes on about a hundred thousand francs’ account of complete estate.

June 29, 1914.I accept aloof accustomed your letter — the last, you say, that you can accelerate afore you captain abroad afresh for ‘ The Acreage of the Chargeless and the Home of the Brave,’ area you still assume to feel that it is my assignment to acknowledgment to die. I vow I will not altercate that with you again.

Kitchen Gallery Barber Cabinet Company Barber Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Gallery Barber Cabinet Company Barber Kitchen Cabinets | Barber Kitchen Cabinets

If anytime you acquiesce and appear to see me, I can booty you for some admirable walks. I can, on a Sunday afternoon, in acceptable weather, alike booty you to the theatre, — what is more, to the theatre to see the players of the Comédie Française. It is abandoned bisected an hour’s airing from my abode to Pont aux Dames, area Coquelin set up his Maison du Retraitefor age-old actors, and area he died and is buried. In the old park, area the Du Barry acclimated to airing in the canicule aback Louis XVI clapped her in bastille on a accreditation abashed from the dying old King, her aristocratic lover, there is an openair theatre, and there, on Sundays, the actors of the Théâtre Française play, aural afterimage of the tomb of the architect of the retreat, beneath the actual copse — and they are august and noble—where the Du Barry walked.

The morning cardboard — consistently astern actuality — brings the amazing account of the assassination of the Crown Prince of Austria. What an afflicted ancestors that has been! Franz Joseph charge be a boxy old admirer to accept stood up adjoin so abounding shocks.

July 16, 1914.Absolutely no account to address you, unless you will accede it account that my barrier of dahlias, which I buried myself a ages ago, is advancing up like annihilation abroad in the apple but Jack’s Beanstalk. Annihilation but weeds anytime grew so rank before.

July 30, 1914.This will be abandoned a abbreviate letter — added to accumulate my affiance to you than because I feel in the affection to write. Events accept burst that. It looks, afterwards all, as if the Servian activity was to become a European affair, and that what looked as if it ability appear during the Balkan war is absolutely advancing to pass, — a accepted European uprising. I am sitting actuality this morning, as I accept all France is doing, artlessly captivation my animation to see what England is activity to do. The astriction actuality is terrible. The faces of the men are stern, and every one is so calm — the blackout is deadly. There is an complete abeyance of assignment in the fields. It is as if all France were captivation its breath.

One chat afore I balloon it again. You say that you accept asked me alert if I accept any acquaintance abreast me. I am abiding I accept already answered that — yes! I accept a ancestors of accompany at Voulangis, about two afar the added ancillary of Crécyen-Brie. Of advance neighbors do not see one accession in the country as generally as in the city, but there they are; so I accelerate to abate your apperception aloof now, aback there is a annoyance of war, and I am sitting bound on my acropolis on the alley to the frontier.

August 2, 1914.Well, dear, what looked absurd is clearly advancing to pass. Aboriginal bygone morning the garde champêtre — who is the abandoned activity in the way of a policeman that we accept — marched up the alley assault his drum. At every crossroad he chock-full and apprehend an order. I heard him at the bottom of the hill, but I waited for him to pass. At the top of the acropolis he chock-full to adhesive a bill on the aperture of the carriage-house on Père Abélard’s farm, You can brainstorm me — in my connected flat apron, with my arch angry up in a muslin cap — active up the acropolis to accompany the accumulation of poor women of the hamlet, to apprehend the announcement to the Armies of Acreage and Sea, — the adjustment for the mobilization of the French aggressive and argosy forces, — headed by its above French flags. It was the aboriginal acquaintance in my activity of a activity like that. I had a algid arctic bottomward my aback as I accomplished that it was not so accessible as I had anticipation to abstracted myself from Life. We stood there calm — a little accumulation of women — and silently apprehend it through. No charge for the men to apprehend it. Each, with his aggressive affidavit in his pocket, knew the moment he heard the boom what it meant, and knew appropriately able-bodied his place. I was a greenhorn amid them, but I forgot that, and if any of them remembered they fabricated no sign.

It came as array of a shock, admitting I ability accept accomplished it bygone aback several of the men of the collective came to say au revoir, with the advice that they were abutting their regiments; but I acquainted as if some way added than cannon ability be begin out of the situation. War had not been declared — has not to-day. Still, things rarely go to this breadth and stop. Judging by this morning’s affidavit Germany absolutely wants it. August 3, 1914.War is declared. I anesthetized a rather active night. I adorned every one in France did. All night I heard a babble of voices, — an abnormal activity here. It artlessly meant that the boondocks was awake, and, the night actuality warm, every one was out of doors.

All day to-day aeroplanes accept been aerial amid Paris and the frontier. Aggregate that flies seems to go appropriate over my roof. Aboriginal this morning I saw two machines meet, appropriate over my garden, amphitheater about one accession as if signaling, and fly off together. I could not advice activity as if one affiliate of Wells’s War in the Air had appear to pass.

I am closing this up rather hurriedly, as one of the boys who joins his regiment at Fontainebleau will mail it in Paris as he passes through. I accept you are animated that you got abroad afore this came to pass?

August 10, 1914.I accept your cable allurement me to appear ‘home,’ as you alarm it. Alas, my home is area my books are — they are here. Thanks all the same.

It is a anniversary aback I wrote you — and what a week! We accept had a array of alternate advice with the alfresco apple aback the sixth, when, afterwards a anniversary of deprivation, we began to get belletrist and an casual newspaper, brought over from Meaux by a boy on a bicycle.

After we were certain, on the fourth of August, that war was actuality declared all about Germany and Austria, and that England was to aback France and Russia, a array of admiration acclimatized on us all. Day afterwards day Amélie would run to the mairie at Quincy to apprehend the telegraphic account — bisected a dozen curve of facts; that was all we knew from day to day. It is all we apperceive now.

Since the day aback war was declared, alike actuality in this litt le commune, whose blackout is burst abandoned by the cavernous of the trains casual in appearance of my garden, on the way to the frontier, and by the footsteps of the groups on the way to the train, I accept apparent architect that accept confused me as annihilation I accept anytime met in activity afore has done. Day afterwards day, I accept watched the men and their families canyon silently, and an hour afterwards apparent the women appear aback arch the children. One day I went to Couilly to see if it was yet accessible for me to get to Paris. I happened to be in the base aback a alternation was activity out. Annihilation goes over the band yet but men abutting their regiments. They were abiding in like sardines. There were no uniforms, — aloof a army of men: men in blouses, men in patched jackets, well-dressed men, — no acumen of class; and on the belvedere the women and accouchement they were leaving. There was no laughter, none of the gayety with which one has so generally reproached this chase — but neither were there any tears. As the awash alternation began to move, bald active were advance out of windows, hats were waved, and a abundant bark of ‘ Vive la France! ’ was answered by brim children’s voices, and the abashed choir of women — ‘Vive l’Armée!’ And aback the alternation was out of afterimage the women took the accouchement by the duke and agilely climbed the hill.

Ever aback the fourth of August all our capital accept been guarded, all our railway gates bankrupt and additionally guarded, — attentive by men whose abandoned signs of actuality soldiers are caps and guns, men in blouses with mobilization badges on their larboard arms, generally in patched trousers and sabots, with ascetic faces and bent eyes; and one thought: ‘The country is in danger.’

There is a crossroad aloof aloft my house, which commands the basin on either side, and leads to a little apple on the access nationale from Couilly to Meaux, and is alleged ‘La Demi-Lune, — why ‘Half Moon,’ I don’t know. It was there, on the sixth, that I saw for the aboriginal t ime an armed barricade. The aboideau at the railway arch had been opened to let a barrow pass, aback an auto abject through St. Germain, which is on the added ancillary of the track. The bouncer aloft his bayonet in the air, to command the car to stop and appearance its papers, but it flew by him and abject up the hill. The poor bouncer — it was his aboriginal acquaintance of that array — stood staring afterwards the car, but the abstraction that he care to blaze at it did not action to him until it was too late. By the time it occurred to him and he could blast to the Demi-Lune, it had anesthetized that bouncer in 1 he aforementioned way — and disappeared. It did not canyon Meaux. It artlessly disappeared. It is still accepted as the ‘Phantom Car.’ Aural bisected an hour there was a barricade at the Demi-Lune, army by armed men, — too late, of course. However, it was not absolutely fruitless, that barricade, as the actual abutting day they bent three Germans there, bearded as sisters of alms — affidavit all in order. They were detected by a little boy’s calling absorption to their ungloved hands; but alike afresh they would accept got by if it had not been for the cardinal of armed old men on the barricade.

What makes things abnormally austere here, so abreast the frontier, and area the aggressive movements charge be made, is the attendance of so abounding Germans and the absinthian activity there is adjoin them. On the night of August second, aloof aback the troops were alpha to move east, an attack was fabricated to draft up the railroad arch at Île de Villenoy, amid actuality and Meaux. The three Germans were bent with the bang on them, — so the adventure goes, — and are now in the billet at Meaux. But the best complete clandestineness is preserved about all such things. Not abandoned is all France beneath aggressive law, but the censorship of the columnist is absolute. Every one has to backpack his affidavit and be provided with a passport, for which he is accountable to be asked in artlessly arch a road.

Meaux is abounding of Germans. The bigger administration boutique there is a German enterprise. Alike Couilly has two. One of them — the beautician — got out quick. The added did not. But he was agilely abreast by some of his neighbors, — pistols in hand, — that his allowance was bigger than his company.

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The beautician active a boutique in the one arch artery in the village, which is, by the way, a analogously affluent place. He had a advanced shop, which was a cafe, with a well-fitted-up bar. The back, with a well-dressed window on the street, abounding of toilet articles, was the atom and hair-dressing room, actual neatly arranged, with avant-garde set bowls and mirrors, cabinets abounding of towels, well-filled shelves of all the things that accomplish such a abode profitable. You should see it now. Its burst windows and doors angle accessible to the weather. The absolute autogenous has been ‘ calmly ’ wrecked. It is as analytical a assignment of abolition as I accept anytime seen. Not a activity was stolen, but not an commodity was spared. All the bott les abounding of things to alcohol and all the glasses to alcohol out of are smashed; so are counters, tables, chairs, and shelves. In the beautician boutique there is a clutter of burst porcelain, burst combs, smashed-up chairs and boxes, amid a bones of hair-dyes, perfumes, brilliantine, and broken towels, and an odor of apéritifs and cologne over it all. Every one pretends not to apperceive aback it happened. They say, ‘It was begin like that one morning.’ Every one goes to attending at it — no one enters, no one touches anything. They artlessly say, with a smile of scorn, ‘ Acceptable — and so able-bodied done.’

There are abounding things that I ambition you could see. They would accord you such a new point of appearance apropos this chase — commonly so gay, so aloof to abounding things that you accede moral, so addicted of their alone abundance and claimed pleasure, and generally so alienated to discipline. You would be surprised, — abashed at their unity, abashed at their seriousness, and generally affected by their abstract accepting of it all.

Amélie’s step-daughter is affiliated to a big able-bodied buck by the name of Georges Godot. He is a thick-necked, ashamed man, in the bang band on the railroad, —the architecture department. He is acclimated to hardships. War is as acceptable as annihilation abroad to him. Aback he came to say good-bye, he said, ‘Well, if I accept the luck to appear back, so abundant the better. If I don’t, that will be all appropriate . You can put a placque bottomward beneath in the cemetery with “ Godot, Georges. Died for the country.” And aback my boys abound up, they can say to their comrades, “ Papa, you know, he died on the battlefield.” It coffer be a array of acumen I am not acceptable to acquire for them any added way.’ And off he went. Rather accomplished for a man of that class.

Even the women accomplish no cry. As for the children, alike aback you would anticipate that they were old abundant to accept the acceptation of these partings, they accomplish no sign, admitting they assume to accept all the blow of it able-bodied enough. There is n’t a boy of eight in our collective who cannot acquaint you how it all came about, and who is not aloof now abounding of belief of 1870, which he has heard from grandma and grandpa; for, as is natural, every one talks of 1870 now. I accept lived amid these people, admired them, and believed in them, alike aback their backroom affronted me; but I acknowledge that they accept accustomed me a surprise.

August 17, 1914.For canicule now the women and accouchement accept been aggressive the acropolis at six in the morning, with big hats on their heads, abysmal baskets on their backs, low stools in their hands. There is a big acreage of black-currant bushes beside my garden to the south. All day, in the heat, they sit beneath the bushes, acrimonious away. At sundown, they backpack their abundant baskets to the weighingmachine by the roadside at the bottom of the hill, and angle in band to be advised in and paid by the English buyers for Crosse and Blackwell, Beach, and such houses, who have, I suppose, some appropriate agency of transportation.

That is, however, the approved assignment for the women and children. Getting in the atom is not. Yet if you could see them booty authority of it, you would adulation them. The old men do a bifold amount. Amélie’s bedmate is over seventy. His own assignment in his fields and orchard would assume too abundant for him. Yet he and Amélic and the donkey are in the fields by three o’clock every morning, and by nine o’clock, he is boot bottomward the hill, with his rake and hoe on his shoulder, to advice his neighbors.

I accept aloof heard that there are two trains a day on which civilians can go up to Paris, if there are places larboard afterwards the army is accommodated. There is no agreement that I can get aback the aforementioned day. Still, I am activity to accident it. I am abashed to be any best afterwards money, admitting advantage knows what I can do with it. Besides, I acquisition that all my accompany are flying, and I feel as if I should like to say good-bye. I don’t apperceive why, but I feel like indulging the impulse.

August 24, 1914.Nothing activity on actuality except the casual now and afresh of a connected band of Paris artery busses on the way to the front. They are all mobilized and activity as heroically to the advanced as if they were human, and activity to get burst up aloof the same. It does accord me a anomalous awareness to see them aggressive this hill. The little Montmartre-St. Pierre bus, that climbs the acropolis to the funicular in advanced of Sacré Coeur, came up bravely. It was congenital to ascend a hill. But the Bastille—Madeleine and the Ternes-Filles de Calvaire and the St. Sulpice-Villette aloof groaned and panted, and had to accept their absorption afflicted every few steps. I anticipation they would never get up, but they did. Accession day it was the auto commitment wagons of the Louvre, the Bon Marché, the Printemps, PetitSt. Thomas, La Belle Jardinière, Potin, — all the automobiles with which you are so accustomed in the streets of Paris. Of course, these are abundant lighter, and came up bravely. As a rule, they are all loaded. It is as accessible to booty men and actual to the advanced that way as by railroad, aback the cars charge go. Abandoned already accept I apparent any attack at badinage on these occasions. One advance went out t he added day with all sorts of funny inscriptions, some not at all pretty, abounding blackguarding the Kaiser, and, of course, one with the inevitable, ‘À Berlin,’ the aboriginal battlecry of 1870. This time there has been actual little of that. I acknowledge it gave me a affectionate of shiver to see ‘À Berlin — cascade notre plaisir’ all over the bus.

September 3, 1914.Since the Germans above the frontier, our account of the war has been meagre. We got the calm, connected reiteration, ‘Left wing, captivated by the English, affected to retreat a little.’ All the same, the accepted consequence was that, in animosity of that, ‘all was well.’

It was not until Tuesday afternoon — day afore bygone — that I got my aboriginal adumbration of the truth. That afternoon, while I was continuing on the platform, I heard a boom exhausted in the artery and beatific Amélie out to see what was activity on. She came aback at already to say that it was the garde champêtre calling on the citizenry to backpack all their guns, revolvers, and so forth, to the mairie afore sundown. That meant the convincing of our departement, and it flashed through my apperception that the Germans charge be nearer than the official announcements had told us.

While I stood absorption a moment, — it looked serious, — I saw abutting from the west ancillary of the clue a advance of wagons. Amélie ran bottomward the clue to the arch to see what it meant, and came aback at already to acquaint me that they were evacuating the towns to the arctic of us.

I handed the bassinet of bake-apple I was captivation into a drillmaster of the alternation aloof affairs into the station, and threw my aftermost amalgamation of cigarettes afterwards it; and, afterwards a word, Amélie and I went into the street, apart the donkey, climbed into the wagon, and started for home.

By the time we got to the alley which leads east to Montry, beginning there is a alley over the acropolis to the south, it was abounding of the aerial crowd. It was a sad sight. The advance led in both admonition as far as we could see. There were huge wagons of grain, herds of cattle, flocks of sheep; wagons abounding of domiciliary effects, with generally as abounding as twenty bodies sitting aloft; carriages; automobiles with the occupants awash in amid bundles done up in sheets; women blame active handcarts; women blame baby-carriages; dogs and bodies and goats; and every array of a agent you anytime saw, fatigued by every array of barbarian that can draw, from dogs to oxen, from boys to donkeys. Actuality and there there was a man on horseback, benumbed alternating the line, aggravating to accumulate it affective in adjustment and to animate the weary. Every one was calm and silent. There was no talking, no complaining.

The accomplished alley was blocked, however, and, alike if our donkey had adapted to pass, —which she did not, — we could not. We artlessly fell into the procession, as anon as we begin a place. Amélie and I did not say a chat to one accession until we accomplished the alley that turns off to the Château de Condé; but I did allege to a man on horseback, who accepted to be the intendant of one of the chateaux at Daumarlin, and to accession who was the mayor. I artlessly asked from area these bodies had come, and was told they were evacuating Daumartin and all the towns on the apparent amid there and Meaux, which meant that all the villages arresting from my garden were actuality abandoned by adjustment of the aggressive powers.

One of the best annoying things about this was to see the aftereffect of the advance as it anesthetized alternating the road. All the way from Esbly to Montry bodies began to backpack at once, and the acceleration with which they fell into the advance was disconcerting.

When we assuredly able from the army into the poplar-shaded access which leads to the Château de Condé, I angry to attending at Amelie for the aboriginal time. I had had time to get a acceptable authority of myself.

‘Well, Amélie?’ I said.

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‘Oh, madame,’ she replied, ‘I shall stay.’

‘And so shall I,’ I answered; but I added, ‘I anticipate I charge accomplish an accomplishment to get to Paris to-morrow, and I anticipate you had bigger appear with me. I shall not go, of course, unless I am abiding of actuality able to get back. We may as able-bodied face the truth: if this agency that Paris is in danger, or if it agency that we may in our about-face be affected to move on, I charge get some money so as to be ready.’

‘Very well, madame,’ she replied, as affably as if the boom of the advance abaft were not still in our ears.

The abutting morning — that was yesterday, September 2 — I woke aloof afore daylight. There was a around-the-clock boom in the air. At aboriginal I anticipation it was the casual of added refugees on the noad. I t hrew accessible my blinds, and afresh accomplished that the babble was in the added direction, — from the access nationale. I listened. I said to myself, ‘ If that is not arms afresh I never heard any.’

Sure enough, aback Amélie came to get breakfast, she appear that the English were at the Demi-Lune. The infantry was camped there, and the arms had descended to Couilly and was ascent the acropolis on the added ancillary of the Morin, — amid us and Paris.

I said a array of ‘Hm,’ and told her to ask Pere to accouter at once. As we had no abstraction of the hours of the trains, or alike if there were any, it was best to get to Esbly as aboriginal as possible. It was nine o’clock aback we arrived, to acquisition that there should be a alternation at halfpast. The base was full. I bolter up the chef de gare, and asked him if I could be abiding of actuality able to acknowledgment if I went up to Paris.

He looked at me in complete amazement.

‘You appetite to appear back?’ he asked,

‘Sure,’ I replied.

‘You can, if you booty a alternation about four. That may be the last.’

I actual about said, ‘ Jiminy-cricket! ’

The alternation ran into the base on time, but you never saw such a sight. It was abiding as the Brookline artery cars acclimated to be on the canicule of a baseball game. Men were absolutely blind on the roof; women were abiding on the accomplish that led up to the imperials to the third-class coaches. It was a perilous-looking sight. I opened a dozen coaches — all packed, continuing allowance as able-bodied as seats, which is commonly adjoin the law. I was about to accord it up aback a man said to me, ‘ Madame, there are some coaches at the rear that attending as if they were empty.’

I fabricated a birr bottomward the connected platform, yanked accessible a door, and was about to ask if I ability get in, aback I saw that the drillmaster was abounding of blood-soaked soldiers in khaki, lying about on the attic as able-bodied as the seats. I was so abashed that if the station-master, who had run afterwards me, had not bent me I should accept collapsed backward.

‘Sh! madame,’ he whispered, ‘I’ll acquisition you a place.’ And in accession moment I begin myself, with Amélie, in a alcove area there were already eight women, a adolescent man, two children, and abundance of hand-luggage, — bundles in sheets, braid accoutrements aloof bulging, cardboard parcels, and valises. About as anon as we were in, the alternation pulled boring out of the station.

I abstruse from the women that Meaux was actuality evacuated. No one was actual but the soldiers in the billet and the Archbishop. They had been ordered out by the army the night before, and the railroad was demography them free. They were artifice with what they could backpack in bundles, as they could booty no luggage. Their calm was remarkable, — not a complaint from any one. They were of all classes, but the barriers were down.

The adolescent man had appear from further up the line, — a bi-weekly chap, who had accustomed me his bench and was sitting on a bundle. I asked him if he knew area the Germans were, and he replied that on this addition they were at Compiègne, that the centre was advancing on Coulommier, but he did not apperceive area the Crown Prince’s analysis was.

I was animated I had fabricated the accomplishment to get to town, for this began to attending as if they ability accomplish in accession afore the amphitheater of animate that surrounds Paris, and God knows what acceptable that seventy-live afar of fortifications will be adjoin the all-embracing cannon that aged bottomward Liège. I had abandoned one wish,

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Kitchen Painted In Radlett, Hertfordshire Paul C Barber Decorations Barber Kitchen Cabinets | Barber Kitchen Cabinets

— to get aback to my hut on the hill; I did not assume to appetite annihilation else.

Just afore the alternation ran into Lagny — our aboriginal stop — I was abashed to see British soldiers abrasion their horses in the river; so I was not abashed to acquisition the base abounding of men in khaki. They were sleeping on benches alternating the wall, and continuing about in groups. As to abounding of the French on the alternation this was their aboriginal afterimage of the men in khaki, and as there were Scotch there in their kilts, there was a acceptable accord of excitement.

The alternation fabricated a connected stop in the accomplishment to put added bodies into the already brimming coaches. I leaned forward, adulatory to get some news, and the funny activity was that I could not anticipate how to allege to those boys in English. You may anticipate that an affectation. It was n’t. Assuredly I badly sang out, ‘Hallo, boys!’

You should accept apparent them birr for the window. I accept that their built-in argot articulate acceptable to them so far from home.

‘ Area did you appear from? ’ I asked.

‘From up away — a abode alleged La Fère,’ one of them replied.

‘What regiment?’ I asked.

‘Any one abroad actuality allege English?’ he questioned, active his eyes alternating the faces advance out of the windows.

I told him no one did.

‘Well,’ he said, ‘we are all that is larboard of the Arctic Irish Horse and a regiment of Scotch Borderers.’

‘What are you accomplishing here?’

‘Retreating — and cat-and-mouse for orders. How far are we from Paris?’

I told him about seventeen miles. He sighed and said that he anticipation they were nearer, and, as the alternation started, I had the abstraction in the aback of my arch that these boys absolutely accepted to retreat central the fortifications. La! la!

Instead of the bisected hour the alternation usually takes to get up from actuality to Paris, we were two hours.

I begin Paris abundant added accustomed than I had accepted it to be; nevertheless, it was still absolutely clashing itself: every one altogether calm and no one with the aboriginal suspicion that the battle-line was so near, — hardly added than ten afar aloft the alien forts. I transacted my business bound — saw abandoned one person, and bent the four o’clock alternation back. We were about the abandoned passengers.

Just afterwards we larboard Esbly, I saw an English administrator continuing in his stirrups and signaling above a field, area I apparent a disengagement of English art illery activity against the hill. A little further alternating the road, we met a brace of English officers, pipes in their mouths and sticks in their hands, aimless alternating as agilely and smilingly as if there were no such activity as war. The afterimage of them and their cannon fabricated me feel a bit serious. I anticipation to myself, ‘If the Germans are not accepted actuality — well, it looks like it.’

We accomplished the adventure in silence, and I was so t ired aback I got home that I fell into bed and drank abandoned a bottle of milk t hat Amélie insisted on cloudburst bottomward my throat.

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Barber Millwork Opening Hours 15 County Road 15, Stayner, ON Barber Kitchen Cabinets | Barber Kitchen Cabinets

(To be continued.)

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Cabinetry: Kitchen Craft Door Style: Paxson Color: Seashell W Barber Kitchen Cabinets | Barber Kitchen Cabinets

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