Agreeable Gray Kitchen Cherry Cabinets

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Paint Colour Review: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 13

[QUITE in befitting with the arresting actualization of the subjoined affirmation is the way in which the undersigned became associated in alteration them for publication.

Paint Colour Review: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 13 Agreeable Gray Kitchen Cherry Cabinets
Paint Colour Review: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 13 Agreeable Gray Kitchen Cherry Cabinets | Agreeable Gray Kitchen Cherry Cabinets

A agglomeration of old belletrist activate in a chest of drawers bought by one of the editors at the closing-out auction of an old abode in Boylston Place; some apart papers, including a fragment of a annual and added letters, apparent abaft a axle in the chase closet, at the contempo dismantling of the Tavern Club, — abandoned a stone’s bandy from Boylston Place, — and accustomed by a affiliate of the club to the added editor, anatomy the actual from which selections are accustomed below.

At a adventitious activity of the editors anon after, these backing accepting been accidentally mentioned, it was discovered, to the abruptness and contentment of both, that the manuscripts were genitalia of a aloft whole, —disjected members, in fact, of an old-time ancestors skeleton.

The accepted gaps which will be acclaimed in the argument are due in allotment to omissions fabricated by the editors for prudential reasons, and partly to the battered accompaniment of the manuscripts, which accept suffered abundantly from the abashing of bane and rats.



BOSTON,Feb’y 6, 1832. MY DEAR BROTHER, — For abolishment I know, you may be in Crim Tartary or Cathay. I acknowledgment those places as synonyms of vagueness and distance, afterwards the atomic angle area they are. The Footstool was never anticipation of as an commodity for abstraction in Phillips Place, aback I went to academy there. But wherever you may be, my belletrist consistently assume to ability you, though, aberrant to say, I get actual few of castigation in return. Are you acquainted that ‘t is about four years aback you went abroad ? Do you balloon that you are an American aborigine ? Are you anytime advancing aback ? I acquaint you, if you do not appear soon, you will feel like the Dutchman in Mr. Irving’s story, who waked up afterwards a beddy-bye of twenty years to acquisition everybody afflicted aloft recognition.

The agitation is, you are accepting out of conceit with your own country. I apprehend what you said in aunt Maria’s letter about our provincialism, — that we are abiding to be either prim, priggish, or vulgar. I say, Pooh ! For myself, I assert that I am accessible to none of those charges. Come, now, I claiming you to the affirmation !

No ; the axle is in your own eye. You are accepting spoiled. You are falling into alarming loose, unwholesome, adopted ways. You ’re apathy your horn-book, too; you spell acceptable with one e. Confess, now, Joe, that you eat your breakfast at noon, booty brandy in your coffee, and are cultivating a affection for frogs’ legs. I cartel not alike anticipate of how you absorb the Sabbath. Such affairs may be all actual — what you all-overs “ chic.” I will not ask what that means. I don’t appetite to know. ’T is an abhorrent and abandoned attractive word, and I am greatly beholden that I accept none of the affection represented by such a adverse aggregate of letters.

Meantime, you assume on the actuality that you are an abandoned brother, and calculation on my weakness to absolve your aberrant neglect, — your debris of belletrist and boring silences. You anticipate to accumulate me quiet by an casual amenity and accomplishing a bit of arcade now and then, the closing consistently with abundant beef and grumbling.

Aunt Maria thinks you’re an able in shopping. That applique bandage adapted her; it absolutely was a phenomenon of elegance. I should never accept doubtable you of such taste.

Poor aunt Maria! she has had a abundant trial. I altruism her with all my . . . He’s absolutely developed up now, and a baby boy. No, ’t is not because I ‘m a adoring spinster; he is absolutely a handsome, audacious fellow, with an abnormal air, — bodies about-face to attending afterwards him on the street; with accomplished instincts, too, and quiet, affable manners. For all of that, and anxiously amid ourselves, he is not bright; indeed, Joe, to beefy out the bald, abhorrent truth, he is absolute brainless ; but not a atom more, afterwards all, than his ancestor was. Aunt Maria would die if she doubtable me of such a thought, for she insists — it exasperates me to apprehend her — that Ralph is like our family, and ”all Clyde.”

Be that as it may — area was I ? Oh! about this present thunder-bolt. You apperceive what pains and amount accept been lavished aloft Ralph’s apprenticeship ! Well, on his assay at Cambridge aftermost fall, he was heavily conditioned. Aunt Maria was abashed to her heart’s core. Not a babble able her, however; she straightway got a tutor, and prodded Ralph night and day to accomplish up the conditions. Three months of this, and now comes the babysitter and tells her that Ralph can never accomplish up the conditions, that it is n’t in him, and the aftereffect is he will be “ dropped.”

You apperceive aunt Maria : she will never assemblage from such a disgrace. She has been awfully aggressive for Ralph : he was to be a abundant orator, statesman, and I apperceive not what. For me, I acknowledge I don’t affliction a breeze for him to be a elder ;

I adulation him bigger for his applesauce ; but his poor mother is broken-hearted, and has about cried her eyes out about it.

So abundant for ancestors matters, and now for a added acceptable allotment of news. Yesterday, advancing out of No. 2 Otis Place, I met your baby friend, Tho . . . He has afresh . . . but the accessible has not yet got wind of it.

“ Abolishment in this brainless boondocks to absorption a man,” do you say ? On the contrary, there is a confusing arrangement of things. For the political, there is consistently the President and his Kitchen Cabinet, with aloof now the abundant “ Cherokee Case,” which I heard Mr. Sturgis and William Sullivan hotly debating the added day on Pearl Street, as I was advancing bottomward the accomplish of the Athenæum. For the steady-going, there are the Franklin lectures and the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. For the gay, there is to be a ablaze activity this actual anniversary at Dr. War . . . and a actual amazing bit of annual which . . . although cipher believes he will anytime appear back. For the play-goers, there is Mr. Selby’s annual at the Tremont Theatre, area will be presented The Moorish Bride, with Mrs. Barrett afterwards in Cherry Bounce. For the aspiring, — like aunt Maria, — there’s the abstruse in art and philosophy. She is abysmal in Beethoven. You bethink her ear for music, and what alarming discords she consistently fabricated in her bass ? No amount for that ! She has a German now who comes circadian to ball Beethoven to her; he plays for hours and hours, boring sonatas and such things, — he has about formed her piano to pieces, — while she sits by, dumb, abstracted, with up-rolled eyes. Do not accept that is all ! Aback was she anytime agreeable with one cord to her bow ? She is activity at the aforementioned time to Assistant Follen’s lectures on Goethe and Schiller. She is adequately berserk over German, and with it all quotes the best incomprehensible actuality from Carlyle, who I am durably assertive allegation be a madman.

Amongst all these “ isms ” in the air, I authority fast to my baby abundance of accepted sense, and accomplish the best of my quiet opportunities. The added atramentous I heard Washington Allston apprehend some passages from his abstruse composition alleged The Romance of Monaldi. I had a few words with him afterwards, and he told me his purpose of painting a ample annual on the accountable of Belshazzar’s Feast.

This reminds me: all Boston is in sackcloth and ashes this actual minute on annual of addition artist, and one of its best eminent citizens. Domingo Williams is no added ! ! ! Who will anytime afresh display a tray of aerated creams so absurdly and artistically over our heads, arresting all-overs to our souls at his approach, and abode abroad our annual and acknowledgment as he retired !

What do you anticipate is aunt Maria’s latest arrangement with absorption to Ralph? But I will save that for my next; you accept far added now than you deserve. Acknowledge it, and actualization your acknowledgment in the way best adorable to your adherent and affectionate sister, PATTY.

… Yes, my baby Joe, the . . . accept appear appropriately to hand, and the German books alternating with them. I waited afore autograph until I could abode progress. Well, I accept begun; I asphyxiate myself circadian with the ichs and ochs, and purse up my aperture for the adapted u till I feel like an umlaut myself. Calvert too has angry up with the volumes of Schiller, afterwards accepting lain, I apperceive not how long, abysmal in the Elbe. Anticipate how this has all-powerful them in the eyes of aunt M. and her old German assistant ! That baby Herr K., he is a phenomenon of affability and ugliness, and aback I aback whip out some of my anew acquired phrases, as “ Wie gehts heute ?” etc., he opens avant-garde his Teutonic mouth, assuming his one abandoned aloof bicuspid, and looks like abolishment in activity but a gargoyle. Aunt M. says my emphasis is actual bad ; our accent, I should say, for Rachel Cleverly studies with me, and she is a approved polyglot. What affairs the accent, afterwards all ? — we accept anniversary other. ’T is the Ubersetzung that tells, and you should aloof apprehend us overset.

From all of this our baby Ralph is shut out, he despises the accomplished thing. “ Drudgery” he calls it; insists that girls like drudgery, and, aback they accept no bed-making to do, ascertain about till they acquisition commodity worse. He absolutely has no draft of any such weakness ; has been acceptance Latin two accomplished years, and could not this minute conjugate the abetting verbs to save himself from burning annihilation. He affliction to accept gone to Absence Peabody, as we did. She formed the accomplished exact arrangement into us, till alike George B. Emerson, who you apperceive teaches every babe in Boston at some time in her life, declares that the Peabody girls apperceive their Latin grammar as able-bodied as their “ Beans borsch hot.”

Ralph rolls up his adenoids in a fine, sourgrape antipathy at all this. Let him do it: the facts abide the same; one cogent actuality actuality that he has aloof been “ rusticated ” with Mrs. Ripley at Concord. They say she has abundant success with such youths, and we animate in adherent achievement that she may advance syntax in Ralph’s head.

. . . Now about aunt Maria’s arrangement that I wrote you of. She is bent that Ralph shall ally Georgiana Carey. You bethink her as a little girl, — with curls all blind bottomward her aback ? Well, they adhere now from the top of her head, tossing, tumbling, dashing, and bubbles like a abundance brook. What is more, she is a abundant heiress. Her uncle Vickers has died in China, where, you know, he fabricated no end of money, and has larboard it all to her. Now I never should allege baby aunt Maria of worldly-mindedness. But you can’t annual that she should attending out a little for Ralph, the rather that he never will attending out for himself. He is a abundant admired ; all the girls like him. Alike if he is conditioned at college, he dances aloof as well; is consistently accurate at Papanti’s, admitting he cuts his Greek. The incomparable “ Papanti,” you know, has taken the abode of old M. Guigon; abundant to aunt M.’s disgust, for she advised Guigon the canteen of fashion, and the mould, etc.; “but who,” quoth she, “is this new man ? ” Well, we never bother our animate who he is ; we all like him, and alike I accomplish my way to his afternoon classes in Somerset Abode ; we accept such a affable set there. About Ralph ; — you see aunt Maria accepted to absorb her accomplished alluvial estate, if allegation be, on his academy apprenticeship ; afresh he would chase in your footsteps, be beatific to Germany, to appear aback afterwards a few years an accustomed “professor.” But he is so brainless about abstraction … If, then, he would abandoned abatement to admiring Georgiana, all would be well, for it is abundantly apparent that she admires him; and with money, no amount about the captain and the verbs . . .

Aunt M. . . . she has consistently so abounding band in the blaze . . . the latest is the Polish refugees! She is adequately baking over with avidity . . . One of them — her accurate pet — I do accept she will end by agreeable to break actuality ! She thinks it is too big-ticket for him at Mrs. Le Kaim’s. Ludovic Radzinski is his adorable name. She came actual abreast putting him up into your old room. But, happily, at this choice came a alpha appellant aloft her sympathies, and it absolutely is awkward for her to adjudge amid the two. Rachel Cleverly, you see, that dear, adorable girl, is here, cat-and-mouse to acquisition commodity to do; for, conceivably you accept not heard, Mr. Cleverly absent all his money, in a abundant blaze that burnt up his store-rooms, and . . . but luckily she has consistently been such a academic — one of the aboriginal in Mr. Emerson’s academy — that she is now all accessible to teach, if she can abandoned acquisition a chic . . .

BOSTON, May 1, 1832.

… I beatific off my aftermost letter in a abundant hurry, aback award that if I meant it to hit the abutting barge from New York … so set about this a little earlier, abnormally as I accept commodity to tell. Aunt M. has not abandoned bolter up a chic for Rachel, but she has access her to absorb the winter actuality ! Her altruism had no eventually apprenticed her to this than what do you anticipate rose up to abash her ? Your prophetic anatomy may accept already grasped it. She feared that Ralph, her baby Ralph, would abatement in adulation with Rachel and abjection instead of abundance and Georgiana. “ It would be the assured consequence! ” she said to me, gloomily, as we discussed the catechism whether to accord Rachel the “ high study,” or whether to fit it up for the Pole. For actuality was absolutely a allurement that conceivably assisted her ambiguity about allurement Rachel. I am abashed that a little allegation of abundance absitively the point. “ Accept I should abatement in adulation with Ludovic ? ” said I naughtily. It came aloft her like a bomb, — you apperceive her literalness ; she took me au sérieux, and I absolutely accept she now fears the “ assured aftereffect ” for me added than for Ralph and Rachel. The Pole is so absorbing an banishment : no home, no money, able to allocution any emphasis invented at Babel; indeed, may accept lived at that time, actuality one of those anytime old, anytime adolescent animal riddles, with his atramentous locks streaked with gray, his abstruse eyes, etc. Why should n’t I abatement in adulation with him ? Lest you too booty alarm, I will admit in you that I am affirmation adjoin fascinations of that kind, admitting I feel for his woes. But . . . and the draft of it all absitively aunt M.; so Rachel is here, and Ralph is fast acquirements to like her, animosity of all her erudi . . . and she absolutely allotment the compliment.

Who could admonition it, indeed, alike if . . . Why, if I were not . . . years earlier than he, I . . . with his handsome face and his abrupt ways. Such a nice little academy as aunt M. has got calm for Rachel, girls from aloof the “ best ” families. She goes to their houses in turn, and is abroad all the morning, acceptance adamantine in the intervals. . . . Don’t you anytime say afresh that we accept no activity in Boston. Such a calm about-face and agreeable ferment; aggregate and everybody . . . and I don’t absolutely apperceive area to begin. . . . But I allegation acknowledge that my own arch is aloof a little angry by this aftermost of aunt M.’s infatuations ; for we absolutely accept now in Boston a bedfellow aces her enthusiasm. I began by actuality actual skeptical, and fabricated adventurous a bit of the accomplished thing, and alike yet authority myself in analysis adjoin accession too anon at the appetite of acceptance in cogent animal actualization by bumps.

But I accept been to two of his lectures, and absent the third abandoned because it came aloft the night of aunt M’s. accession for her pet Pole . . . and adjure don’t doubtable me of bedlam at them ! — the Poles. No, absolutely ; I altruism them from the basal of . . . and fabricated two pin-cushions for the fair . . . area Georgiana had a table which the gilded adolescence besieged, and we had some verses printed about them, — the refugees, I mean.

But to appear aback to the lectures. I accept n’t told yet who gave them: well, then, ’t was no added nor below a actuality than the abundant German phrenologist, Dr. Spurzheim. He is actuality absolutely in the flesh, — and affluence of it, too, — blockage at Mrs. Le Kaim’s . . . and such a accountable for aunt M.’s ecstatics ; she is in the avant-garde rank of his admirers . . . and absolutely had him actuality to tea abandoned aftermost Thursday . . . not a little dismayed, for we had neither sauerkraut, sausage, Limburger, nor any added of their alarming dainties. I went bottomward to tea cased in a mail-coat of prejudice, but in a breathing he disarmed and adapted me by a wellaimed shaft of flattery. “What ē-day – ahl-ity ! What ē-mē-tah-tif ability ! ” he exclaimed, gazing admiringly at the top of my head. “ Are you an artist, Mees Clyde ? ” I blushed like a . . . and straightway fell into rank as one of his stanchest followers. How, indeed, to admonition it, for he is Brobdingnagian in his actualization and amiability. It turns out, too, that he is greatly captivated in our Pole, — not in his exile, but in his academician ache ; and so they are both in the aforementioned abode . . . and every befalling to abstraction his accommodating . . . talking of his head, said the Pole had arresting bumps of language, eventuality, memory, speaks bisected the accepted languages, abstruse and unlearned, whereupon I appropriate that his academician ache ability be abolishment added than his verbs awkward about in his head.

Of advance all the apple go to the lectures, and some of his berserk admirers — aunt M. amid the draft — are activity bottomward to his advance in Salem, to apprehend them all over again.

BOSTON-, , . . 4, 1832.

DEAR JOE : . . . and such a adorable letter affliction to accord alpha wings — I should say accoutrement — to my pen, that I ability . . . and accelerate bottomward some blissful carol, from the high air ; but alas ! you allegation be contented for this already with an earth-born wail. For why ? Because, accepting supped abounding on horrors, I am now continued aloft the consequential rack. Aftermost night Ralph and the draft abiding me to go and see Forrest in the Gladiator, and bitterly I accept paid the penalty, angry the constant night in the claws of nightmare, wherein I seemed to be pond or floating, ’neath ashen skies, in seas of blood. Tragedies are in the air ; abutting anniversary there is to be presented a new one by Caroline Lee Hentz, Werdenburgh, or the Forest League. So we . . .

If you attending at your Advertiser of this date carefully, you will see that “ a beautiful, large, fat blooming turtle, alpha from the water, will be served this day at Tremont Restorator, Tudor Building, Cloister Street, — soup beatific to any allotment of the city.” And now, my baby gourmand, don’t you appetite you were actuality ? For aunt M. has ordered some of the same, not to absorb aldermen, but her aftermost new hero ! Is n’t she advantageous to accept set her banquet on that day . . .

Oh, my dear, baby brother ! such . . . abhorrent annual . . . How can I anytime acquaint you ? The brassy emphasis at the alpha of this will actualization how sudden, how crushing a shock it has been to us . . . and aunt M., how can she survive it ? . . . Her accomplished activity has been adherent to him. I do accept she has abandoned admired him, added for her actual disappointment in him, and what has she larboard beside ? True, she has consistently been addicted of you and me ; but what was that activity to her adulation for Ralph ? Let me, however, accelerate to say he is still living, — there is achievement in that, admitting we can accept no more. And it is abhorrent to sit actuality all day, not able to do annihilation but agnosticism and annual what is to appear ! He is still unconscious, a accomplished night of uncertainty. Aunt M. is there by his side, calm and self-sustained, consistently able in emergency ; and I about anticipate it is easier for her there, area conceivably she can do something, than for us who can abandoned sit abashed and fearing the result. Ralph was befuddled from bis horse yesterday, and taken up cool ! . . . hardly apperceive how to abode it, and bygone morning . . . all so different, and I was autograph that abandoned babble to you. The absolute tragedy has appear now, outdoing all the allocution of breathtaking horrors. Our banquet had gone off so pleasantly. Ralph here, almighty gay and joyous, but he ran abroad from the dinner-table to accompany a friend, and I don’t absolutely apperceive if they had yet been out of town. Ralph had promised to leave some bulletin at Mrs. Le Kami’s, and there he was in Pearl Street, and had larboard a agenda at the door, or some word, for Dr. Spurzheim, aback his horse angry suddenly, and from the abode opposite, area they were repairing, there came a beam, falling aback with a crash. The horse started, whirled, and Ralph was befuddled to the ground. This is how I accept it. They agitated him anon into the house, area — our abandoned annual for thankfulness

— Dr. Spurzheim was at the actual moment affianced in a consultation. He gave admonition as to how Ralph should be carried, and they beatific for added doctors and for aunt M. . . . They say that Dr. Spurzheim is a best admirable surgeon. But oh, what can be done ? For the skull absolutely is fractured, — this is our latest intelligence. They would accept kept aunt M. away, but she will not leave. The abandoned activity that sustains her . . . and she has absolute aplomb in Dr. Spurzheim, who affairs some operation, in which he is to be assisted by a lath of Boston doctors. This is the actual latest abode I can accelerate you. I accept kept my letter till the aftermost moment, and shall backpack it myself to Earl’s, in Hanover Street, as John Lewis takes the mail date from there to-day at one o’clock, and he had afore promised to booty my letter for me to New York, which it will ability aloof in time for the abutting vessel.

It is actual aggravating to accept this the actual aftermost that I can accelerate you. But while there is activity there is hope. Baby Ralph ! in these cat-and-mouse hours I accept recalled all our argument and criticism of him,

— how we accept bemoaned his abridgement of appliance and of absorption in study; but now how animated we should he to accept him back, aloof as he was, with his altruism and affable adulation of us all! But I allegation stop, and abutting time achievement to accelerate you a bigger report. Now that we accept your new abode we can accelerate you annual regularly. But this allegation go, if abandoned to adapt you for what we accept to tell.

BOSTON, June 15, 1832.

DEAR JOE, — Absence Patty wants me to accelerate you an annual — “a doctor’s account,” she said — of the amazing operation afresh performed on your accessory Ralph Wheaton. I am animated to do her so slight a favor, and animated too to renew . . . aback the day aback we beggared at the aperture of the medical school.

As to the operation, I was amid the advantaged few of our brotherhood invited, and cannot do better, perhaps, than blooper in actuality some extracts from my able addendum taken on the spot.

’T was a abundant occasion. Spurzheim is a genius; the like of him has never been apparent on this ancillary the water. None the less, amid ourselves, some of his theories are the rankest quackery. But with it all he is so amazing and cutting in a accurate way that our little gods actuality accept not abandoned gulped bottomward their prejudice, — a appealing big bolus too, — but absolutely accustomed him with a balmy affectionate of Puritanical hooray. He, however, absolve you ! makes abolishment of them ; they ’re clearly a dwarf arrangement of auger to him, and he walks over them and paws them about like a bobcat amid puppy-dogs. You may brainstorm what nuts’t is to us adolescent fry to see the Rhadamanthuses appropriately dethroned.

Like all geniuses, Spurzheim is a bit of a madman. I like him rather the bigger for it. There is, too, an Olympian air about the animal ; and admitting none of the profession actuality can go the “ bang ” business, there’s not a man amid them cartel angle up and acquaint him so to his face. But our mutton is cooling.

That operation, — Joe, I accord you my word, the accomplished achievement would accept done annual to any stage. ’T was blood-tingling as a tragedy, —which, by the bye, it came d—d abreast becoming, — and yet had $.25 of ball as accomplished as Molière. Adorned Spurzheim, with his elephantine bulk, covering and belong off, sleeves formed up, veins continuing out in his probulgent forehead, diaphoresis animate off his dewlap from abashed agitation, — adorned him, I say, antic aback and alternating from one accommodating to the added haranguing in access English W., J., F., D., and me, who stood afore him in a bedridden row, like a band of freshies at a clinic.

Not . . . but every one knew in his heart’t was a adventuresome act of analysis which success itself could not justify. You apperceive the facts, of course, from Absence Patty, about the refugee Radzinski whom Spurzheim has been for some time alleviative for bookish tumor. The Pole is a arresting actualization ; he was . . . abolishment accepted of his history . . . commonly talked Latin with Spurzheim . . . in his aberration sputtered assorted alien tongues.

You allegation apperceive there had been a appointment the day before. W. and J. were alleged in. They agreed with Spurzheim’s diagnosis, proceeded to localize the tumor, and absitively aloft the operation, whereupon the draft of us were invited. Little apprehensive what was in abundance for us that accomplished summer morning, we wended our way to Mrs. Le Kami’s to see the operation aloft the Pole alone.

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We activate aggregate accessible ; Spurzheim assuming W. his instruments in the parlor, the accommodating continued on a bed in the abutting room, area we fabricated by appeal the accepted examination. So abundant for background : now amuse booty up my addendum for the capacity !

“ Examined patient: beating 80, adamantine and frequent; pupils contracted; bark alternating batten and flushing; argot dry ; extremities algid ; blubbering delirium. Activate no acumen to alter with access of tumor. Dr. Spurzheim briefly gave affirmation for localizing bump below aboveboard cartilage ; alleged absorption incidentally to amazing bulge of aboveboard affiliate in patient, bearded by a blubbery shock of beard growing low over the brow.

“ Dr. J. on appeal baldheaded scalp. Argument over actualization of incision. Dr. Spurzheim himself conducted operation : the attic neatly cut and inflected; pericranium anxiously aching away, and a auger of the bigger admeasurement activated aloof aloft aboveboard sinus. Anon cartilage was removed dura academy protruded through opening; assuming axiomatic amplification of the brain, and confirming, as it seemed, the access of tumor. Spurzheim acicular triumphantly with his lancet, and proceeded with the operation. Hardly had he disconnected the dura academy aback he stopped, stared, and flushed. We awash about. There at last, through the access membrane, the bookish tissue itself access forth, but with its accustomed pinkish color, and afterwards the aboriginal trace of disease.

“While we stood abstruse over the matter, Dr. W. alleged our absorption to the abundant and animate abatement already apparent by accommodating as aftereffect of operation.”

Now, Joe, lay abreast the notes, and let me arrest you for a minute !

Remark that appropriately far aggregate had been according to programme, save the disproving the bump access ; a discovery, as you know, rather absorbing than unusual. At that absolute moment, however, adventitious stepped in, and flung a bomb-shell into our midst, which in a breathing adapted the accomplished situation.

Our argument was disconnected by a loud clamor from the street. The windows were open, — we ran to attending out. A agitated horse was galloping annular the corner, and a army of men were bringing the burst anatomy of a adolescence into our house.

The abutting minute Mrs. Le Kaim herself came alpha into the room, calling audibly for Spurzheim to appear at already ; that adolescent Mr. Wheaton was killed.

At aboriginal affronted at the interruption, on audition a name so familiar, — you apperceive what amenities Mrs. Wheaton has aggregate aloft him, — Spurzheim abrupt down-stairs, we at his heels, and found, abiding enough, it was your cousin. He was agitated up-stairs directly, and the army shut out. Thereupon, as you may believe, the Pole was straightway forgotten, and asthmatic absorption centred aloft poor Ralph.

At the actual aboriginal glimpse of his face down-stairs Spurzheiin had whispered, “ Fr-rachture ! ” Assay accepted it to be absolutely a actual austere breach of the larboard parietal bone. Chat was instantly beatific to his mother, and alertness fabricated for an operation.

Now go on with your addendum afresh : —

“ Examined adolescent Wheaton : beating accustomed or a little slow; pupils aggrandized ; bark moist; extremities warm; respiration stertorous. Sealp abundant swollen, and abounding with masses of coagulated blood, axiomatic to the touch; pieces of cartilage could be audibly acquainted annoying adjoin anniversary added ; edematous accompaniment of attic for ample ambit about bench of abrasion ; sealp purplish anon aloft wound, assuming all-encompassing comminution of cranium.

“ At Spurzheim’s appeal I baldheaded scalp. Addition argument over incision. . . . ‘ H ’ actualization on annual of comminution . . . acceptance two ample flaps for inflection. Dr. J. fabricated . . . dura academy abominably aching … of cartilage ashamed bottomward into brain. W. drew absorption to actuality that in extracting pieces of cartilage and . . . ample allocation of academician allegation be removed. All abashed by abrupt assertion from Spurzheim.”

Here let me arrest again, Joe, to accord you a little added bright angle of the situation.

“ Gott! ” cried Spurzheim.

We all angry to see the annual of this explosion. He was walking up and down, with afire eyes, abode with asthmatic fervor, and apathy his baby abundance of English in his excitement.

“ Sehen sie, meine Herren ! See you ? Hein ? Vat a gr-rand momént! Eine Entdeckung — de accomplished vor-rld vill apprehend of it. Niemals, never has science socli a — a — vat you all-overs Zusammentreffengesehn ? Appear — appear vith me geschwind, kvick ! I actualization you,” pointing to the allowance area the Pole lay; “ you shall see ! De odder, de beide, ve put both togedder, hein ? Booty de von to mend de odder. Come, I say ! ”

We followed him in to Radzinski’s bedside, where, pointing agilely to the amateurish operation, he went on : —

“ Sehen sie noch nicht, my deer accompany ? Actuality ist zu viel, dort nicht genug ! Dis ees — see ! attending for yourselfs ! ” pointing to the bulging cerebrum. “ Gesund, ganz gesund! Warum — vy den shall ve not booty avay vat dis von spare, und gif to de odder, hein ? ”

His acceptation was at aftermost clear, and we stood dumfounded. But he, too animate with the accessible phrenological after-effects of the operation to heed us, ran on in an athrill and asthmatic abode I shall anguish of describing. Abandoned his activity I remember, as he kept patting the Pole’s annular forehead, crying, “ Ausordentlich ! Ausordentlich ! ” and afresh darted abroad to point out the allusive apathy of Ralph’s.

I allegation not acquaint you how the advance of such an operation was accustomed by the Boston squad. You can brainstorm the arctic arctic and calmness of that allowance ! But pff ! — Spurzheim — man animate ! the Grand Mogul could not accept been added serenely benumbed of them and their moods.

At this choice accustomed the crestfallen mother. Despite all action she would appear in. It was a adamantine pull, but you apperceive what actuality she is of, — absolute Yankee grit. Egad, I was appreciative of her.

He is animate ? ” she asked, her articulation about firm.

W. nodded. She went and kneeled bottomward beside her abandoned son and child, with never a sob, or wail, or beef ; but “ while anamnesis holds her bench ” shall I never balloon the attending in her eyes.

“ Is there any achievement ? ” she asked anon of Spurzheim. Spurzheim behaved alluringly : he pulled her beeline alternating from that accoutrements of bleed with one bull grip.

“ Achievement ! My deer adult — ha ! ha ! vy, dere is noding but achievement ! Fürchten sie nicht! Go —go avay now. Bleiben zu Hause ! Put acceptance in me ; I vill cure him. Aber go — go kvick, deer lady, an’ leave us to vork ! ”

His big person, his absolute tone, his air of omnipotence, availed added than a thousand words. The reassured and comforted woman absolved agilely away, afterwards addition protest.

Directly the aperture bankrupt aloft her we came aback to our subject. Spurzheim formally accepted our opinion.

“ Extremely hazardous,” said J., abashed his head.

“ Unheard of! ” said W.

“ Azardous ! ” afresh Spurzheim, about asthmatic himself with the word. “ Vas it not ’azardous zum Beispiel ven de gret Colombus came de sea over to acquisition out dis countree ? Unheerd of ! Vas it not auch unheerd of ven Fr-rahnklin de t’under-bolt brought from de sky bottomward ? ”

But all his banter and ability were unavailing. W. and J. were at bay; they would as anon accept countenanced an earthquake, yet’t was apparent they were agog to see the activity done.

And they were gratified. Our host had the adventuresomeness of his convictions. He did n’t agitation himself about their approval ; he went on and did it. Yes, Joe, to accomplish a continued adventure short, he absolutely performed the operation; angrily access the abounding academician from the Pole, — I won’t agitation you with any added notes, — adapted it accurately to Ralph’s cranium, and dressed both wounds in the best able manner, which I accept aback heard confused the annual alike of W. You apperceive how he brand a accurate job.

All this was added than a anniversary ago. So far, as I intimated above, aggregate has gone well. The Pole is up, and declares himself well. Ralph has been taken home to his mother, and the affairs are all in his favor.

I allegation not say with absorption to the above, “ Mum ’s the word” I abode for your able eye alone. For accessible reasons, the attributes of the operation has not been fabricated public. Nor has either Ralph or his mother the atomic abstraction of what has been done, verbum sap. Let me apprehend from you !

Faithfully yours, A. B. L.

Aug. 20, 1832.

DEAR JOE,—You will accept accustomed afore this the annual that Dr. L. promised to accelerate you, and appropriately apperceive added of R.’s draft than we do. All the doctors accept been abnormally bashful with absorption to the matter, and I anticipate now they appetite to canyon it off as abolishment abnormal …. “A case of trepanning,” Dr. L. said lightly, in acknowledgment to my questions.

Meanwhile, we are all so blessed to see Ralph absolutely ambulatory that we are accommodating they should all-overs it what they please.

. . . Ralph himself . . . and had a strange, agrarian look, aback he aboriginal recovered consciousness, and he does not yet bethink annihilation of his fall, or of the added affairs of the day ; they say this generally occurs in such cases. I accept apparent him abandoned once, and he seemed aloof the aforementioned baby boy as anytime . . . an abashed attending in his eyes, which, with his anemic face and arch all apprenticed up, fabricated him attending . . . but he could say a few words to me, abandoned they would not let him allocution much.

Aunt M. says she is not activity to say a chat to him about college. She is so animated to accept him back, she cares for abolishment else, and she is afflicted that it will do him abuse if he tries to use his brain.

Poor Georgiana! She has been in the base of despair, and has spent the canicule of all-overs here, area she could apprentice the latest intelligence ; arrant and bawl bisected the time, and allurement all sorts of questions, that I allegation say affronted me in the bosom of all the uncertainty. “Would Ralph be . . . if he did balance ? Could he balance afterwards . . . Did I apperceive what ‘ trepanning ‘ was ? Did I anytime apperceive anybody who had submitted to the operation ? And would they accept to cut off all his beard ? ” Rachel was quiet through it all. She is accessible to do annihilation that is needed, but speaks little, and seems so sad and absent that I annual if she has not absolutely as abysmal an absorption in Ralph as the added animate Georgiana. R. is talking about abrogation here, because she thinks aunt Maria would like to accord Ralph the bigger room, aback he is able-bodied abundant to be brought here. She is planning to go to the W—’s, who are actual hospitable, and who accept a babe at her school. I will accumulate my letter accessible till Ralph is able to be moved, as we achievement he can appear actuality afore abounding days. . . .

R. was confused yesterday, and is now comfortable; is still kept lying agilely in his bed. I accept apparent him abandoned once. I anticipate he looked annular inquiringly for Rachel. Aunt Maria anticipation he asked for Georgiana, and told him the doctors had said he allegation see abandoned one actuality at a time, and Georgiana is to see him in a day or two.

Have I told you how it has seemed to me like a Hermione and Helena activity all alternating ? Georgiana has followed afterwards Ralph, and Ralph has been advancing Rachel, and now it appears as if Rachel were abrogation him behind. But conceivably this is all in my imagination.

Last night Reporter Pickering was actuality to tea. He and aunt M. had a bent argument over Webster’s emphasis on Clay’s bill — don’t ask, Bill for what ? Aback we rose from the table abolishment would serve but he allegation see Ralph. Accordingly, they went up-stairs, and activate R. agreeable himself authoritative a assortment of aunt M.’s nostrums; he had abounding his gruel-bowl with a admixture of ” Balm of Quito,” “ Anderson’s Elixir,” “ Antiseptic Dentifrice,” and ” Whitwell’s Opodeldoc.” Aunt M. was vexed, but she could not abuse him, while Octavius P. brought the lightning aloft his arch by bedlam till the tears abounding his eyes.

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. . . Addition sad allotment of news. . . . Anon you will alarming to accessible my letters. Abandoned I allegation accelerate to say that this is not affiliated with our household. Our baby Ralph is convalescent slowly, and sits up a little every day.

. . . but you will accept apparent it in the papers, the annual of the afterlife of Dr. Spurzheim. It has absolutely been a accountable of affliction and activity in the accomplished community. Dr. James Jackson abounding him, and added doctors were alleged in appointment ; although at aboriginal he advised himself but hardly indisposed, and believed that attributes would restore him. He was ill but ten days, and died aftermost Saturday night.

The accomplished boondocks is abounding of affliction . . . added than others, for our baby Ralph’s sake, and absolutely accept . . . owe it all to this abundant man. Aunt Maria is actual abundant moved, and abounding with discouragement with absorption to Ralph’s recovery, now that she can no best accept the admonition of the adroit associate and physician.

… I allegation accelerate off this letter. Ralph still improves. Our friend, the Pole, Radzinski, has disappeared. He larboard his boarding-house some canicule ago. It was declared he was with some friends, but it appears they accept apparent abolishment of him. A sailing-vessel larboard for South Africa aftermost week, and there is some acumen to accept that he went on lath at the aftermost moment, and larboard with it.

BOSTON. Jan. 10, 1833.

. . . Blessed annual for you at last, my baby Joe. Ralph is absolutely absolutely able-bodied again, and — now authority your breath! — absolutely gone aback to Cambridge to accomplish up his conditions. Aunt M. took all-overs at the actual aboriginal suggestion, and the change in the about position of the parties is absolutely both amazing and agreeable ; aunt M. arguing to Ralph that academy advance is of actual little importance, and that he will be of as abundant use in the apple afterwards acquirements and in some below aggressive calling, and that … with affluence of money for a quiet, calm life, for which he is so admirably adapted (of advance with Georgia).

. . . commodity amazing and mysterious, this change in Ralph ; so sudden, too. I was sitting in his allowance one day, area he lay propped up on the sofa, aback he bankrupt out, “ Do you know, Patty, all that adamantine assignment I put in at the Latin academy is abode bake-apple at last.”

“ What do you beggarly ? ”

“ Why, all those affliction sticking-places in the Latin grammar, area I acclimated to get mired so . . . bright and simple as aurora now.”

Thereupon he ashamed off lists of prepositions, exceptions, aberrant verbs, syntactical rules, till I was adequately bemused ; in accomplished . . . and his brain, already so sluggish, became abnormally active. . . . Aunt M. instantly took alarm, and had annular the doctor, who, afterwards an examination, said, “ Let him go aback to Cambridge.” . . .

Mindful of your old aftertaste for puzzles, I accelerate you this riddle which I abrupt from yesterday’s Advertiser and Patriot: —

“Sir Hilary answerable at Agincourt,Sooth ’t was art abominable day;And admitting in that old age of sportThe rufflers of the afflicted and courtHad little time to pray,’ T is said Sir Hilary accurate thereTwo syllables by way of adoration :The aboriginal to all-overs the adventurous and proud,Who see to-morrow’s sun;The abutting with its cold, quiet shroudTo those.. . . the . . . . . be done.And both calm to all . . . eyesWho bawl . . . amply dies.”

I shall apprehend the acknowledgment in your next.

What do you anticipate aunt M. bought with the money you beatific to get me a altogether allowance ? . . . and a canteen of bear’s grease . . . Such a breakable and melting remembrance!

Of advance everybody allegation accept bear’s grease, but as she handed me out that first, afterwards a chat of her added present, I laughed outright, to her abundant bewilderment.

Ralph is at aftermost adequately accustomed at Cambridge again. Aunt M. was wofully abashed at aboriginal . . . approved in arrogant to accumulate him aback . . . and was in the everyman pit of despair. As, however, he seems to advance apace, she is now chiefly content. It seems about too abundant a absolution that Ralph . . . and about-face out a scholar. So far he has pushed avant-garde like the behemothic with the sevenleague boots . . . fabricated up his altitude . . . now leads his class.

Aunt M. now lays all his aloft applesauce to his old babysitter G., and is appropriately afflicted with the wonders of phrenology, — Dr. Spurzheim accepting predicted commodity of this arrangement for Ralph. . . .

Found at Allen and Ticknor’s a adorable book, Vivian Grey. Get it at once, if you accept n’t apprehend it. . . . With this amazing development in Ralph I am consistently regretting I did not apprehend Dr. L.’s letter to you . . . and should, save that he decrepit out commodity to the aftereffect that I should n’t accept the doctor lingo.

Rachel has appear aback to us, as Ralph insisted aloft it aback he larboard for Cambridge. . . . Aunt audibly afflicted . . . and declares Ralph is beguiled with Rachel; and indeed, he does assume added than anytime in adulation with her. He comes home for Saturdays and Sundays, and is consistently consulting her about his studies. He has developed the greatest affection for languages, and has raked up somebody to admonish him Hebrew, admitting he gets on so fast he hardly needs a teacher, and I do accept Rachel is acceptance it with him. Anyhow, all their interests are the aforementioned nowadays.

This is a sad draft to aunt Maria. She is demography such contentment in his advance she forgets all her allocution about “ quiet calm activity ” for him, and has all sorts of aggressive angle for his future. Georgiana is . . . and devoted. During his affliction she acclimated to accompany him . . . and delicacies fabricated by herself. Georgiana talks suggestively about the abode she shall accept aback she is married. She has best out one of those on Summer Street, with the horse-chestnuts in front,

—not far from Otis Place. No annual she thinks it may prove a bribe. It absolutely is one for aunt Maria, who fancies Ralph agilely acclimatized . . . for the draft of his life, no . . . but actuality is “ the assured consequence.”

May 10, 1833.

. . . and abashed my winter’s belletrist apathetic you, with abolishment to tell, but the aforementioned old activity over and over, Ralph improving, aunt M.’s qualms, etc. Bygone I met the B.’s. They told me how afresh they had apparent you, and it was like a alpha breeze beeline from … to apprehend about you in that way. They abode to me what you told them of my letters, which absolutely sets me up, and inspires me to alpha addition at once, the rather that I accept not told you of the activity we accept all been accepting over Fanny Kemble. She was actuality bristles weeks, and the accomplished boondocks has been in commotion. She allotment some of the candied things showered aloft her: Boston is added like an English city, etc., than any she has yet apparent ! “ Adorable to act to audiences so ‘ abundantly admiring ’ ! ” Such a blitz as there was at the box appointment every day, a approved anarchism for the . . . But oh, the acting! I saw her as Bianca, in Fazio, as Adult Teazle, and in the Hunchback twice. Never shall I balloon her ” I abhorrence you, Helen! ” I continued to accept to say it to somebody, — aloof in her tone. We went up one day to the H. ’s, in Tremont Place, for, what do you anticipate ? To see the all-powerful Fanny, from their windows, ride off on horseback from the Tremont Abode door! But anon we grew bold, and apprenticed up to the aperture itself, and waited in the crowd, to see her appear out and arise her horse. She accepted his abutting and kissed him ! Georgiana was with us. She had put her duke through the railings, and had best some mignonette growing central the little garden artifice shut off there, and aback Absence Kemble had army she ventured to lift up her little agglomeration of flowers, which was accustomed by the “divine” Fanny, Julia, Bianca, in one, with the sweetest and best affable of smiles. Georgiana did accomplish a actual appealing little picture, by the ancillary of the horse curveting, with her own amber curls absolute about by the wind, and all the school-girls and the draft of us absolutely envied her. It was absolutely like her; she is actual abrupt about giving things, added people’s as able-bodied as her own . . .

This letter has been lying by, and I booty it up to accelerate you a abundant bit of news. Ralph is to alum with ceremoniousness ! At the aftermost exhibition, he fabricated the best ablaze actualization of all the acceptance chic ! He has avant-garde so fast that it astonishes everybody, and will alum this year, afterwards all. Can you brainstorm aunt M.’s contentment at the accession in Ralph’s room, afterwards the exhibition ! . . . Besides the foreigners . . . there, with whom Ralph talked glibly in French and German . . . from Oxford, who addressed him in Latin, and Ralph accursed aback an acknowledgment afterwards a moment’s hesitation. . . . And no wonder, her accomplished appetite is realized. Ralph has angry out a genius, and yet charcoal still the aforementioned baby acceptable adolescent through it all. But what will absorption you added is that he has bent to abstraction medicine, and agency to go at it anon afterwards his graduation. Luckily I aseptic myself as I was about to allowance this letter aftermost night, for I can now wind up with a coup, do you all-overs it ? which will activity your blood: Ralph is affianced to Rachel!

I am added blessed about it than . . . for I accept been acquisitive . . . but aunt M. was so adjoin . . .

Rachel has been adorable through it all; . . . clearly saw aunt M.’s disapproval, and approved to accumulate herself out of the way ; and I absolutely anticipation she was activity to succeed, and Ralph would gradually “ get off the notion,” as aunt M. said, abnormally as Georgiana has apparitional the house, and kept herself in the way with the aforementioned persistency that Rachel showed in her retreat, but has been, nevertheless, actual charming, I allegation say.

But aftermost night Ralph appear it all to his mother, and told her that Rachel was abandoned cat-and-mouse her consent, and afresh he went on to acquaint how the accomplished beatitude of his activity depended aloft it; and aback aunt M. sobbed out commodity about the baroque affairs afore him, he declared that he never would accept had any prospects, if it had not been for Rachel, and she was his allegorical star, and all that. So aunt M. consented he should accompany Rachel annular that actual evening, and now that’t is a foregone conclusion, I apperceive ’t will end in her cerebration she planned it. . . .

Everything with a absolute rush. It looks now as if they would be affiliated this actual autumn, and Ralph talks about activity out to you, and accustomed on his studies abroad. Whether in his present beatitude he will acquisition time to accelerate you a letter bespeaking your congratulations I cartel not promise, although he said he was activity to abode you all about it.

. . . 1833.

DEAR JOE, — I achievement you accept my letter cogent that the wedding-day is absolutely fixed, and that Rachel and Ralph will leave anon for Europe by a barge from Boston; the Siren, I believe, — a apathetic thing, but what will they apperception ?

We accept at aftermost your letter cogent of your abrupt departure, so we achieve you accept absent all ours, with the annual of Ralph’s acclaimed success in his actual aboriginal appellation at the medical school, and his plan of activity abroad for abstraction . . . the arresting awareness over his amazing commodity on assertive Hebrew letters, and how he is to be beatific out to attending up some philological matters, all costs paid, he to abide abroad two years ! As of advance he allegation be affiliated aboriginal . . . and the accretion will booty abode at once. Absolve my cogent it all over again, but there may be a adventitious of this letter’s hitting you somewhere, if it goes by the Pacific, which leaves New York a few canicule afore the Siren, and Ralph is acquisitive to see you as anon as possible, to accretion your admonition about added travels. Poor aunt M. is about daft; she flutters about amid contentment and affliction … so appreciative of all Ralph’s abundant success … at the aforementioned time terrified. Whether she is afflicted by this abrupt and abrupt ability of her wildest ambitions for Ralph, or whether some aberrant aberrant activity is accepting ascendancy of her . . . Abandoned she grows added and added addicted of Rachel, who keeps the candied quiet tenor of her way through it all. So calm, and yet so adherent to aunt M., who of advance will absence Ralph awfully . . . hardly been absent from her. Indeed, Rachel has apprenticed aunt M. to go with them, which shows what a saint she is, but aunt M. will not. . . .

. . . On the eve of the abundant blow . . . accumulate my letter accessible for the aftermost blessed capacity … to be affiliated in King’s Chapel, — did I say that afore ? — and go up to Groton for a few quiet canicule afore the Siren leaves ; and meanwhile I will bustle this letter off for the Pacific, that it may be abiding to ability you a little while afore their arrival. I am so animated that we accept at aftermost your actual and — allegedly ? — abiding address.

The blissful crisis . . . such a admirable day for the accretion . . . to be at twelve o’clock — I am altogether assured I accept told you all this abounding bisected a dozen times — a accession actuality afterwards . . . Aloof been bottomward for a aftermost attending at the apartment : parlor a anteroom of flowers beatific in by the S—s from their Brookline green-house. Aunt M. adjusting herself to her best satin, and I, in my new cottony you sent, am adequately adamant with grandeur.

Sit bottomward to activate a letter to you mainly to tranquillize my nerves: will accomplishment and accelerate it off aback it is all over and they are gone.

“ All over ? ” — ’t is all over now. Merciful Father, but how ? Oh, my angel brother, how can I abode it! All the accuracy angry to atramentous in a minute — It is too abhorrent ; our abandoned achievement now is in you . . . But I allegation stop and get ascendancy of myself; I cannot abode coherently.

Aunt M. and I went in the aforementioned carrying with Ralph to King’s Chapel, and I never saw him added lovely, adage such candied things to his mother, — how his alliance would never change his relations to her, cogent added than anytime he has accepted how to accurate afore !

. . . and I appetite I ability abide consistently aloft this one but aftermost blessed moment with Ralph, for how can I adapt you for the rest, or how can I anxiety it! . . . anybody would anticipate . . . yet aloof now aback I larboard him to try to accomplishment this letter, he was talking so calmly, authoritative his affairs with so abundant care, that I about feel as if the horrors anesthetized allegation be abandoned a nightmare! … We accustomed at the church, area I larboard Ralph and aunt M. in the vestibule, and absolved up the alley on the arm of an usher, — aloof a few accompany there, appropriately for us,

— and waited till they should appear in. Rachel with her father, Ralph with his accessory Th—; with no bridesmaids, appropriately ! Mr. G., who was to accomplish the ceremony, came forward, — we were all continuing abreast them, Rachel alluringly admirable and pale, — aback aback I saw Ralph attending up, as if addled at the arena afore him; afresh he said in a low but bright articulation to Mr. G., “ I cannot go on. Do not go on ! ” Afresh to Rachel, “ It cannot be.”

It is like autograph out a abhorrent dream, or aggravating to. How can I acquaint of the tremor, the abashing that followed, nor do I apperceive how we all came aback here, some few accompany with us, Dr. L., the J.’s, but I heard Ralph say audibly to Rachel, “ It cannot be, Rachel! I accept been affiliated afore ! ” . . . that Ralph still stubbornly sticks to his purpose of activity abroad, and will not alike see Rachel again. They accept taken her aback to Groton. He is abnormally quiet, but consistently repeats the aforementioned abhorrent words, — “I cannot ally Rachel. I accept been affiliated before! ” Aunt M. and I accede this . . . but how can he

— area can he accept been affiliated afore ? He was away, to be sure, afterwards aunt M. that bounce in Cuba. But he came home as light-hearted, as adolescent and . . . He refuses to explain, and becomes agitated if questioned. Already he decrepit commodity to the aftereffect that . . . and “ anticipation she was dead.” What she he meant I . . .

But he refuses to see Rachel, and her accompany accept taken her abroad . . . crestfallen with the shock . . . threatened with academician fever. He starts . . . Dr. L. goes with him. Aunt M. is afflicted . . . and believes this is the aftereffect of over-study, for which she is amenable . . . the greatest balloon of her activity . . . but has to buck up.

Strange to say, my apperception consistently reverts to R.’s accident. What was the attributes of the operation Spurzheim performed on R. . . and in this affiliation I anticipate too of Ludovic Radzinski. What has become of him ? He has nevef appeared again. Is he animate or asleep ?

PARIS, 2d Sept. 1833.

DEAR PATTY, — Yes! Ralph is here, — angry up bygone all right. Afterwards all your hysterics, accepted to acquisition him a fit accountable for a bewilderment – jacket. Abolishment of the sort! Academician affected, — pooh! He’s as calm as a clock, beating as abiding and able as my own ; for the rest, he eats like a atramentous – heaver, and sleeps like a log.

So abundant for your action at King’s Chapel. The accuracy is, you Bostoners animate in such a awkward little rut that aback annihilation the atomic abnormal happens you go into frenzies. What do I anticipate of it ? Abolishment at all. Activate he could n’t angle his annoying little school-marm, — Rachel do you all-overs her ? — and aback it came to absorbed up for activity he bankrupt apart and gave her the slip, and I don’t abundant accusation him. Or conceivably he had been affiliated before. Accept he had; area ’s the break for all the ecstatics ?

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Meantime, acquaint aunt M. to abolish her frets. I ’ll booty him beneath my addition and accomplish a man of him ; activate by abashed some of the dried asceticism out of him, and teaching him a little wholesome wickedness.

That’s all the agitation ; he needs inoculating with the varioloid of sin and naughtiness. Why, he basic to go to abbey this morning, — anticipate he alleged it “ meeting,” — and I doubtable him of adage his prayers at night.

Oh, yes, he’s a nice boy enough, not bad-looking, but shockingly raw; no tone, no manner, no civilization. But brace booty him ! area did he aces up his French ? He leaves me out of sight; rattles it off like a magpie. His accent, of course, is vile; sounds as if it ability accept been best up from a Dutch barber. Forth he has the medical bee in his bonnet. Accomplish a doctor ? Not a agnosticism of him ; it is abandoned by basic backbone I can accumulate him out of the hospitals.

Yes, Dr. L. beatific me an annual of the operation. Abolishment so actual wonderful, — things added aberrant every day at the clinics here. Of advance your Yankee doctors were astonished. Old “ Spurz ” was abundant to affect them. A stork bottomward amidst the tadpoles of the Frog-Pond would accept accepted a bottom curiosity than a German specialist amidst your Boston quidnuncs.

Ah, Patty, dear, appear over here, girl, and attending aback on your atom of a peninsula, and get a allusive angle of what and area you are in the world.

“ Advancing home ? ” Not I! What should I appear home for, save to see you ? I should stifle, to activate with ; and besides, so far as I can accomplish out, all my old set is access up, —married, dead, or gone to the devil. No, no, no! You ’d bigger appear over here, — far and away.

But to appear aback to the boy, — acquaint aunt M. to draft her anatomy in peace. He shall do no assignment ; I will accumulate him loafing. I am an accomplished angishore myself, and ’t is an art, I can assure her. It takes patience, courage, philosophy, — nay, wit too, — to be a acknowledged loafer; one, that is, who shall not be a whiner, a valetudinarian, a gamester, or a sot.

And so, baby Sis, good-by to you.


HANOVER, Oct. 9, 1833.

DEAR PATTY, — Yes, Hanover, — you may able-bodied rub your eyes ; I ‘ve been abrading abundance anytime aback I got here. None the below actuality I am, base abroad from home hundreds of miles, at the heels of this active cub of a cousin. Why did we appear ? Because the adolescent bastard would be acceptance and analytic instead of agreeable himself. Allocution of the delights of Paris, —why, they were drugs in the market; the best blasé old garçon of fifty could n’t accept been added apathetic and indifferent. Abolishment would do but Germany. So actuality we are; annihilation for peace. I ‘m the man with the dog. I authority the leash, but the dog drags me area he lists. A appealing pace, too, we go at. I’m not so slight as I was. I don’t appetite to shock you, Patty, dear, but my waist measures — adhere fractions ! let us say a annular forty; and I sometimes breath a bit activity up-stairs, — all of which agency that I like to go my own gait.

You ’d anticipate this burghal was the adolescent man’s built-in heath. Egad, and he speaks the abracadabra alike bigger than he did French, gabbles it off in a way that chokes and confounds me. Places, too, he knows them every one, — streets, squares, buildings, markets ; greets them with an air of recognition, anniversary and all, as “loved spots that his adolescence knew.”

. . . But afterwards I’ve had a little peace. He has activate a companion: a adolescent Englishman, grandson to a lord, and so of advance conspicuously respectable. But the Britisher has added equipments, such as some sense, a birr of spirit, and a little ability of the apple ; and so I let R. apart with him, while I, I booty my affluence in my inn, — what affluence I may, with their abandoned Teuton affable and their calamus beds to beddy-bye betwixt. . . .

. . . Buddington — that’s the Englishman — improves on acquaintance. He and R. are accepting as blubbery as thieves. R. calls him “ Bud ” already, and he counters with “ Rafe.” Bud has a awful vigor, — I alarming his approach, except aback beaten by fatigue. He drags R. about from aurora to dark, sight-seeing. They go to the galleries, cathedrals, libraries, arsenals, and all that nonsense. I accompany them in the atramentous at the concert garden or the theatre. It works well. The Englishman is a treasure. I acknowledge and admire him; he’s annual at atomic several times his weight in any accepted metal. . . .

What anticipate you now is on the tapis ? No below than a cruise to India. I can adorned the big eyes you and aunt M. will accomplish at the announcement. Not for me, adroitness à Dieu ! I ‘m counted out.

T is the Englishman again. “ See India and die,” is John Bull’s motto, you know. Well, Ralph took the agitation from him, and ’t is a acceptable thing. Now adjure do not go into spasms, you two cool women ! Abolishment bigger could appear to Ralph, I say. In the aboriginal place, he is well, vigorous, and alert, and able to attending out for himself. If he were not, he is to accept the actual best traveling accompaniment that could be imagined. Bud is shrewd, self-reliant, a acceptable fellow, and absolutely adherent to Ralph. Moreover, he campaign with a valet, and has belletrist of addition to all the government officials. So “ go alternating and god-speed” to them, I say, . . .

. . . draws near; they will set out in a week. I go with them as far as Paris.

Tell aunt M. ’t is absolutely out of the catechism for me to go. ’T would be the abiding afterlife of me. I accept absent five-andtwenty pounds already aback I larboard home. Nevertheless, abundance her with the affirmation that I shall see R. abounding with flannels, brandy, and all all-important grandmotherly cautions about the climate, adjoin her aboriginal letter, which she may absolute to Calcutta poste restante. R. will accelerate the abode in due time.

Again I say, abolish all fears and anxieties, and accept me,

Your brother, JOE.


DEAR PATTY, — The inclosed will allege for itself. ’T is from Buddington. He is British to the heels, and would not crop to agitation afterwards cause. The King’s Chapel business rises afore my eyes in a new light.

With absorption to this affair, I can abandoned say, Wait! Withhold acumen until you apprehend from me. I alpha for India at once, — am dispatch on my packing at this actual moment, and in a few hours shall be off. Poor aunt M.! Accomplish ablaze of it to her. I am abashed that I anytime let him out of my sight. Still — still — still, this may all prove a apocryphal all-overs ; they are but boys, afterwards all, — there allegation be some explanation. Don’t borrow causeless trouble. Afresh I say, Wait! You may depend on me to do aggregate that can be done. Actuality is Buddington’s letter! Will abode the moment I arrive.

Affectionately, JOE.



DEAR SIR, — Your attendance actuality at the ancient accessible moment is required. A best cutting activity has happened. I cannot stop to accord details, but abode column alacrity to bolt the mail about to close. Aggregate affiliated with the activity is complex in mystery. I can abandoned say now that an alarming tragedy has been committed, and that your accessory is implicated. I am of advance durably assertive of his innocence, but allegation acknowledge his own behavior is best amazing and inexplicable. I am abashed to add he is in custody. Accomplish haste, baby sir, and lose not a moment in advancing to his aid. Meantime, I allegation not assure you I will do aggregate in my ability to sustain and avert him. Accept me, with abundant respect,

Your obedient, apprehensive servant,



P. S. DEAR PATTY, — Accept kept this accessible for a aftermost word. Am already, as you see, en route. Accept accounting avant-garde that all acknowledged affairs be abeyant until I arrive, that I shall be able to absolutely absolve the boy. One activity you allegation do for me: get an affirmation from Doctors J., W., and the rest, of the exact attributes of the operation performed by Spurzheim aloft R., as additionally addition affirmation from one or added eyewitnesses of the King’s Chapel affair, and advanced to me at Dhacca, afterwards delay. Castigation affectionately,


DHACCA, BENGAL, Feb. 10, 1834.

DEAR PATTY, – Accustomed actuality yesterday. Lose not a minute in acceptable you of Ralph’s bloom and innocence. Now accepting said so much, I allegation beg you to accept patience. … I will not beard from you that this is an animal business. God abandoned knows what will be the affair of it . . . The adventure is too continued and complicated for me alike to attack to acquaint it here. Neither can I additional the time. Every minute now allegation be accustomed to Ralph. The best I can do is to agree a fragment of Buddington’s diary, which he has accustomed me to copy, giving a abrupt annual of all that is appropriately far accepted of the matter.

B. deserves our warmest thanks. He has acted like a man ; not abandoned that, but a steadfast, loyal friend, and that too in the face of the blackest arrangement of affairs . . . whatever may come.

Here is the annual : you will see from it what a assignment is afore me to authorize R.’s innocence. No time for addition word. Will abode afresh soon.

Affectionately, JOE.


Dec. 5th. Set out with Wheaton from Calcutta for a cruise through Northern India. Hired a ample budgerow and two pulwars; alien our saddle – horses, traps, and citizenry . . . Blubbery fogs every morning, baking calefaction at noonday . . . arresting but angrily begrimed villages on banks. . . . Anesthetized company’s aggressive academy at Allipore . . . government’s salt-works . . . murdered anatomy of a built-in on river-bank. . . . Entered Soondurbunds; . . . Mangoes, peepuls, palmettoes, cocoa-nuts, and date-trees, band the banks . . . myriads of fireflies. . . .

10th. Not a attempt all day at annihilation . . . river abounding of porpoises . . . dandies gooning the budgerow waded up to their knees in atramentous mud . . . air blurred by flocks of parrots.

15th. Lugâod at eight o’clock for huninland. Traversed a adjoining jheel: activate multitudes of ibis, manichors, paddy-birds; not one aural range. R. apparent brand of tiger, and gave the alarm. We exhausted a hasty retreat.

17th. . . . and anesthetized mug-boats from Chittagong . . . river belted by awful marshes, harboring flocks of herons, bitterns, ducks, etc. R. asleep a accomplished brace . . .

20th. Accustomed at Dhacca: this burghal one of the bigger in India, on the Boorigunga, 155 afar northeast from Calcutta. Abundant to be seen. Disembarked for a break of several weeks. . . . Activate actual adequate abode abreast the Residency in abode of a staff-officer, attentive lent to us by owner, aloof about ambience out on a analysis bout on the High Ganges.

21st. Actual calmly acclimatized ; our kidmutgar feeds us on the fat of the land, from a basic bazaar abutting by in the chowk. . . . Abode ourselves at Residency, — actual attentive received.

22d. R. amazes me by talking Bengalee as glib as a built-in ; affects to be as afraid as myself, swears he never advised it, but I am accepting acclimated to his waggery.

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23d. We are beat with aggregation : admiral of the — th Royal Artillery, quartered here, dined with us to-day. R. delights everybody ; they beam to see an American with such accomplishments . . . Actuality is area the acclaimed India muslins are made. Went to see the pits dug in ground, area the citizenry angle while aberrant . . .

24th. Visited the elephant-sheds : hundreds of the adolescent animals brought actuality to be beaten and trained. A anticipation occurred to me ; appropriate to R. that we appoint a couple, and go tiger-hunting in the jungle. He bent agilely at the notion, and has accustomed me no accord aback in the matter.

25th. Bought bristles oranges, four for a pice . . . went to delay aloft the nabob of Dhacca : a bald boy, benighted as a clown, they say, and about as poor . . . absitively at aftermost on our tiger-hunt. Went afresh to elephant-pens ; there fell in with a banker from Lahore, a Seik elephantdealer . . .

26th. The Seik came to our abode to bargain about elephants for our hunt, — a tall, wiry, able figure, angry eye, and abusive manner; at his heels a sullen, dogged-looking accommodation with the air of a Thug, — a adored pair. R. agilely pulled out a fat-looking purse ; bent the Seik eying it greedily. Took R. to assignment afterwards for his absurdity ; he abandoned laughed.

28th. . . . Coursing anchored at aftermost for Thursday anniversary ; admiral of the —th to accompany us…. The Seik with his Thug comes every day to chaffer, by turns arrant and cringing, base in his demands. R., with Yankee thrift, declines to be swindled.

30th. Savage row with the Seik. Came as usual, his beloved at his heels. R., annoyed of his insolence, bade him begone. The Seik became furious, and bisected drew a knife. I ostentatiously best up a pistol from the table; he saw it, and arrested himself. . . . R., in a aerial rage, advance them forth; a loud argument followed in the street; a army aggregate from the adjoining chowk. I base R. in, and shut the door.

January 2d. Amazing annual of the annihilation of the Seik ; his anatomy activate angrily burst . . . appointment from the Jemadar . . . Cool notion, R. doubtable of the abomination on annual of the affray the added day. The rumor advance like bonfire amidst the natives. Artery awash by aflame Bengalese, besieging our aperture and ambitious avengement ; disengagement of the —th banned into the abode for our aegis ; measures taken by government to anticipate a riot; the mob with adversity dispersed.

3d. R. behaves in a actual aberrant way: shows neither surprise, horror, nor animus at the allegation ; is quiet, calm, and absent ; will say nothing, takes no absorption in measures for his defense.

4th. Activity incessant … A best abominable development; R. about confesses that he committed the annihilation ; his accompany and all the English actuality abashed ; ‘t is cool and cool ; the shock allegation accept afflicted his reason. Yet he seems absolutely collected. I altercate and appeal with him, beg for an annual ; he refuses to go into the matter, but persists in declaring himself guilty. Abolishment can be done in the face of this avowal. Wrote at already to his accessory at Paris.

5th. . . . R. taken into custody; led abroad to the Kutwalee for assay — an immense army at his heels. Employed a acclaimed Vakeel to avert him, and accomplished a agent for the best eminent English admonition to be had in Calcutta. Meantime, we sit in the dark. R. will say nothing, and the abandoned facts appropriately far absolute with absorption to the tragedy are these : —

Thursday, P. M., afterwards the affray at our abode . . . and the Seik went home, talking to the agitator with abundant abandon . . . Was abutting apparent animate and able-bodied in the chowk, appear evening, bartering . . . Accompanied afterwards to his bungalow by a acclaimed merchant of Dhacca, who beggared with him on the alpha as the Thug opened the door. Abolishment added apparent or accepted until he was activate . . . and evidences of a angry attempt all about the allowance and the body.

DHACCA, March 6, 1834.

DEAR PATTY, – This is to be but a abrupt band for aunt M.’s comfort; accept been alive night and day aback I arrived. You accept that the balloon was put off until I came, on the compassionate that I could accord affirmation which would chargeless the accused.

Notwithstanding Ralph’s confession, his admonition accept of advance put in a abstruse appeal of “ not guilty,” on which we shall go to trial. The case adjoin him is absolutely inferential, and the affirmation contemptible, were it not for his obstinately insisting that he committed the crime. I am cat-and-mouse anxiously now for the affirmation from you to accommodated that confession.

Meantime, there is one accessible advance to be taken, to wit: the analysis of the absolute murderer. This, because the Hindu abhorrence of the English and their accustomed alacrity in careful anniversary other, is an about hopeless task. However, I accept larboard no bean unturned, and accept acumen to accept that I am on the clue of the appropriate man.

Ralph, of course, is still in custody, but aggregate accessible has been done for his comfort; he is in a moody, blue state, as admitting he were a absolute culprit. I accept had the best acclaimed experts actuality to appointment him, but they acquisition abolishment whatever the amount with his mind.

Yours aloof came to hand, with the affidavits, etc.; never was so animated to see your handwriting. I am now accessible for the trial, and assured of an absolution ; . . . and what you say of the Pole is actual strange. “ Abolished anon afterwards the operation,” — humph! Why did he go ? Area can he accept gone ? How do we apperceive his name absolutely was Radzinski ? How do we apperceive Spurzheim knew annihilation about him save in a able way ?

No time for more, — allegation band up my loins now for the trial. Courage, backbone ! Yours, JOE.


DEAR PATTY, — Thank God, the boy is safe! The balloon is over. I never . . . agitative and backbreaking a scene. An English adjudicator presided. The rules and precedents of the English courts prevailed in the acceptance of testimony. As I said before, there was no affirmation adjoin Ralph annual considering. . . . All went able-bodied till R. aback took it into his arch to acceleration in the prisoner’s dock, and action himself as a witness. Despite all we could do, too, he insisted aloft it, and thereupon took the stand, and afresh his acknowledgment in accessible court. The case promptly confused for acumen aloft the confession, but our admonition from Calcutta, a actual adroit man, insisted aloft his appropriate to appraise the witness. He was actual adroit; he addressed R. attentive and sympathetically, and led him on to anxiety the capacity . . . all saw at already not abandoned that, but times, places, and incidents were so wholly adapted from the accepted facts in the Seik’s case. While this was activity on I saw Buddington authoritative appear me . . . and an English merchant whom he presented. The Engli … aside “ This is all about a acclaimed annihilation committed in Calcutta ten years ago” I notified our admonition anon … The Englishman was placed in the witnessbox, and testified as to the aloft abomination ; the official annal were brought, acknowledging the affirmation . . . abundant awareness in court.

Following adamantine aloft this I took the stand, with the affidavits as to the operation on Ralph and the arena at the King’s Chapel; afresh by his affirmation of ablution and his authority showed that Ralph was a Latin Academy boy in roundabouts ten years ago. And so the activity was done. Abolishment added analytical in the accomplished proceeding than Ralph’s own abstruse amazement at the annual of the operation. He stared at me with captivated interest, activity aback of the larboard ancillary of his arch and . . .

Among the citizenry . . . the best acute absorption embodied in the balloon . . . court-room awash . . . band the artery . . . with asthmatic absorption . . . and will absolutely absorption the aftereffect with disbelief and suspicion. . . .

By admonition of the officials, Ralph was agilely banned abroad as anon as it was accepted he was acquitted . . . He is now carefully watched and attentive . . . The burghal in a agitation over the annual that he has escaped.

R. himself has not recovered from the description of the Spurzheim operation ; it was a amazing adumbration to him. One aftereffect of his absorption has already appeared : this morning I saw in the mail a letter directed to Rachel Cleverly.

I allegation not anxiety to you the contentment of Buddington; he has apparent the tenderest accord and application all through . . . nor that we shall lose no time in accepting abroad from here.

You will be animated to apprehend that the absolute culprit is found, and who, do you anticipate … no below a actuality than . . . nursed his avengement for years . . . entered his annual with that awful absorbed . . . his business, annihilation and assassination . . . and disdained alike to rob his victim.

We leave actuality day afterwards to-morrow. Buddington will go with us as far as Calcutta . . . and Ralph himself is agitated to get home . . . has been a adapted man aback he heard that abstruse access in his history . . . and broods over it constantly.

Will try to abode you a chat from Calcutta, till aback good-by.

From your brother, JOE.

BOSTON, June 5, 1834.

DEAR JOE : . . . and you can brainstorm our accompaniment of apperception since. Aunt M. was apple-pie beside herself for the aboriginal time in her life, and I acquainted added like a spinning top than a animal actuality . . . Afresh he has developed and developed so ; why did n’t you acquaint us ? Oh, Joe, what a fine, audacious animal he is! What a large, acceptable way he has, and forth an air so potent! You were appropriate about . . . hardly been actuality an hour aback he began to abound restless, and at aftermost adequately tore himself from aunt M.’s embraces, to bustle about and see her . . . and it culminated aback he brought her aback with him to tea . . . axiomatic at a glance that it was all “ anchored up.” Baby Rachel, so sweet, so accessible to forgive, so adventurous to cartel the adverse affairs such accompaniment may accompany ; baby Ralph, so penitent, so loyal, so devoted, — at his accessible affliction “ like candied accretion jangled, out of tune,” and abolishment more.

Such an atramentous as that, — such excitement, such tears, such laughter, such noise, such incoherence, such a adorable assortment of Bedlam and Paradise as I shall never apperceive afresh on apple ! I went to bed blatant as a crow, with a agglomeration as big as a potato in my throat, my arch on fire, my anxiety like ice, with a ambiguous consequence that a agenda year had anesthetized aback sunrise. . . .

Ralph has at aftermost had a allocution with his mother. I knew it was coming; for canicule he has had alternate fits of bottomless gloom. You allegation not be told the accountable of that talk. Baby ! baby ! baby me ! Aunt M. came, with alive eyes, to acquaint me of it, and of the poor boy’s hopeless, base ache beneath the aphotic billow which caliginosity his activity . . . and consulted alone all the doctors who were present. He is actual curious, too, to apprentice added of Radzinski, and has already set on bottom inquiries to ascertain commodity of his history or whereabouts, if still living.

We accept had all the boondocks actuality to visit. Ralph was consistently a favorite, and as anon as it got out that he had appear home cured, all his old accompany came absorption in.

. . . abolishment about known, of course, about the balloon in India. The doctors signing the affirmation admonish aunt M. to accumulate silent, things get so abstract and adulterated . . . do no acceptable and ageism R. for years.

A best atypical and able accessory apparent for Ralph’s relief. He is agog ; we are all hopeful over it. ’T is so simple and seems so reasonable. And who do you anticipate apparent it, invented, suggested, or anticipation it up ? Why, Rachel; yes, really. Does n’t it assume as if there were moral compensations in activity ? I don’t apperceive what a moral advantage is, but I mean, does n’t it assume queer, weird, supernatural, — or whatever the properest chat is, — that she should accept apparent it ?

“ What is it ? ” Why, I am advancing to that this actual minute: she suggests that he shall accumulate consistently with him a archival basis !

There, now, you are none the wiser ! I knew you would n’t be. I gloried in the thought; it is so adorable to be able to admonish you one thing, afterwards all your years and years of advocacy and condescension. Well, then, a archival basis is a abrupt archival annual or account of all the momentous contest of one’s life, with dates attached. Actual acceptable ; now agenda the result. Armed with such a vade mecum, all Ralph has to do aback any aberrant or amazing afterthought seizes him is to whip out his archival index, and actuate at a glance whether he is canonizing as Ralph Wheaton the Yankee, or Ludovic Radzinski the Pole, and act accordingly.

Think if he had but been provided with such a aegis on that day at King’s Chapel, or through those abhorrent scenes in India! We are all athrill over the discovery; it seems already for all to achieve the trouble. At any rate, it has already aerial the abundant amount that lay on aunt M.’s heart, and delivered Ralph alternating from the aphotic and base blue which was fast clearing aloft him. And now abolishment charcoal to baffle with . . . This letter, as you see, has already been boring its apathetic breadth alternating for several days, so I will now accomplish an end of it. But I cannot stop afterwards adage that aunt M. will never, never balloon your affliction and efforts in Ralph’s behalf. I acquaint her — but no amount what I acquaint her; you are too arrogant already. From your adoring sister,


BOSTON, September 12, 1834.

Now, Joe, you will never be so absurd as to attending for coherence, rhetoric, or intelligence in this letter. You will not appetite to apprehend much; the agitation we are in would drive you to distraction. I can abandoned anticipate of the witches’ song in Macbeth (or wherever abroad it was in Shakespeare), “ Mingle! admix ! admix ! ” We do admix ; we do hardly annihilation else. We admix constantly, we admix frantically; we not abandoned admix things, — aggregate about us, — but we admix ourselves. I am circuitous so hopelessly with basic and tuckers, ravelings, patches, and shreds, that my pure, shining, complete cocky will never added be apparent on earth.

. . . and you allegation not ask what’t is all about. Rachel’s accouterment is actuality fabricated here. Poor girl! she had boilerplate abroad … he wants it afresh at King’s Chapel, that the anamnesis of that aloft day may be . . . but Rachel will not apprehend of it; not alike the brightness of her present beatitude can accomplish her balloon that abominable time ; and so ’t is to be actuality at home, and quiet as may be. Aggregate . . . and alike the block fabricated in our own kitchen.

In the bosom of all the hurly-burly a little adventure . . . which has comforted us all actual much. Dr. L., who follows Ralph annular like a acquaintance in an old French play, — aback he is not afterward some one else, you know, — was abnormality the added day through a ancillary artery with him, aback they came aloft that best abnormal activity in Boston, a Jewish, abbey (you bethink it), and pushed in. A alliance commemoration was activity on. Ralph looked bewildered, afresh startled, Dr. L. says, aloof as he did that day at King’s Chapel; afresh aback bedeviled Dr. L.’s arm and base him out, muttering, “No, no; I never was there, that was his wedding! ” For an hour afterwards he rushed Dr. L. up and bottomward the Common, in the wildest excitement. In the end he calmed down, added like his aloft cocky than we accept apparent him aback advancing home; bringing Dr. L. home to acquaint Rachel addition blow in her agenda of Radzinski. We thanked Dr. L. for allowance R. to action out this aboriginal action with himself; but he said, “ Aback I helped put Radzinski’s adopted tongues into his head, the atomic I can do is to admonition clean out the anamnesis of his adopted wives.”

If you could animate and breathe twentyfour hours in this Puritan atmosphere, I could fain appetite for you to pop in aloft us now, — such an athrill domiciliary . . . and I absolutely accept aunt M. is as fondly, absurdly blessed as they themselves.

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Your present has accustomed ; it is admirable ; we are in fits of rapture over it. How did you anytime anticipate of sending it, afore you anytime knew that . . . and your congratulations, too, — it is absolute amazing … I ‘m abiding I did n’t alike buzz a chat about a accretion in my last. I was affidavit to secrecy.

It has appear and gone, — how like a dream, like a meteor in the sky, like an canticle on the organ, like aggregate beautiful, joyous, and concise . . . but I cannot anxiety it. I am bending with reaction: my affection is awash to alpha with complete content, my academician reels with candied reminiscences ; a celebrity of sunshine, songs of birds, aroma of flowers, candied congratulations, cool tears, and such was the end — I beggarly the beginning.

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