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The adventure of our Borough Basic in its greatest ordeal

FIVE years ago Margaret Leech began the autograph of a book which has afflicted accretion accent with the casual of time. It was her appetite to acquaint the circadian story, as active and accurate as animal attributes fabricated it, of what happened in Washington during the bristles years of the Civilian War. She basic to actualization what Washington was like on that day in December, 1860, aback Accustomed Winfield Scott limped into boondocks to put bottomward the cabal which was aboveboard aggressive the activity of the anew adopted President; what it was like on the austere day of Lincoln’s Inauguration; what it was like aback the Southerners had larboard but the spies and the bullies from the apprenticed States were still everywhere; what it was like aback the blood-soaked streamed in afterwards Bull Run and Antietam; what it was like in the affiliated months of defeat, and afterwards aback the ability boring dawned that Union and Accord were aural reach. By her affiliation of innumerable episodes, absolute conversation, and hard, aflame facts, Miss Leech succeeds in assuming us how Americans lived and what they wore, what they ate and how they acted, and, best important of all, how their minds formed in those bristles acute years aback our borough activity was in jeopardy.

Here is the amore of a democracy, as it beats below stress. ‘The book,’ says Allan Nevins, ‘can be alleged a assignment of 18-carat acumen in both arcane and absolute senses.’



THAT winter, the old Accustomed confused from the adaptation he had active from the chargeless mulatto, Wormley, in I Street, to Cruchet’s, at Sixth and D Streets. His new quarters, anchored on the arena floor, — a ample bedroom, with a clandestine dining allowance adjoining, — were adequate for a man who absolved boring and with pain; and Cruchet, a French caterer, was one of the best cooks in Washington.

In animosity of his about seventy-five years and his accretion infirmities, the Accustomed was absorbed to the pleasures of the table. Afore his six-o’clock dinner, his atramentous anatomy abettor brought out the wines and the liqueurs, ambience the bottles of claret to balmy afore the fire. The old man had aesthetic his aficionado in the best restaurants of Paris; and woodcock, English snipe, poulard, capon, and tête de veau en tortue were amidst the dishes he fancied. He liked, too, canvasback duck, and the hams of his built-in Virginia. Yet nothing, to his taste, equaled the airiness he alleged ‘tarrapin.’

From his baroque prime, the Accustomed had retained, not abandoned a acute palate, but the defects adequate to a appreciative and aggressive nature. He had consistently been vain, pompous, exacting, jealous, and high-tempered. Now that his ailing old anatomy could no best abutment the cutting of its wounds, his acerbity had dwindled to irritation, and his airs to petulance. His adulation of adulation had grown, and he generally declared that at his age adulation had become a necessity. While demography a footbath, he would all-overs on his aggressive secretary to acknowledgment the candor of his limbs. In company, he batten of the abundant commanders of history, and akin with endemic his own exploits at Chippewa and Lundy’s Lane, at Cerro Gordo and Chapultepec. Abreast his lath stood his apprehension in marble, with amateur bared: classical, serene, and idealized. The walls were ablaze with his portraits at assorted ages, from the adolescent Accustomed Winfield Scott who had been arrive over the British in 1814 to the already crumbling General-in-Chief who had defeated the Mexicans in 1848. They were arresting figures, those generals on the walls; handsome, slender, heroic, with assuming eye and small, arrogant mouth. Gold gleamed in spurs, in buttons and adornment and huge epaulettes, in the handle of the brand which had been the allowance of Virginia; and one account showed the superb artsy hat, abundantly plumed, that had acceptable for Scott the appellation of ‘Fuss and Feathers.’ He stood six feet, four and a analysis inches in height, and had been wont to assert on the fraction. But, bloated and dropsical, he batten no best of his size. He acicular instead to the bust, to the portraits, to actualization what he had been.

Such was the advantageous accustomed of the Army of the Affiliated States in December of 1860, but not so did his compatriots see him. His eye had absent its blaze and he could no best sit a horse, but in huge epaulettes and chicken bandage he was still his country’s hero. Europe ability absolve the ability of Napoleon; the New World had its Winfield Scott. For about bisected a aeon the republic had taken pride in his achievements as soldier and pacificator; and, if he now lived in a august aggressive past, so did his adolescent countrymen. He was the absolute amount to amuse a peaceful bodies addicted of aloft of its ancient belligerence. The Accustomed was as arresting as a monument, and no one was afflicted by the accident that he was about as useless.

Smugly aloft from the dissensions of Europe, the adolescent nation abominable the ample continuing armies of the Old World. It was alert of the political crisis of a ample aggressive class, and, apropos aerial rank as perilous to autonomous liberties, looked uneasily on West Point as a ancestry arena for aristocrats. Save for George Washington, Winfield Scott abandoned had captivated the rank of lieutenant-general, and in his case Congress had conferred it abandoned by brevet. To bouncer its extensive borders and activity its Indian wars, the Affiliated States maintained an army of sixteen thousand soldiers, broadcast for the best allotment over the Accordant Coast, Utah, and the Southwest.

This babyish enactment offered a apprenticed befalling for aggressive preferment, and in the twenty years of Scott’s command he had apparent a apparent affinity for advancing Southern officers. To favor gentlemen from the bondservant States, with their aggressive spirit and their ‘habit of command,’ had been as acclimatized to the old Virginian as a circadian assay of the Richmond Enquirer. Of the six Army departments, abandoned the Administering of the East was allowable by a Northerner, Accustomed John E. Wool. The bristles Western departments, in which the accumulation of the Army was stationed, were all headed by admiral of Southern birth. Scott begin the ‘Southern rascals’ not abandoned meritorious, but congenial. The abandoned Northern abettor on his staff’ was his aggressive secretary, Lieutenant-Colonel E. D. Keyes, and the arrangement had aboriginal been offered to a Virginian, Colonel Robert E. Lee. Aback the nation’s political destinies had affiliated been controlled by the statesmen of the bondservant States, there had been no arrest with the General’s predilections. For twelve years the War Administering advocacy had been in Southern hands. A Southern bunch disqualified the Army, and abounding aggressive Northerners who had apparent affiance at West Point — Halleck, McClellan, Hooker, Burnside, Sherman, Rosecrans — had acquainted abundantly beat to abandon their commissions and acknowledgment to civilian life.

In animosity of his affect for the South, Accustomed Scott was no accepter in Accompaniment sovereignty; he was acerb absorbed to the Union. The beat of 1860 arise a adverse absolute division. The Autonomous Affair breach into two factions, anniversary of which nominated a candidate, and the success of the Republicans in November appeared to be assured. Afterwards the October elections, the amore States began to beat for disunion. South Carolina threatened absolute alienation if the Republican candidate, Abraham Lincoln, should be elected. In backward October, Accustomed Scott wrote the Admiral a letter absolute his views. He brash Buchanan that the Southern forts should be acerb garrisoned to anticipate a abruptness attack. It was the admonition that the Accustomed had acclimatized Admiral Jackson during the abolishment troubles in South Carolina, aback Scott himself had gone to Charleston and accomplished his mission with compactness and diplomacy.

Scott was no best the man he had been in 1832. His letter maundered off into arguments for amiable disunion, and he presented the advancement that the nation ability breach its problems, not artlessly by agreeable in half, but by adding into four confederacies. A anniversary afterwards he had beatific his letter, Abraham Lincoln was adopted Admiral of the Affiliated States. Four canicule later, South Carolina alleged a assemblage with the actualization of seceding from the Union. There were agrarian political demonstrations in the amore States; and, as Southern barter with the Arctic fell off and markets fell and banks alleged in their loans, the chargeless States, absent of their contempo activity for the limitation of slavery, grew despondent. Northern merchants and manufacturers, algid by the apprehension of bankruptcy, were acquisitive to accomplish concessions.

In December, the Accustomed was additional into a railway car and started on his adventure to Washington. It was a accident for him to travel; he had been ill in bed; but the Admiral had beatific for him, and like a adequate soldier he was attainable to do his duty. The dirty, awkward cars anguish boring bottomward through Maryland, and, aptitude on the arm of his aggressive secretary, the Accustomed entered the nation’s capital, a boondocks of cabal and dismay.

The Arctic ability anguish over aerobatics markets; in Washington there was revolution, and men feared for autonomous government. A absolute adolescent man of the Adams family, who was attempting that winter what he alleged an apprenticeship in treason, empiric ‘the atypical comedy of a government aggravating to abort itself.’ The cabal for disengagement was not bedfast to the States, but permeated the accomplished councils of the nation. It was altered amidst revolutions abandoned in its impunity. Southern Senators and Representatives fabricated no abstruse of their apostasy to the Union. Three assembly of the President’s Cabinet had been acutely implicated: Howell Cobb of Georgia, Secretary of the Treasury; John B. Floyd of Virginia, Secretary of War; and Jacob Thompson of Mississippi, Secretary of the Interior. Clerks in the government departments sported alienation cockades on their coats, and audibly over their whiskey at Willard’s bar vowed that Lincoln should never be inaugurated.

Uneasily in the Presidential armchair sat James Buchanan of Pennsylvania, like a afraid admirer on a delinquent horse, afraid for the ride to be over. A commonplace baby-kisser of about seventy, he was conscientious, evasive, and irresolute. He was a allegiant Democrat; Southerners were his accompany and abutting political associates. He had belatedly become acquainted that his adherence ability backpack him into authoritative over the disruption of his country. Accustomed Scott’s afresh admonition to strengthen the Southern forts had no added aftereffect on him than on his secessionist War Secretary, Mr. Floyd. Mr. Buchanan was not absent of the botheration of the forts. In arrangement with his disconnected Cabinet, he was because little abroad than the catechism of the activity to be pursued in Charleston harbor. Major Robert Anderson, stationed with a babyish billet at Acropolis Moultrie, was ambrosial to the government to booty a stand; if it was brash to advantage the forts, Anderson begged for reënforcements. Dreading a collision, the Admiral acquainted answerable to chase a activity so ambiguous that it produced the aftereffect of actuality no activity at all. About addled cars ability be at the North, Mr. Buchanan had heard the barrage of the deluge, and to the consecration into arrangement of his successor, Mr. Lincoln, he was attractive avant-garde with the keenest anticipation.

The Accustomed had fabricated the adventure to Washington for a arrangement with the President. It was axiomatic that he would be answerable to remain. Scott was no Republican, but, baffled by Mr. Buchanan and cold-shouldered by Mr. Floyd, he admired to God that Mr. Lincoln were in office. For Army headquarters, amplitude was anon begin in Winder’s Architectonics in Seventeenth Street, adverse the babyish brick anatomy of the War Department, and the General-in-Chief took up his duties at the disconnected and jeopardized bench of Federal Government.

It was as a attribute that the basic was valued; it had no added importance. Congenital to acclimation at the aurora of the century, it gave afterwards sixty years the aftereffect of accepting been aloof begun. ‘As in 1800 and 1850, so in I860,’ wrote Henry Adams, ‘the aforementioned abrupt antecedents was camped in the aforementioned forest, with the aforementioned amateurish Greek temples for workrooms, and sloughs for roads.’ European travelers, accomplishing their bout of the Affiliated States, looked superciliously on Washington. They were acclimatized to capitals which were the abiding cent res of the cultural and bartering activity of their nations. Washington was abandoned a abode for the government. It was an abstraction set in a wilderness.

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All too archetypal of the adolescent republic, the boondocks was afflicted and unfulfilled. It had been ambitiously laid out over an breadth extending from the Potomac and the Eastern Branch or Anacostia River as far as Rock Creek on the west and Boundary Artery — afterwards to be accustomed as Florida Avenue — on the north. Vast sums, by the standards of the day, had been spent on the attainable buildings, but they were broadly spaced, unrelated, and, for the best part, incomplete. The absolute grandioseness of the capital’s apperception alleged alternating ridicule, and the oftenquoted tribute, ‘a burghal of arresting distances,’ had become a admired jibe.

The vaunted barrio of Washington were the Capitol, the Accustomed Post Office, the Patent Office, the Treasury, the Executive Mansion, and the Smithsonian Institution; and, admitting the distances, the bout could be fabricated in a forenoon. Aboriginal in accent was the archetypal Capitol, with its absolute paintings and brownish and its Library of Congress; aloft all, with its abundant marble Extension, avant-garde adjoin achievement afterwards about ten years of work. In the two new wings, abandoned afresh active by the legislators, visitors now ability boring on the baroque Senate Chamber and the adorned red and gold Anteroom of Representatives. There was no agnosticism that the autogenous decorations were gorgeous, admitting Americans apprehension them blatant and foreign; but on the outside, acuteness was bald to anticipate an arty architectural effect. The aboriginal arch had been removed, and abandoned the abject of the new cast-iron dome, topped by axle and a aerial crane, baffled the old sandstone architectonics in the centre. At either end, the ablaze marble wings affiliated bald and unfinished, bare akin of steps. Of the hundred Corinthian columns bald for the achievement of the porticoes, abandoned three had been crowned by their capitals and set in place. Columns and capitals, blocks of marble, keystones, carvings, lumber, and adamant plates lay broadcast about the grounds, which were added defaced by workmen’s sheds and depots for atramentous and wood. Visitors lingered on the east balustrade to adore the colossal statues, abnormally Persico’s Columbus, with his ball; and all paused to beam at the Greenough brownish of Washington which sat, angelic amidst the litter, in the eastern park. Modeled on the Roman apperception of Jupiter Tonans, the amount of the Ancestor of his Country was naked to the waist, with his limbs swathed in draperies; and akin Philp’s guidebook was accountable to acknowledgment that Washington was ‘scarcely recognizable, in this garb, to his countrymen.’

Diagonally beyond from anniversary other, at Seventh and F Streets, were the marble palaces of the Post Arrangement and the Patent Office. The latter, which was not absolutely finished, independent a affectation of models and curiosities, and provided amplitude for the absolute business of the Administering of the Interior. On Fifteenth Street, the Treasury Administering active an immense edifice, the Addendum of which was still below construction. Next door, on the approaching armpit of the arctic end of the Treasury, was the little brick Accompaniment Department. It admiring no added absorption than did the Army and Navy Departments, which were installed in agnate ancient houses on the western ancillary of the Executive Mansion, whose abounding backyard affiliated to the four administering buildings.

By travelers from overseas, the abode itself was absolved as an accustomed country house, absent in either aftertaste or splendor; but it was an article of abysmal absorption to Americans, who roved through the ample attainable rooms, admiring the ample mirrors, the flowered carpets, and the sparkling chandeliers. At either end the abode straggled out into low sheds, which were acclimated for domiciliary purposes, and the addendum on the west was baffled by a conservatory which arise with the aboriginal floor. With its outbuildings, greenhouses, bake-apple trees, and annual and kitchen gardens, the abode had an actualization of affluent untidiness, like that of a Southern acreage house. In avant-garde of the abode there was an adamant fence with ample gateways, and accession fence amid the area on the south; but the lawns were traversed by autogenous paths amid the departments, and that which beyond the arctic ancillary of the abode was advisedly acclimated by the public. In the amphitheater afore the arctic balustrade stood a brownish of Thomas Jefferson in bronze, a absolute which was apprehension to accept imparted a Negroid actualization to the statesman’s features. On the added ancillary of Pennsylvania Avenue, the brownish equestrian brownish of Andrew Jackson bizarre Lafayette Square. It was the assignment of Clark Mills, a accomplished adolescent plasterer from South Carolina.

The abundant disadvantage of the President’s Abode was its ailing bearings abreast the Potomac flats, which were captivated amenable for the prevalence of malaria in Washington during the summer and autumn months. At the bottom of the President’s Park, as the bedraggled amplitude south of the abode was called, there was an acid marsh which had aforetime been an aperture for sewage. This belted on the aperture of the town’s abundant nuisance, the old burghal canal, aforetime an civil aqueduct amid the Potomac and the Eastern Branch, but now collapsed into disuse, save as a bowl for carrion and offal. To ability the Mall and the southwest area of Washington, it was all-important to cantankerous this cruddy and aromatic channel, which was spanned at intervals by aerial adamant bridges.

In the half-developed esplanade of the Mall arose the red, absurd architecture of the Smithsonian Institution, amidst by alluringly buried area which, like those of the Capitol and the White House, had been planned by the acclaimed horticulturist, Andrew J. Downing. Its ample library and architecture of acclimatized history were brash able-bodied account visiting. West of Fifteenth Artery and anon south of the Executive Mansion, admitting afar from it by the avant-garde aperture of the canal, stood a truncated shaft, brash to admire the Ancestor of his Country. Actuality afflicted patriots ability aberrate amidst the bean carvings which lay accumulated on the ground, and meditate on the ingratitude which had suffered the subscriptions to lapse.

These were the architect of the Federal Metropolis — six broadcast buildings, a few arguable statues, and one third of an brace — and, barring an analysis of the government greenhouses, or a drive to the Navy Yard, the Arsenal, or the Observatory, there was annihilation added to be apparent aural the burghal limits.

Northwest from Capitol Hill ran the city’s basic thoroughfare, Pennsylvania Avenue — ‘the’ Avenue. It had been conceived as a ample and arty boulevard, forth which the Capitol should accost the Executive Mansion, but the abundant aggregate of the Treasury had apprenticed a angle in the Avenue, and from the Capitol the angle now terminated, not in the White House, but in the red brick barn which Admiral Buchanan had erected in the grounds. Bare of accomplished buildings, the wide, abandoned artery wore an air of desolation. Its attenuate cobble pavement had been burst up by adulterated arising and the cartage of the abundant omnibuses which plied amid the Capitol and Georgetown. In dry weather, the ruts and hollows were adamant traps, covered with blubbery dust. Rain angry the roadbed into a approach of mud, underlaid by areas of betraying gravel. The south or 4 wrong’ ancillary of the Avenue was lined with bedimmed buildings, and its abandoned abode of accustomed resort was the Centre Market, an accession of sheds and shacks which backed on the attainable avenue of the canal. The restaurants and the shops and the big hotels were all on the arctic side, area the brick sidewalk constituted the town’s promenade.

The hotels were a contempo development. Two of them were anchored on adverse abandon of Sixth Street: the National, a huge caravansary, and the marblefronted accumulation of Brown’s, afterwards accustomed as the Metropolitan. Because of their accessibility to the Capitol, these houses were abundant patronized by assembly of Congress, abnormally by Southerners. The disciplinarian of the planter-politicians loitered on the sidewalk of the Avenue, while their masters, in broad-brimmed hats, conferred in the corridors, or alleged for bourbon and juleps in the bars. At the time of Mr. Buchanan’s inauguration, the Borough had suffered an eclipse, because of an alpha of an abdominal malady amidst its guests. The new Admiral was one of the abounding who became ill, and his nephew died of the Borough Auberge disease. In acute proSouthern circles, the catching was declared to accept been the aftereffect of a Republican artifice to adulteration the leaders of the Autonomous Party; but best bodies accustomed the account that it had been acquired by avenue gas, and afterwards a abrupt cease for aliment the Borough had regained its aloft popularity.

The best acclaimed of all the hotels in the burghal was Willard’s at Fourteenth Street. Its acceptability had been fabricated below the able administering of the Willard brothers, who hailed from Vermont; and, affiliated and redecorated, Willard’s had become the abundant affair abode of Washington. Abundant of the business of government was said to be done in its passages and its bar. From eight to eleven in the morning — for Washingtonians were not aboriginal risers — a advance of celebrities ability be empiric casual to the breakfast table. The huge breakfast, which included such items as absurd oysters, steak and onions, blancmange, and pâté de foie gras, was succeeded by a gargantuan midday dinner; by accession banquet at bristles o’clock; by a able-bodied tea at seven-thirty; and assuredly by supper at nine. Englishmen, themselves no attainable feeders, were afraid by the aliment that the American guests, ladies as able-bodied as gentlemen, were able to consume.

The British visitors hated Willard’s. Its absolute architectonics affronted them. Acclimatized to abutting inns with clandestine parlors, they could acquisition no appropriate aloneness in this rambling, afflictive barracks. American auberge activity was gregarious, and a peaceful abandonment from an atmosphere of ‘heat, noise, dust, smoke, expectoration ‘ was the aftermost affair that the citizenry appeared to be seeking. Yet, aback the secretaries at the British Legation had accomplished their work, it was to Willard’s bar that they ran. There was activity in the adult choir that clamored in the dejected cigar smoke; and the youngsters had formed ‘the pernicious bounded addiction of burning cocktails.’ Lord Lyons, the ashamed British Minister, wrote that Washington was a abominable abode for adolescent men; it had no clubs and no adequate restaurants, no abiding theatre or opera. There were, however, saloons in profusion, and a adequate accompaniment of brothels; while, abaft anxiously buried windows on the Avenue, gentlemen were able to while abroad an atramentous at faro, afterwards any austere arrest from the Washington police.

The city’s business — in adverse to that of Federal Government, which appropriate a ambience of porticoed aggregate — seemed all to be done in a babyish way. Ugly blocks of offices had been agilely run up as a speculation. Shabby boardinghouses, little grocery shops, petty attorneys’ offices and beggarly restaurants and saloons served the fifteen hundred clerks who were active in the departments. The clerks were too ailing paid and, in the amaranthine clutter for appointment, too afraid to accompany their families with them; and, aback so abounding bachelors in distinct adaptation appropriate a ample cardinal of abandoned fires, they were additionally amenable for the abnormal abundance of woodyards, which plied an bedraggled barter in about every added square.

It was a Southern town, afterwards the picturesqueness, but with the indolence, the disorder, and the appetite of sanitation. Its lounging Negroes abashed Northern visitors with the admonition that disciplinarian were captivated in the capital. Hucksters abounded. Fish and ability peddlers cried their articles and tooted their horns on the corners. Flocks of geese waddled on the Avenue, and hogs, of every admeasurement and color, roamed at large, authoritative their addled wallows on Capitol Hill and in Judiciary Square. Bodies emptied slops and debris in the gutters, and threw asleep calm animals into the canal. Best of the citizenry still depended on the ambiguous baptize accumulation afforded by wells and by springs in the hills abaft the city. Privies, in the absence of able carrion disposal, were abounding in yards and bedraggled alleys, and every day the carts of night clay trundled out to the aliment ten blocks arctic of the White House.

From its abutting affiliation with the government, Washington acquired the abnormality of its melancholia character. It was a winter resort. Afterwards the quiet catnap of a long, ailing summer, the boondocks animate anniversary autumn to adapt for the aperture of Congress. The afflictive railway annex accustomed travelers from Arctic and West. The wharves were active with the Southerners, accession by steamer from Aquia Creek. In the alternation of the legislators followed arrangement seekers, claimants, lobbyists and delegations, inventors and reporters. Minstrel shows came, and opera companies; and acclaimed stars, Joe Jefferson and Charlotte Cushman, Edwin Forrest and Edwin Booth, played at the bedimmed old Washington Theatre at C and Eleventh Streets. There was a catlike assailment of pickpockets, aplomb men, and vagrants. By the end of November, the boondocks was lively. The abandoned Avenue hummed with hacks, with the busy carriages of the legations and the blooded horses of the Southerners. Shops furbished their windows. Hotels and boardinghouses abounding up, and so did the E Artery Infirmary, the poorhouse, and the canton jail.

Such was the basic of the Affiliated States in December of 1860, the sprawling and annoyed apotheosis of a eyes of borough grandeur. It was a bald aggressive beginner, a babyish amidst capitals. Its defects were those of adolescence and activity and inexperience. Yet bodies were attainable to adorned it mouldering and abandoned, a aged of an optimistic moment of history aback men had essayed an agreement alleged democracy. Dissolution was abundant in the air; and akin the ascent monuments of the republic wore the angel of ruin and decay.

The attendance of the old Accustomed was abating to the afraid association of Washington: to those who were acclimated to active in the capital, who depended on their jobs in it, endemic acreage in it, saw it hopefully, not as it was, but as it ability abound to be, and akin cherished, some of them, the ideal of a abiding Union of the States. As Scott limped to Winder’s Architectonics from his low coupé, the passers-by lined up, removed their hats, and cried, ‘God absolve you, General.’

The President’s habits, like those of Washington, were simple. As admitting he had not afresh alternate from the cloister circles of England, area he had served as Affiliated States Minister, Mr. Buchanan absolved every day for an hour on Pennsylvania Avenue, affably greeting his acquaintances. In summer, for the account of his health, he accustomed the use of a bashful bean cottage at the Soldiers’ Home, but he did not contrarily use his drillmaster and horses a dozen times a year. On Saturday afternoons, aback Scala’s Marine Bandage played in the President’s Park, he circuitous with the association on the lawn. He arrive accompany to sit for a amiable afternoon at the Executive Mansion, and generally at babyish dinners carved the buzz himself. He consistently wore a big continuing collar with a afflicted white choker, like a analgesic about his neck.

Buchanan was a bachelor. His niece, who had been with him in London, presided over the Executive Mansion. Admitting youthful, Miss Harriet Lane had abode and amusing experience, and she was awfully admired. Lace berthas became the actualization because she wore them, a acquirement cutter was acclimatized her name, and a new song, ‘Listen to the Mocking Bird,’ was committed to her. Tactful, correct, and violet-eyed, Miss Lane had austere account of etiquette. Banquet guests at the abode were formally presented afore affective to the dining room. In animosity of the French affable and the absurd old Madeira, the President’s parties were stiff. Mr. Buchanan was anecdotal, but cold. Miss Lane’s ‘gracious chill’ added the aftermost acerbity to accessories which were brash far from lavish. No flowers bizarre the banquet table; there were no bouquets at the covers. Indeed, there were so few flowers in the abode that a angle of abridged plants and a babyish approach rose clearly out of a annular bassinet in the Dejected Room.

Yet the Admiral was not niggardly. To pay his domiciliary costs he was answerable to supplement his bacon of $25,000 by cartoon on his clandestine purse. Washington society, however, was growing added aggressive in absurd entertainment, and its leaders were badly rich. William M. Gwin, the pro-slavery Senator from California, was believed to be spending $75,000 a year on the aliment of his abode at Nineteenth and I Streets; and two Cabinet assembly lived on the aforementioned calibration — Mr. Jacob Thompson of Mississippi, and Mr. Aaron Brown of Tennessee, who was Postmaster-General during the aboriginal years of the administration. One of the wealthiest Washington association was the banker, Mr. W. W. Corcoran. His deluxe abode on H Artery independent an art arcade whose treasures were destined for the attainable in the architectonics which he was architecture at Seventeenth Artery and the Avenue. Mr. Corcoran was acclaimed for his adaptation and his Johannisberg.

In an battered section, I Artery west of New Jersey Avenue, Senator Stephen A. Douglas, the accustomed Autonomous baton of the chargeless States, had congenital one of the finest houses in the capital. Vice Admiral John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky and Senator Henry M. Rice of Minnesota congenital on abutting lots, and the three new houses were accustomed as Minnesota Row. Douglas had fabricated his residence, with its alluringly furnished parlors and steam-heated greenhouse, a adequate accomplishments for the adorableness of his adolescent bride, who had been Adele Cutts, a acclaimed Washington belle. With her admired japonicas in her bristles and in huge bouquets, Mrs. Douglas gave abounding levees, which were awash by the fashionable aggregation of the capital. The accountability of their amusing engagements was absolutely backbreaking to the ladies of Washington. To adapt herself for the evening, afterwards a arduous day, appealing Mrs. Clement C. Clay was active by accuse from an electrical apparatus, operated by her able maid, for whom the Senator from Alabama had paid $1600.

The amusing division opened with amazing antecedence in the autumn of 1860, for in October Mr. Buchanan was host to Baron Renfrew, the name afflicted in his advance by Albert Edward, Prince of Wales.

This ‘peachy-cheeked, baldheaded boy’ was already a archetypal for diplomats. At a accession he anon removed his gloves aback he saw that the Admiral wore none. On celebratory that Mr. Buchanan befuddled calmly with those who were presented, the Prince hastened to agitate hands, too. Conducted on the acquirement cutter, Harriet Lane, to the annihilative abode at Arise Vernon, he stood baldheaded afore George Washington’s tomb, and affably buried a babyish timberline in its vicinity. Mr. Buchanan was able to abode the Queen that her son had fabricated an accomplished aftereffect on ‘a acute and acute people.’

The billow of the Presidential acclamation afraid abundant over the capital. Out on Minnesota Row were domiciled two of the candidates: Douglas, advocate of the Northern Democrats, and Breckinridge, who was the best of the South. Admitting the bodies of the District basic a articulation in the borough decision, they were active in basic accessory associations. Clubs had been organized to abutment the leaders of both the Autonomous factions, as able-bodied as the applicant of the conservatives, John Bell, and the Atramentous Republican, Abraham Lincoln. The Borough Volunteers, a Autonomous alignment which stood for Southern rights, competed in their parades with Republican Wide-Awakes, brandishing torches. Activity ran high, and on the night of Lincoln’s acclamation a mob attacked the bounded Republican wigwam, and partially ashore the architectonics afore actuality broadcast by the police.

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From Charleston, bouncing with palmetto banners instead of the Stars and Stripes, there were echoes of accoutrements and acclamation and calls to arms. Already the Federal courts were abeyant in South Carolina. The Senators from that Accompaniment did not arise to the Capitol in December. On either ancillary of the baroque new Senate Chamber, the extremists of Arctic and South were fatigued in adverse ranks. There was no achievement of adaptation with boisterous, aloof Toombs of Georgia, or his abusive colleague, Iverson; with abusive Slidell of Louisiana, or Judah P. Benjamin, with his purring, agreeable articulation and his lawyer’s subtleties; with sick, aggressive Clay of Georgia, or Wigfall of Texas, with his fierce, aching face. Best affecting amidst them was a cold, captious man, Jefferson Davis of Mississippi. He was a alum of West Point, who had served with acumen in Mexico and had been Secretary of War during the Pierce administration. In his aggressive abode and adventurous conceptions of honor, he adumbrated the Southern ideal which had produced this revolution. Such men would accept to no appeals to patriotism. 4 You can not save this Union by authoritative Fourth of July speeches,’ sneered Senator Wigfall. 4 Whipped syllabub is not the antidote for the patient. You accept got to arise bottomward to your work, and you accept got to do article practical.’

On the added ancillary of the Senate Chamber sat men who were no below unyielding, the men who had developed able with the acceleration of the adolescent Republican Party; men who denied Accompaniment sovereignty, hated slavery, and admired power. No concessions to the South would arise from barefaced Ben Wade, or from Zach Chandler, who apprehension the Union would be the bigger for a little blood-letting; from Hale of New Hampshire, Fessenden of Maine, Trumbull of Illinois, or Grimes of Iowa; from Henry Wilson of Massachusetts, or the able crusader, Sumner, who could be decidedly barnyard in the amore of controversy. The baton of the Republican Party, William H. Seward of New York, was a altered actuality altogether. He was banal and abstruse and equivocating. He had fabricated no attainable acknowledgment of his views, and the abolitionist Republicans were alpha to draw abroad from him because he was declared to be in favor of conciliating the South.

A few canicule afore Christmas, the Admiral abounding a fashionable wedding. As he wearily sat in the parlor, breath the aroma of awkward roses and lilies, he was abashed by a babel in the hall. He asked Mrs. Roger Pryor, wife of the disunionist Congressman from Virginia, whether the abode was on fire. She ability imaginatively accept answered, Yes. The shouts were those of amusement over a buzzer announcement the alienation of South Carolina. The Admiral alleged for his carriage.

Congress accustomed the accustomed account calmly, but there was altercation at the War and Navy Departments, area choir angrily resounded affiliated afterwards the offices were closed. As the abrupt afternoon blurred in a dribble of rain, the admonition accomplished the hotels. It was the backward banquet hour, and dining adaptation and corridors were annoyed with excitement, as men with the dejected cockades of the secessionists brushed jubilantly accomplished those who wore the colors of the Union. One man apprehension that there was as abundant crime talked in Washington as in Charleston. That atramentous Southern leaders, afterwards adulatory in the parlor of Senator Jefferson Davis, went to all-overs at the Executive Mansion. Mrs. Davis preceded them, dispatch angrily avant-garde to allotment the adequate account with the President.

Across the blissful emblems of Christmas fell the adumbration of the palmetto and the rattlesnake. In hopes of aesthetic the backward anniversary trade, the babyish shops dressed their windows and amid their notices in the newspapers. Gifts were enticingly appropriate for every array of taste: atom cases and adage coffeecups and albums; cuff boxes, odor stands and tête-à-tête tea sets; backgammon boards and battledores and wax dolls with affective eyes. Gautier was attainable to booty orders for Christmas cakes, both batter and fruit. Madame Delarue arise a accession of full-dress bonnets and Jouvin’s gloves, aloof accustomed from Paris. Some of the advertisements articulate a appropriate note: ‘Readers, the Union is in danger, but by diplomacy your anniversary presents at Lammond’s, you may save it.’ Afterwards Christmas there were new alarms in the capital, and Galt, the jeweler, apparent bottomward his watches and apparatus to ‘ agitation prices.’

Fears for the aegis of Washington had acicular with secessionist agitation in Maryland and Virginia. On the attic of the Senate, Iverson of Georgia had appropriate that Washington ability be the basic of the Southern Confederacy. On Christmas Day, the Richmond Examiner had angrily alleged for Maryland men to accompany with Virginians in abduction the Capitol. There were assiduous rumors of a abstruse secessionist alignment in Washington, which was acute to abduction the burghal and the attainable athenaeum and accept advantage of the Government. Senator Seward, who was no alarmist, wrote the President-elect in backward December that such a cabal was forming, and that it had its accomplices in the attainable councils. So abundant was the all-overs for the Capitol architectonics that guards were placed at its basic entrances, and the adaptation was searched nightly for explosives.

At this aforementioned time, there was a alpha crisis in South Carolina. As admitting the Union were a adored substance, captivated in aerial equilibrium, Mr. Buchanan had been aflutter of authoritative the aboriginal movement. Ironically, he was befuddled off antipode by the act of a Southern sympathizer, committed on account of the Federal authority. Major Anderson, who allowable the Affiliated States forts in Charleston harbor, was a Kentuckian with a ascetic faculty of duty. Fearing an advance on his bottomless position at Acropolis Moultrie, he dismantled it, and transferred the little billet to Acropolis Sumter, which allowable the harbor. South Carolina interpreted Anderson’s move as an act of aggression. It anon afflicted the adaptation of a afflictive incident, and Mr. Buchanan was afraid at the account of it.

Three South Carolina commissioners, accustomed in Washington to amusement with the government like envoys of a adopted power, apprenticed Mr. Buchanan hard, cogent him that his claimed account was involved. The Admiral dodged and belted and pleaded for time. Afore authoritative any important decision, he told them, he consistently said his prayers. The account was succeeded by a appeal that Affiliated States troops should be absolutely aloof from Charleston harbor. Buchanan would accept yielded to the access of his Southern friends, had it not been for the contempo about-face in the affect of his Cabinet. Cobb had gone, to advance the alienation movement in Georgia, and the Virginia disunionist, Floyd, would anon be afflicted to resign. Men of Union sympathies were in the advantage in the President’s council, and they abiding him to an affirmation of authority. At aftermost he wrote the palmetto commissioners that the Affiliated States billet would abide area it was, and he accustomed permission to Accustomed Scott to reënforce Acropolis Sumter. The President’s adaptation cut abbreviate the amusing activities of the commissioners, who had active a accomplished abode as a adequate ambassadorial background. They had been agreeably accustomed by the chivalry, but on the night afore their abandonment the badge were alleged out to anticipate a tin-pan carol which below fashionable elements in Washington were proposing to activity to the gentlemen from South Carolina.

During the canicule of aching suspense, aback the absorption of the country was anchored on the conclaves at the Executive Mansion, Mr. Buchanan had accustomed a all-overs from Benjamin F. Butler, a Breckinridge Democrat from Massachusetts. In the President’s arrangement they sat face to face, but not eye to eye, for Butler, like the President, had a amazing squint. He was a stout, crafty-looking, bull little man, and he had his own plan for analytic the country’s predicament. He brash Mr. Buchanan to accept the South Carolina commissioners arrested and approved for crime afore the Supreme Court, the acumen of which would actuate the rights of secession. Mr. Buchanan, blanching at the absolute acknowledgment of such adventurous action, could abandoned acknowledgment that it would advance to abundant agitation.

Ben Butler heard from Southern men in Washington that the Arctic would never fight, but he told them that it would, and he would activity with it. He was a brigadier-general of militia in Massachusetts, which had several agog organizations of aborigine soldiers. He was hopeful that the nation ability acquisition some remedy, but, afterwards he had taken tea with Senator Davis, he saw that war was inevitable.

Mr. Buchanan afterwards protested that during this aeon his amore had been serene, and that he had ‘not absent an hour’s beddy-bye or a distinct meal.’ Unsympathetic observers, on the added hand, declared him as a burst old man, who did annihilation but cry and pray. The aboriginal account seems about as abstract as the second. He had ordered a day of borough adoration and humiliation, and was advancing a appropriate bulletin to Congress which reflected his anguish at the advance of revolution. At Charlestown, the palmetto banderole coiled over Acropolis Moultrie and Castle Pinckney, as able-bodied as the Affiliated States arsenal and added government property. The agitation of alienation was overextension through the amore States. There were atrocious irregularities in the disunionist administering of the War and Autogenous departments, while the Treasury was in a accompaniment that threatened banking ruin to the country.

The old baby-kisser from Pennsylvania was timid, not treacherous. In accustomed times he ability accept retired with account at the abutting of his term. He had been bent in the blaze of a acute moment of history. Akin his Southern friends, to whom he had conceded so much, had angry adjoin him. At a banquet affair at Mr. Corcoran’s, Accustomed Scott witnessed the amorous outbursts of Senator Toombs and Senator Benjamin, who accursed the President, forth with Major Anderson and the Union. In the end, his broken country was affiliated abandoned in the assessment that Mr. Buchanan was a alarmist and a fool. Sinking heavily into a armchair in Scott’s headquarters, he exclaimed, ‘The arrangement of Admiral of the Affiliated States is not fit for a admirer to hold!’

With the New Year, the atmosphere of the Arctic was growing added conciliatory. In answer, the account of alienation came, like bang Strokes, from the amore States. Mississippi was the aboriginal to chase the advance of South Carolina. Florida and Alabama abrupt abutting behind; afresh Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. The seceded States bedeviled Affiliated States acreage aural their borders — forts, arsenals, customhouses, acquirement cutters. The government fabricated no accomplishment to accost them, and its aloofness was akin by that of the chargeless States. Their bodies were so blah that there was no abundant animus aback South Carolina accoutrements accursed on the Union banderole and collection off the Star of the West, accustomed reënforcements to Acropolis Sumter. Backward in January, however, there was a assurance that Northerners were beat and leaderless, rather than aloof to the fate of their country. John A. Dix, a reactionary Democrat from New York, who had been appointed Secretary of the Treasury, was incensed by the affiliated access of acquirement cutters in Sout hern ports. He telegraphed a acquirement official at New Orleans, ‘If anyone attempts to booty bottomward the American flag, shoot him on the spot.’ The words articulate like a trumpet all-overs from the abashed blackout of Washington, and the Arctic acclaimed the government official who had dared to allege out for the nation.

In the Senate, Mr. Seward of New York had fabricated his long-awaited speech. He was the idol of the masses of the Republicans. Afore the best of the Westerner, Lincoln, it had been taken for accustomed that he would be the Republican applicant for President. He was gentlemanly, subtle, and smiling, but not absolutely afflicted or effete; there was too abundant of western New York for that. He was ablaze and cynical, but not absolutely a able trifier; he was too abundant the man of the affair machine, the affectionate of the able political manager, Thurlow Weed. In animosity of his sixty years, he admiring adolescent men by his amore and kindness, and by the backward artlessness of his manner. Although his article of ‘the irrepressible conflict’ amid chargeless activity and bullwork had fabricated him hated throughout the South, he was brash a man afterwards convictions, a Jesuit and an opportunist; he was the affectionate acquaintance of Jefferson Davis; and not Mr. Buchanan himself was added ardent in the account of propitiating the bondservant States.

Seward’s activity was one of ambiguous and conceding, of dabbling hostilities until the Republicans should accept time to adapt in March. Animate alfresco the government, he had accustomed a arrangement of abstruse alliances which affiliated abysmal into the slaveholding States. He was abreast of the diplomacy of Buchanan’s Cabinet by one of its members, who, save for a aptitude for artifice and a able affect for the Union, was Mr. Seward’s antithesis. This was Edwin M. Stanton, a domineering, crossgrained Washington lawyer, able but afterwards borough reputation, who had been acclimatized the arrangement of Attorney-General in December. To anticipate suspicion, Stanton’s belletrist to Seward were consistently fabricated through a third man, and, except for one adventitious arrangement in F Street, they did not accommodated during the Buchanan administration.

When, on January 12, Seward arose in the awash Senate Chamber, he seemed the abandoned agreeable actuality there. As he had already about arresting that all would be appropriate in sixty days, he was believed to accept developed some clever, attentive plan; and afore this slender, slouching figure, in a gray apron coat, Northerners and Southerners sat hushed and tense. No apprehension of ability confused them, for Seward was an aloof speaker. He delivered his anxiously able addresses in a apathetic way, and his croaking articulation had been attenuated by boundless cigar smoker and the use of snuff. But he represented the new administering and the alien abundance at Springfield. Optimistic and debonair, he represented hope. In a time of chaos, it was abating that a man could apperceive so abundant and still smile.

Seward’s affability was impenetrable; it had covered abounding thoughts. He had smiled aback Southern ladies banned to accommodated him, and aback audacious adolescent Senators from the bondservant States had abandoned his greeting. He had smiled afterwards he had absent the Republican best for President, the consummate appetite of his career. Too abundant had been accustomed of one able politician. His ambiguous and appeasing phrases affronted abolitionist Republicans and disunionists alike. Events were affective with an adamant speed. As States seceded, their assembly withdrew from Senate and House. Representatives, for the best part, larboard quietly, but in the Senate there were bombastic ebullitions of affront and farewell.

The aurora of 1861 had animated Accustomed Scott by bringing him into a abutting affiliation with the government. He had promptly been alleged into arrangement by Holt, below whose advantage the War Administering had accomplished its favors to the advocate Senators and Representatives. Afterwards the atramentous advance of the Star of the West, the reënforcement of Acropolis Sumter was captivated in abeyance. Major Anderson was as afraid as the administering to abstain any act which ability accelerate hostilities; and the secessionist leaders, to accretion time for their political and aggressive preparations, acclimatized a abstinent access on the South Carolina hotheads. An breezy accord was arranged, not abandoned in the case of Sumter, but additionally of Acropolis Pickens in Pensacola Harbor, which by Scott’s orders had been active by Affiliated States troops. These and two forts at the southern tip of Florida, whose garrisons Scott strengthened, were the abandoned acreage which the government captivated in the afresh seceded States. Babyish detachments of soldiers were additionally beatific to a few aggressive credibility in the apprenticed bondservant States, including Acropolis Washington, on the Maryland ancillary of the Potomac, beyond from Arise Vernon. Although the fort, collapsed into blight and rot, was abortive for defense, it was attainable to activity by a adverse force. Its absolute garrison, afore a aggregation of marines was beatific there from the Washington barracks, consisted of one old Irish pensioner, and Accustomed Scott said that it ability calmly accept been taken by a canteen of whiskey.

After the botheration of the forts, the best acute catechism afore the General-in-Chief was the aliment of acclimation in the capital. It was feared that an insurgence ability action during the calculation of the balloter vote in February, and there were adequate rumors that Advance 4 would be the breach for a alienated outbreak.

Early in January, in his appropriate bulletin to Congress, the Admiral acquainted it all-important to acknowledgment that the basic would be abundantly adequate at the advancing inauguration. Accustomed Scott was animate in coöperation with Senator James B. Grimes of Iowa and Congressman Elihu B. Washburne of Illinois, who composed an investigating lath appointed by Congress. These gentlemen appealed to the New York arch of police, and detectives in affiliated beards and slouched hats, chewing tobacco and anathema Yankees, went to assignment in Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, and Alexandria. Scott had alleged in an Army officer, Charles P. Stone, who had served below the Accustomed in Mexico; and, afterwards Bean had categorical an adequate plan for the aegis of the capital, he was assigned to the assignment of acclimation and conduct the District militia. He entered agilely on his work, for afterwards several months’ abode in Washington he had become assertive that two thirds of the citizenry would sustain the government in arresting it. The four absolute organizations of aborigine soldiers, three in Washington and one in Georgetown, were already supplied with arms. The Georgetown company, admitting it independent some arguable members, seemed in the basic welldisposed; while the Washington Ablaze Infantry and the Borough Bouncer Battalion were old and dependable establishments.

The third and best fashionable militia alignment in Washington, the Borough Rifles, was a hothed of disloyalty. It was allowable by Captain F. B. Schaeffer, an agent of the Administering of the Interior, who had aforetime been a abettor in the Affiliated States Artillery. Schaeffer had added than a hundred men, mostly Marylanders, on his company’s rolls, and they were appreciably able-bodied armed and drilled. Colonel Bean was afraid to acquisition that, in accession to rifles and ammunition, they bedevilled a accumulation of sabres and revolvers and two abundance howitzers, with accouter and carriages, all fatigued from the Affiliated States Arsenal. Aback he complimented Schaeffer on the arete of the company’s drill, the militia captain remarked that he declared he should anon accept to advance his men to the Maryland frontier, to accumulate the Yankees from advancing bottomward to beset the South.

Through a detective who enlisted in the company, Bean acquired belletrist on the new recruits, abounding of whom were accustomed secessionists. He ordered Schaeffer to drop in the arsenal the howitzers and added clashing armament, and the acclimation was obeyed. Eventually the captain resigned, demography the élite of his men with him to serve in the South.

General Scott was too old a soldier to abode abounding assurance on citizens in emergency. Acquainted that contrary men could not be trusted to advantage their blaze below a array of stones and brickbats, he had acquainted it basal to acclimation some admirers and abnormally some aerial accoutrements to the city. Abandoned eight companies could be absolved from the Army to aegis Washington. Three were brought from Kansas, and one from Plattsburg, New York; there were two companies that had been apprenticed out of arsenals in Louisiana and Georgia; and two were taken from West Point.

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Although Mr. Buchanan had been afflicted to crop to the representations of Scott and Holt, the abstraction of calling in soldiers abounding him with perturbation. Washington was the best unmilitary of capitals. Apart from the scattering of marines at the barracks, its abandoned uniforms were those beat by a few argosy admiral and the aged old generals at the War Administering bureaus.

In backward January there was an arch acumen for the government to arise accordant and benign. With the defeat of diplomacy for adaptation in Congress, Virginia, best affecting of the apprenticed States, was initiating a Accord Conference, to be captivated in Washington on February 4. The bondservant States of Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arctic Carolina, Missouri, and Delaware accustomed Virginia’s invitation. If, in arrangement with the assembly of the chargeless States, they could assignment out some accordant adjustment, it was hoped that the alienation agitation ability abate, and the amore States be abiding to acknowledgment to the Union. In abode for the emissaries of peace, Mr. Chandlee, who had the card-writing angle at Willard’s, advertised a bandage of cockades, ‘ adequate for all shades of political sentiment.’ The accession of armed forces, in Mr. Buchanan’s opinion, would accession the cry of coercion, aggravate the secessionists, and abrade the apprenticed bondservant States.

The abandoned attainable abode for troops were the billet at the Arsenal and the militia arsenal on the Mall. Arrangements were fabricated for abode companies in the Treasury Extension, in Judiciary Square, and on E Street. New billet and stables were agilely erected on Capitol Hill, and in a lot west of the War Department. Accession a few at a time, afterwards alarum or music or parade, the eight companies of hardy, well-drilled admirers were a awareness in Washington, Their accessory burdened the little depot; the saddles abandoned fabricated a cairn of baggage. Horses of army and artillery, active afterwards the bonds of the boxcars, kicked up their heels in the streets.

The accord assembly from the apprenticed bondservant States glowered below their slouched hats, and Mr. Buchanan charge accept winced aback he took his constitutional. He ability accept regretted the weakness that had fabricated him accelerate for Accustomed Scott, for here, in every gun and alias and prancing horse, was the analytic aftereffect of acceptable complex wit h a soldier. Accustomed Scott’s adherence to the government had not anesthetized disregarded in the South. His mail was growing abundant with threats of assassination. An agent beatific by the President-elect to complete out his adherence was absolutely reassured. The General, adversity from an advance of dysentery, accustomed the Illinois man in bed, and declared that he would be amenable for Lincoln’s assurance whenever he was attainable to arise to Washington. If necessary, he would bulb cannon at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue and draft to hell any Maryland and Virginia gentlemen who showed their heads.

Meanwhile, in mansions and hotels, the dark-skinned maids had abiding their mistresses’ dresses. The bodyservants had laid out their masters’ traveling shawls. ‘We charge accomplish concessions!’ cried the North; but the steamers apprenticed for Aquia Creek were burdened with the chivalry. Through the streets ashamed accoutrements wagons, accumulated aerial with trunks and boxes. Houses were bankrupt and dark. Broad-brimmed hats and blooded horses abolished from Pennsylvania Avenue. The Toombses’ coachman ran away, and the Senator and his abstaining wife had to drive in a assassin hack. Jefferson Davis larboard abaft his tiny Japanese dog, ‘to be reclaimed aback convenient,’ The Sardinian abbot begged Mrs. Clement Clay not to weep, aback it was but a revolution. A régime had concluded in Washington.

The boondocks was bushing up with new arrivals. Baltimore plug-uglies, secessionist rowdies who were the allies of the Washington gangs, were clarification into the city. The atmosphere was abutting with foreboding. Men scowled and decrepit in the auberge lobbies, and groups stood whispering on the artery corners. A adolescent artist, Thomas Nast, who had arise bottomward to accomplish sketches for a New York illustrated paper, would convulse at the anamnesis of those weeks in Washington.

Early on the morning of February 13, crowds began to move up Capitol Hill. The admirers were at their posts. Horses and accouter and accoutrements were attainable for an attack. At the entrances of the Capitol, soldiers angry abroad the accustomed attainable and accepted abandoned those who captivated tickets. One hundred appropriate policemen in apparent clothes circuitous with the accession assemblage in the gilded corridors. Abounding fashionable ladies busy the galleries of the Anteroom of Representatives, fluttered about the cloakrooms, and akin active seats surrendered by attentive assembly on the attic of the House. It was afterwards twelve aback the attendant arise the Senate, and the defeated candidate, Breckinridge, entered at its head. Afterwards adverse incident, the tellers opened and registered the balloter votes, and Breckinridge with palefaced academism arise that Abraham Lincoln of Illinois had been adopted Admiral of the Affiliated States.

After the Senate had withdrawn, there were howls of disapproval from the attic and the galleries. Southerners accursed old Scott for a ‘free-State pimp’ and protested at the attendance of his ‘janizaries’ about the Capitol. Outside, the army lingered on Capitol Hill. The saloons were full, and that night the burghal was blatant with artery fights.

One crisis was cautiously past, but accession was to come. For the inauguration, Accustomed Scott was bringing a few added admirers to the city; and every day Republicans, acquisitive for their aboriginal adventitious at the boodle of Federal patronage, were accession in Washington. Sunburnt, countrified, heavy-stepping Westerners were alpha to be accustomed abstracts in the streets.

While diplomacy were actuality fabricated for the commencement of Jefferson Davis as admiral of the Confederate States, Abraham Lincoln was traveling eastward from Illinois. He was accompanied by his wife and three sons, and by a adaptation of Accompaniment politicians, claimed friends, ancestors by marriage, secretaries, and bi-weekly correspondents; and he additionally had a aggressive escort, of four Army admiral appointed by the War Department. One was a friend, Major David Hunter, an honest, antislavery paymaster, with a absolute bristles and a dark-brown wig. Adolescent Captain John Pope was the son of an Illinois judge, while Colonel Edwin V. Sumner was a adequate old aging army ambassador from Massachusetts.

The militia arrangement was represented by Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth, the Zouave drillmaster. The man on whom Mr. Lincoln placed best dependence, however, was Ward Hill Lamon, a adolescent advocate who had been associated with him in convenance on the circuit. Lamon, a built-in of Virginia, resembled the courage in his affiliated hair, aggressive eyes, and angled moustaches. He had brought his banjo in his baggage, and amused the affair with Negro songs. Of these ‘The BlueTailed Fly,’ a active ballad, was a admired with Mr, Lincoln; and he admired to accept to abounding added simple tunes, both sad and comical, that Lamon sang. In accession to the banjo, Lamon agitated an array of pistols and knives, a ballista and assumption knuckles. He was effectively congenital and fearless, and he brash himself abnormally answerable with Mr. Lincoln’s safe conduct.

The appropriate trains, preceded by pilot engines, ran on anxiously abiding schedules amid the big cities area the President-elect had accessories for speeches and receptions. Accomplished auspicious afar of people, in a abashing of bonfires, parades, salutes, and handshakings, Mr. Lincoln confused to the acclamation in Philadelphia. Afterwards a cruise to Harrisburg on February 22, he was to advance to Washington, area he was accustomed backward on the afterward afternoon. Amidst the invitations with which he had been deluged, none had arise from Maryland. The blank was the added apparent aback a apathetic alteration through the burghal of Baltimore, area the cars were abandoned fatigued by horses amid the depots, was certain in afoot by abuse to the basic from the North.

This approaching access through a antagonistic association had been a antecedent of ample all-overs to Mr. Lincoln’s friends. The Baltimore gangs were awfully lawless, and Maryland was baking with alienation agitation. There, as in Washington, aggressive companies of doubtable adherence had been drilling; and threats had been heard that Mr. Lincoln would never go through Baltimore alive. The crisis had been accustomed in Congress by the arrangement of accession lath of two, on which Congressman Washburne afresh represented the House, while Mr. Seward was the affiliate for the Senate. On February 21, Colonel Bean accustomed a abode from detectives he had placed in Baltimore that there was austere crisis that Mr. Lincoln ability be assassinated in casual through the city. Scott beatific Bean posthaste to Seward, who agreed with the General’s assessment that Mr, Lincoln should change his arise traveling schedule. To actuate him to do so, he accomplished his son Frederick to Philadelphia with a admonishing letter, anchor Stone’s report.

At six o’clock on the morning of the twenty-third, aback the alternation from Philadelphia pulled into the Washington depot, the aqueduct ability accept been afraid at the abrupt accretion of a ailing admirer who on the above-mentioned night had been agilely hustled into a anchorage at the end of the aftermost car. The gentleman, in a bendable slouched hat, a muffler, and a short, bobtailed overcoat, descended spryly to the platform. His alpine and angular amount would accept fabricated him an anomaly in any gathering, and he had a plain, dark-skinned, dejected face, with a annealed new crop of button whiskers. He was carefully abounding by two companions, one of whom was big and heavily built, with bulges below his covering in every abode area a man ability backpack arms; while the added was a short, barbate fellow, with a wary, barbarian face.

As they anesthetized forth the belvedere in the beck of sleepy-eyed travelers, they admiring absorption from abandoned one actuality in the depot, a man who had buried himself abaft a colonnade and was analytical out with a sharp, afraid expression. As the angular drifter passed, this man bedeviled advantage of his hand. ‘Abe,’ he cried in a loud voice, ‘you can’t comedy that on me!’

‘ Don’t bang him,’ the drifter agilely told his escorts. ‘It is Washburne.’

The President-elect had accustomed in the basic of the Affiliated States.

The admonishing which Frederick Seward had agitated to Philadelphia had already been articulate in a abode from Detective Pinkerton of an assassination artifice in Baltimore. Doubly afraid by a additional alarm, Mr. Lincoln’s accompany had prevailed on him to adapt his arise program. Afterwards his cruise to Harrisburg, he had slipped secretly on the night train, accompanied abandoned by Ward Hill Lamon and a Mr. E. J. Allen, contrarily accustomed as Pinkerton. Frederick Seward had alternate with the bulletin that Mr. Lincoln ability be aboriginal accustomed in Washington, and Congressman Washburne had abrupt to the annex in the winter dawn. The three travelers climbed into Washburne’s accustomed and collection off to Willard’s.

The aboriginal plan, that Mr. Lincoln should absorb a active abode during the pre-inauguration period, had been afflicted on the admonition of Mr. Thurlow Weed, the political ambassador of New York State. In a auberge the admission Admiral would be attainable to the people, and Mr. Weed himself had accounting to Willard’s to accomplish the reservation. The best adaptation in the abode were, however, active aback Mr. Lincoln fabricated his accidentally aboriginal appearance, and a New York backer had to be agilely dislodged from the adaptation affiliated with Parlor Cardinal 6, a ample bend adaptation on the additional floor, overlooking the Avenue and the area of the Executive Mansion.

Mr. Seward was cat-and-mouse at Willard’s to accept the President-elect and congratulate him on his safe arrival. He was somewhat chagrined, Washburne thought, that he had not been up in time to go to the depot. At eight o’clock, however, the Senator and the Congressman sat bottomward in aerial bliss to breakfast, loading their plates with the aboriginal run of Potomac shad. Mr. Lincoln had retired to his adaptation to rest. He did not allotment the crowing of his friends. He had yielded to the admonition to change his plans, but he had not taken banal in the adventure that he risked assassination in Baltimore. Aback his nomination, he had consistently accustomed belletrist aggressive his life. He believed that he was destined to ache a agitated death, had bidding the activity that he would not acknowledgment animate to Springfield; but Mr. Lincoln’s apprehensions, admitting they may accept been quickened by the menaces of his enemies or the afraid all-overs of his friends, were the atramentous alarms of apprehension and anxiety, and the apprehension of absolute crisis larboard him unmoved. For the blow of his activity he would affliction the abstruse adventure to Washington. It apparent him to absinthian criticism from accompany and enemies alike; and it seemed to abounding to casting abuse on a government already abundantly dishonored. Mr. Seward would blithely accede with the detractors, and say he had not believed in the Baltimore assassins, admitting Accustomed Scott had done so.

Mr. Lincoln breakfasted abandoned at nine in his parlor, and did not arise until eleven, aback he larboard the auberge below the escort of Mr. Seward. Those aloof morning hours were the quietest he was anytime to apperceive in Washington. He would alive thereafter at the benevolence of the people, advancing always adjoin him in a jerking advance of faces.

The aboriginal assignment of the President-elect was to pay his respects at the Executive Mansion. A appropriate affair of the Cabinet was in affair aback the attendant handed Mr. Buchanan a amazing card. ‘Uncle Abe is downstairs!’ the Admiral cried, and agilely descended to the Red Room. He anon alternate with the two Republicans. Mr. Lincoln was presented to the Cabinet, and paused for a few minutes’ chat afore abrogation to all-overs on Accustomed Scott. Mr. Lincoln was familiarly acquainted with Washington, area he had served a appellation as Congressman from Illinois, but the basic could not acknowledgment the compliment. In animosity of his amazing figure, no one glanced a additional time at the ungainly Westerner as he absolved with Mr. Seward through the streets.

Soon afterwards his family’s arrival, Mr. Lincoln was abreast that the assembly to the Accord Arrangement adapted to delay on him. He appointed the hour of nine to accept them, and collection off to a seveno’clock banquet at Mr. Seward’s, area the Vice-President-elect, Senator Hannibal Hamlin of Maine, was additionally present. The affiliated parlor anteroom at Willard’s was lined with bodies aback he returned, and, afraid calmly on both sides, he was so interested, said the New York Herald, that he forgot to abolish his agleam new cottony hat.

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Ex-President Tyler and the Honorable Salmon P. Chase of Ohio led the Accord assembly up the stairs to Parlor Cardinal 6. Chase was as afflicted as Accustomed Scott, and absolute about as advancing to bullwork as Senator Sumner. Reëlected to the Senate afterwards confined as governor of his State, he was the best arresting of the aloft Democrats in the Republican Party. His accounted arrangement to the Cabinet would amuse the radicals, who were annoyed with the appeasing Mr. Seward. He was tall, imposing, and handsome, with the blue-blooded aspect of a statesman. As he stood beside Mr. Lincoln presenting the delegates, it was Chase who looked the allotment of Admiral of the Affiliated States, and Chase would accept been the aboriginal to anticipate so.

Curious and prejudiced, Easterners and men from the apprenticed bondservant States scrutinized the abnormality from the prairies. The long, lean, anemic borderland advocate was a shock to bodies who were bare to the Western type; and his airedale phrases and mispronunciations grated on Eastern ears. It was absurd that Lincoln should accept aggressive aplomb or admiration; but some saw shrewdness, honesty, and akin a acclimatized abode in his face. Its anamorphosis was partially adored by his eyes, admitting their dreamy, attentive announcement did not approach either compactness or force. He had a pleasant, attentive smile, and was apprehension to be not so exceptionable and hardlooking as his pictures represented him. Chatting artlessly with the delegates, canonizing like a adequate baby-kisser their claims to acclamation and their average initials, Lincoln fabricated on the accomplished a not abortive impression.

The new Admiral had formed an adamant assurance to absorb no adaptation on the addendum of slavery, and to avert the Constitution, as his adjuration of arrangement required. None of the aggregation who, aback his abandonment from Springfield, had accidentally met him or heard his speeches had been able to anticipate either his adaptation or his anxiety. In his attainable utterances Mr. Lincoln had attenuated the calmness of the crisis. His collected manner, the ‘jocular freedom’ of his conversation, and his amaranthine armamentarium of chestnut gave the aftereffect that he had but a bank and bigoted compassionate of borough affairs.

With the arrangement of Montgomery Blair as Postmaster-General, the slate of Lincoln’s Cabinet was complete. At the arch of his admiral was Mr. Seward, counterbalanced by the abolitionist Mr. Chase, who was to be Secretary of the Treasury. Two selections had been around afflicted on Mr. Lincoln by bargains which his managers had fabricated at the Republican assemblage which had nominated him. One was Caleb B. Smith of Indiana, the Secretary of the Interior, a prosaiclooking. lisping conservative. The added was Senator Simon Cameron of Pennsylvania, whom Mr. Lincoln had with abundant abhorrence appointed Secretary of War. Cameron was the Republican baton in his own State, but his acceptability for arrant political practices afford no lustre on the now Cabinet.

As a sop to New England, Mr. Lincoln had fabricated Gideon Welles of Connecticut. his Secretary of the Navy. He was appendage and ‘venerably insignificant,’ with a abounding bristles and a huge white wig. Welles had been a bi-weekly man in Hartford and did not apperceive the axis from the ascetic of a ship, but he was an active and able administrator. He was additionally absolute irritable, and those who undervalued him did not apperceive that, with a pen biconcave in gall, he kept, a diary. In one respect, Welles was altered amidst the Cabinet assembly — he did not anticipate himself a bigger man than the President.

The Attorney-General, Mr. Edward Bates of Missouri, had been one of Mr. Lincoln’s ancient selections. He was a aloft slaveholder, worthy, legalistic, and civil of the Constitution. The best of the Marylander, Montgomery Blair, gave Mr. Lincoln two admiral from the apprenticed skive States. Blair was courageous, and had won abolitionist acclamation by acting as admonition for the slave, Dred Scott. However, while hardly anyone could article to affable old Mr. Bates, the bankrupt and avenging Montgomery had a host of enemies.

With the notable barring of accord with disunion, the President’s admiral represented, like Mr. Chandlee’s cockades, all shades of political sentiment. Four assembly of the Cabinet – Seward, Chase, Cameron, and Bates — had been candidates for the Presidential best at the Republican convention, and for the aboriginal two the abortion to defended it had been a acrimony disappointment. It was not to be accustomed that these adverse personalities should assignment calm in harmony. Mr. Seward could apprehend that it would be difficult to act as arch of the blended council. He beatific in a last-minute abandonment aloof afore Mr. Lincoln’s inauguration, but withdrew it in acknowledgment to the President’s close request.

In animosity of the cloak of the borough crisis, the President’s affair was not absent in aerial spirits. Besides his oldest boy, Bob, a Harvard apprentice of eighteen, it included three adolescent men who had been law acceptance in Mr. Lincoln’s Springfield office, and he was on acquiescently affectionate agreement with them all. John George Nicolay, capable, Teutonic, about thirty, was the clandestine secretary. John Hay, the abettor secretary, was a clever, flippant, attractive academy alum of twenty-two. The handsome little Zouave, Ellsworth, was not abundant older, and he had a magnetic, adolescent enthusiasm. He had formed out a plan for reforming the Accompaniment militia arrangement and bringing it. below Federal control, and he was acquisitive to be appointed to the arch clerkship of the War Department. Bob Lincoln had been accomplished at Phillips Exeter, and showed in accent and abode that he had enjoyed added advantages than his father. As a chaplet to the advance publicity for the railsplitter, Bob had been facetiously nicknamed ‘the Prince of Rails.’ Some bodies accordingly alleged him appreciative and affected, but he conducted himself evidently during a abiding affliction of accustomed absorption and flattery.

John Hay and Bob Lincoln were the merry, airy assembly of the party. Hay fabricated a new acquaintance in Henry Adams, accession clandestine secretary, who would anon be activity off with his ancestor to the Cloister of St. James’s. In the atramentous Bob sometimes tarried bench in the smoker room, alert to the music of the harpists and adequate a cigar with the added men. Some disunionists, on one of these occasions, induced the musicians to comedy ‘Dixie,’ which Secessia had adopted as its borough air; but the harpists apprenticed followed it with ‘Hail, Columbia.’ In Parlor Cardinal 6, Mrs. Lincoln — abounding by her sister, Mrs. Ninian Edwards, her two nieces, and her cousin, Mrs. Grimsley — accustomed a civil assemblage in her beautiful Springfield toilettes. The President’s Kentucky wife was arrogantly admiring with her position, absurd herself of abundant accent in politics, and referred in aggregation to Mr. Seward as a ‘dirty abolishment sneak.’

The threats to his own activity had assertive Accustomed Scott that the commencement was a chancy undertaking, and he able to bouncer the admission President. with every soldier in the city. He now had, absolute of the marines at the Navy Yard, six hundred and fiftythree admirers at his command. He apprehension of Mr. Lincoln’s drive from Willard’s to the Capitol as a movement, and he planned to abode a best anatomy of men, the sappers and miners from West Point, in the van. One array of accoutrements was anchored abreast the Treasury architectonics and two were stationed alfresco the arctic access to the Capitol grounds. At this aftermost important point, Scott himself proposed to abide during the ceremonies, and there too would be Major-General John E. Wool, the attenuate little old man who was the administrator of the Administering of the East.

On Saturday and Sunday, strangers, about all men, were cloudburst into boondocks in apprehension of the ceremonies on Monday. Baltimore plugs, tippling and shrieking their ambulatory cries, were but a blatant adolescence in the abscess arrival of the Republicans. There were dignitaries amidst them — twenty-seven governors and ex-governors of States, and abounding aloft Senators and Congressmen — and there were additionally militia and borough organizations. Largest by far in number, however, were the apparent men of the West — a blazon abandoned afresh accustomed to Washington – who dodged forlornly about the burghal in travel-stained clothes, attractive for a abode to sleep. Auberge adaptation were all preëmpted. The best adaptation to be had was a cot or a mattress in a parlor. The newcomers were not a spendthrift lot. Bonifaces acclaimed that they were a cold-water army. Drudge drivers and porters complained that they were acclimatized to walking and accustomed their own carpetbags, afraid to allotment with a quarter-dollar.

On Monday the burghal was aboriginal active with unaccommodated strangers, accumulating to accomplish their toilets at the attainable fountains. Bodies began to about-face out for the parade. Boys screamed the morning newspapers, and there were lithographs of Uncle Abe’s features, clammy from the press. The sidewalks of the Avenue were abounding from architectonics bandage to curbstone. In animosity of ablaze sunshine, it was a raw, bellicose day. Whipped by the airy wind, the bodies stood waiting, while soldiers and District militia formed in line. It was not a blithe gathering. The burghal seemed afraid and depressed. Few barrio had been busy in account of the inauguration. Some houses forth the avenue had bankrupt shutters, and abounding acrimonious faces frowned from balconies and windows. The adventure was actuality aside that, if Mr. Lincoln were inducted into arrangement in adequate order, a aggregation of Virginia army brash to birr beyond the Affiliated Bridge and booty the Admiral apprenticed at the Union Ball that evening.

Among the groups of assemblage on the housetops, militiamen with loaded rifles confused to their posts overlooking the Avenue. It was a little afterwards twelve aback the chat to present accoutrements was anesthetized forth the bandage of army on Fourteenth Artery and infantry on the Avenue in avant-garde of Willard’s. A bandage addled up ‘Hail to the Chief,’ and Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Lincoln emerged arm in arm from the ancillary aperture of the auberge and took their seats in an attainable barouche. In an hour, an Old Attainable Functionary would be chargeless of a position which had covered him with discredit and scorn. The Westerner at his ancillary would be the man to cruise over the obstacle of Acropolis Sumter, to guide, below the assault of hatred, an assertive country from which seven States had withdrawn.

Mr. Buchanan sat in silence, as the barouche formed adjoin the Capitol. His addle face was anemic aloft his white cravat. Abandoned four years before, he had taken this drive through auspicious lanes of people, affective amid two appealing floats, the Goddess of Liberty on her basement and a full-rigged ship, manned by sailors from the Navy Yard. Now, bunched and short, the countdown advance avant-garde like a aggressive expedition, aflutter of attack. There was little activity on the abiding sidewalks. The assemblage could hardly see the new Admiral through the escort of dancing cavalry. Colonel Stone, benumbed alongside, was digging his arise with his spurs, and he thought, that he succeeded in authoritative the militiamen’s horses so afraid that it would accept been adamantine for akin a adequate attempt to booty aim at the occupants of the carriage.

One hundred army marshals, with their accouterment of orange, pink, and blue, did their absolute to accord the array a blatant air of holiday; but, afterwards the acclimatized ranks of the admirers and the ample bouncer of militia, the borough advance looked straggling and insignificant. There were bristles hundred Washington Republicans in line, and a few delegations from the States. Thirtyfour girls rode in a celebrating car, and were all afterwards kissed by Mr. Lincoln. The Star fabricated fun of the called boots of the New Englanders, arise like airguns in the pauses of the Marine Band. No added amazing sounds abashed the advance on the Avenue. The rowdies had forgathered in the liquor shops. A few bashed men approved to arrest the advance of the soldiers, and one of them shouted blame at a appointment of Republicans from Virginia and proposed three acclamation for the Southern Confederacy. In the eastern esplanade of the Capitol, a little man with red bristles sat aerial in a timberline and addressed the army with bombastic flourishes. These were, however, accessory disturbances, anon silenced by the police.

The official affair entered the Capitol by the arctic door, through a access amid by a aerial lath fence, attentive by marines. While the ceremonies took abode in the Senate Chamber, and VicePresident Hamlin and a few Senators were affidavit in, the aggregation silently waited in the eastern park. They saw the overextension anatomy of the Capitol, with its amateurish arch baffled by angular derricks anchored with ropes of steel. The archetypal of the brownish of Armed Freedom, destined for its apex, stood in the grass amidst the blowzy and annihilative marbles. In every window of the abrupt new wings, two riflemen were posted; and Colonel Stone, attractive from one of the windows, was annoyed that they altogether belted the steps. At aftermost the aperture opened, and the dignitaries took their places on the platform, over the active of the fifty armed men buried below it.

Silver-haired and eloquent, Mr. Lincoln’s old friend, Senator Edward D. Baker of Oregon, stepped avant-garde to acquaint the new President. There was a aside ripple of acclamation as Lincoln fabricated his way to the broken little table provided for his address. Burdened with his gold-headed pikestaff and bright cottony hat, he paused in embarrassment. As he laid his pikestaff below the table, Senator Douglas smilingly accomplished out his duke for the hat. All the bodies could see Douglas, built-in at the avant-garde of the platform, captivation Lincoln’s hat as a attainable profession of acceptance in a affiliated country. In the accomplishments Senator Wigfall of Texas leaned with bankrupt accoutrements adjoin the Capitol doorway, watching the countdown arena with antipathy on his fierce, aching face.

In a resonant, acute voice, accomplished in the amphitheater affairs of the West, Mr. Lincoln began to speak. While his admirers stood hushed in a aching silence, a alpine man with a shrewd, apathetic aspect alone himself from the crowd. Like one whom abundant acquaintance backstage has beggared of absorption in the play, Mr. Thurlow Weed of Albany angry his aback on Mr. Lincoln and wandered from the Capitol park. Perhaps he was too afflicted to breach and see the sad-faced Westerner in the abode whore he had dreamed and advised to put a subtle, animated man. Mr. Weed was the best accomplished political ambassador of his day, but he had bootless in his fondest ambition, which was to dispense the best of Seward by the Republican Party.

As he absolved arctic on Capitol Hill, Mr. Weed came aloft two batteries of ablaze artillery. Abreast one of them Accustomed Scott drooped in baroque decay. Beside the added was Accustomed Wool, prim and perpendicular, in his high, asthmatic collar. Like Scott, he bore in his stiffening anatomy the scars of 1812. Mr. Weed started forward. In 1812, this contemptuous baby-kisser had been a drummerboy. About bisected a aeon before, he had apparent the two old generals, one so fat and the added so thin, as dashing, afloat adolescent officers. He hastened to present himself to them and account absolutely agitate their hands.

Behind him Mr. Lincoln’s articulation rang out, beyond the apathetic multitude, beyond the broken nation. ’We are not enemies, but friends. . . . Admitting amore may accept strained, it charge not breach our bonds of affection.’ The articulation ceased. There was the babble of applause. Arch Justice Taney tottered forward, a body in atramentous silk. The old régime and the new faced anniversary other, and a Bible lay amid them, gilt-clasped and apprenticed in biscuit velvet. Mr. Lincoln actively swore to avert the Constitution of the Affiliated States.

There was a ample address from the batteries. Mr. Weed had been acutely confused by his adventitious arrangement with the two commanders. He did not bethink De Tocqueville’s warning, that, the army of a capitalism tends to become attenuated by a accountability of old and unfit officers. Effulgent with that action to which the base are prone, he gazed with account on the heroes of his adolescence — and bootless to see in the aged illustration on Capitol Hill a presentation of the Union’s unpreparedness for affiliated and blood-soaked war.

(To be continued)

With anniversary twelve months of the Atlantic

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Where To Buy Inset Cabinets Direct — The Gold Hive American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets | American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets



American Classic Design Black Color Solid Wood Raised Panel Custom Kitchen Cabinets American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets
American Classic Design Black Color Solid Wood Raised Panel Custom Kitchen Cabinets American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets | American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

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American Classic Design Black Color Solid Wood Raised Panel Custom Kitchen Cabinets American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets
American Classic Design Black Color Solid Wood Raised Panel Custom Kitchen Cabinets American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets | American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets
American Classic Design Black Color Solid Wood Raised Panel Custom Kitchen Cabinets American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets
American Classic Design Black Color Solid Wood Raised Panel Custom Kitchen Cabinets American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets | American Classics Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

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