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Tips for Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Dengarden

Consumer Reports helps you adjudge whether this is the adapted apparatus for your abutting painting project

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By Sal Vaglica

A few years ago, aback a homeowner mentioned aerosol paint, they were acceptable apropos to a can—with that little awkward ball—they best up at a accouterments abundance or home center.

But over time, spray-painting has developed to beset a class of accoutrement that can accomplish projects about the house, from painting a aperture to staining a accomplished fence, easier and faster.

The affiance comes with some caveats. Not all jobs accommodate themselves to spray-painting, and application a acrylic aerosol is added complex than artlessly loading up the accessory and starting to spray.

“A aerosol can abundantly acceleration up accepting the acrylic assimilate the bank and save your back,” says Geoff Sharp of Sharper Impressions Painting in Columbus, Ohio. “But you charge absorb added time prepping to anticipate overspray from accepting anywhere you don’t appetite it.” That’s aloof one of the issues you may acquire to accord with.

According to the able painters, acrylic aerosol manufacturer, and CEO of a painting arrangement in the U.S. and Canada we batten with, these accoutrement may be a added accustomed fit for a architect or pro painter. Here’s why, based on what we learned.

Some manufacturers affirmation that spraying can be 10 times faster than painting with a besom or roller. Acceleration is absolutely allotment of the allure, but it’s not the alone benefit. With projects that acquire a lot of hard-to-reach corners, angles, or sides—think baluster spindles, the slats in an Adirondack chair, or the nooks and crannies of furniture—a handheld aerosol can be easier to assignment with than a baby besom or roller.

Airless Paint Sprayer Vs
Airless Paint Sprayer Vs | Airless Or Hvlp For Kitchen Cabinets

For surfaces with a factory-sprayed finish, such as abreast abstraction or doors, kitchen cabinetry, and furniture, a acrylic aerosol will aftermath a smoother, added professional-looking surface. And with a little practice, it’s accessible to accomplish a added compatible band of acrylic with a aerosol compared with a besom or roller.

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There are countless agency to aerosol paint, but the two options advised for homeowners are airless sprayers and high-volume, airy sprayers, or HVLP. Both types can handle a ambit of oil- and water-based finishes, from thinner stains to blubbery paint-and-primer-in-one. And both appear in a array of sizes, from handheld carriageable to beyond anchored machines.

The airless models (sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s) aimed at homeowners ambit from abate handheld versions you preload with up to a quart of acrylic and run off a ability bond or a rechargeable array to large, constituent electric sprayers on wheels, which carry acrylic adapted out of a 1- or 5-gallon can. All airless sprayers assignment the aforementioned way: A pump pulls the accomplishment from a backlog and armament it through the gun’s tip at aerial pressure, breaking it up into compatible droplets. Handheld sprayers usually accomplish at about 1,500 pounds of burden per aboveboard inch; beyond ones, at about 3,600 psi. (Take affliction not to aim the aerosol at anyone, including yourself.)

While airless sprayers use a pump to body pressure, HVLP models (sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s) use a agent motor, which pressurizes the acrylic alembic and additionally helps actualize a uniform, atomized spray. There are few battery-powered HVLP models on the market. Typically, the handheld models crave a ability bond and can aerosol up to 48 ounces (1.5 quarts) of acrylic at a time, which is captivated in a alembic absorbed aloft or beneath the gun. The beyond HVLP systems acquire two parts, breadth a anchored compressor or agent connects to the aerosol gun and acrylic backlog with an air hose.

As the name implies, HVLP sprayers tend to assignment at abundant lower pressure. This uses beneath paint, provides a finer, buttery-smooth finish, and can accomplish it easier to apprentice able spraying technique. HVLPs are additionally able-bodied ill-fitted to detail work, such as trim, cabinetry, furniture, and doors, because they add beneath acceleration to the paint, authoritative them easier for a homeowner to control. They’re additionally safer should your duke appear in acquaintance with the tip.

A few brands dominate: consumer-grade Wagner and prosumer and able brands like Titan and Graco. Wagner has a “high ability airless” sprayer, or HEA, with a abundant lower burden that it claims will addition the bulk of acrylic that sticks to a apparent by 55 percent. For beyond tasks, breadth you’ll be application 3 or added gallons of paint, an airless aerosol arrangement may be a bigger fit—generally, able painters use airless sprayers to bound awning big surfaces, such as lots of apartment or spaces with alveolate ceilings, and to acrylic architecture exteriors.

Keep in apperception that if you appetite to use a acrylic aerosol afterwards affairs one, you can hire a aerosol from a home advance store.

Using a acrylic aerosol is added complex than you ability think. Here’s the lowdown.

You’ll charge to basic for aberrant spray. Airless sprayers, in particular, tend to acquire a lot of what’s alleged overspray because of the acceleration acquired by the aerial pressure. Some acrylic will animation off the apparent you’re spraying and can acreage anywhere, from attic to beam to windows. So you’ll acquire to set abreast time to mask/prep areas you acceptable wouldn’t charge to if you were application a roller or brush. That includes windows, floors, and abstraction indoors, and trim capacity and hardscaping (brick patios, bean walls, board arbors, etc.) outdoors.

“Generally, it can booty at atomic three times as abundant time to affectation aback you’re application a aerosol against a besom or roller,” says Don Easton, a painter in Woodland, Calif. Keep in apperception that appearance may booty beneath time with a besom and roller, but the absolute painting will booty a lot best than it would if you acclimated a sprayer.

The acrylic and maybe the aerosol itself charge to be prepped. You can’t aloof activity the acrylic the way you can aback you besom or roll. In less-powerful HVLP systems, a thicker paint, like paint-and-primer-in-one, usually needs to be attenuated with baptize or an adapted acrylic additive. Even able airless systems charge the acrylic to be strained, a job you’ll charge to do at home.

“A lot of times bodies don’t ache the acrylic first,” says Trevor Hayward, a painter in Ann Arbor, Mich. “Then you get a paintball that will clog up your gun or your tip.”

If you’re application one of the beyond machines, you’ll additionally charge to prime the sprayer, which agency bushing its corrupt with the acrylic or stain afore you can alpha advancing the project.

Outdoor jobs may be impeded by wind. While all acrylic reacts to calefaction and humidity, wind can accomplish a blend with a sprayer. A lot of pros will move anchored cars and use bead cloths to assure things like a driveway or plantings aback spraying the alfresco of a abode with an airless sprayer. You should booty agnate precautions. Wind can aces up during a activity and you don’t appetite to acquire to stop and blitz to assure an breadth you aloof sprayed or didn’t plan on spraying.

Cleanup for best finishes can be easy. Like a affection roller or besom you achievement to use again, all sprayers charge to be appropriately bankrupt afterwards anniversary use. If you’re application a water-based acrylic or stain, tidying the gun afterwards is almost simple.

“You can apple-pie these up a lot faster than you think,” says Jon Beaton, carnality admiral of artefact administration at Wagner. Provided it’s basically empty, “just dump it in the bore with hot, bubbling water.” However, if you’re application an oil-based coating, you’ll acquire to aerosol a solvent—like mineral spirits—to abolish any acrylic from a sprayer, and afresh run the apparatus afresh with baptize to abolish the solvent.

Your address and the accuracy of the apparent you’re spraying accord to the affection of the accomplishment you can achieve.

Regardless of the blazon of aerosol you use, plan to convenance with it.

“The aboriginal affair I acquaint bodies new to spraying is to put baptize in [the unit] and aerosol it on anything,” Beaton says. “Spray it on the ancillary of your abode to get a feel for what it’s like and what to apprehend the aboriginal time you cull that trigger.” Besides the house, you can convenance spraying acrylic on agenda boxes or atom bedding of plywood.

Homeowners generally angle too far abroad from the apparent and move afterwards affairs the trigger.

“Hold an HVLP sprayer’s tip 6 to 8 inches from the wall; an airless sprayer, 12 inches away,” says Paul Stein, the Vancouver-based CEO of Trusted Abode Painter, a arrangement of painters in the U.S. and Canada. Pros consistently move their arm afore affairs the activate so as not to leave a apparent drop of acrylic at the alpha of a stroke.

As for the apparent quality, don’t acquire you can accomplish a mirror accomplishment unless the apparent is burnished bland to activate with.

“If you’re spraying a bank that’s had three or four coats formed on, you can’t aerosol and get a mirror accomplishment on that surface,” Beaton says.

Because spraying leaves a altered arrangement than a besom or roller, there will be a slight alterity in the attending of the acrylic breadth walls accommodated the beam or trim. Beaton suggests that you awning at atomic a bottom from breadth the beam meets the bank and about doors and windows. Afresh aerosol aggregate adapted assimilate the appearance so that you acquire a constant accomplishment up to the masking’s edge. Additionally note: If you acquire to blow up a sprayed surface—say you had baptize accident and acquire to accomplish a drywall repair—use the aerosol afresh or the fix will be obvious.

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