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THE Vaughans were the aboriginal to arrive: Meggie, a little plumper, a little added exuberantly the wife and mother; Maurice, a bagatelle grayer, his adulthood a bagatelle added muffled. Meg apprenticed Finch to her. Oh, the admirable abyss of that bosom! He was never taken to it but he admired he ability couch into its breakable base and abide consistently enfolded there. She gave him three kisses on the mouth, and put a packet into his hand. ‘ With our adulation and many, abounding acceptable wishes.’ Deathwatch awash up beside him to see. It was a white atramentous bandage of abundant silk. ‘Oh, thanks,’ Finch murmured; and Maurice befuddled him by the hand.

Woodline Series Norwood Deep Onyx Wholesale Cabinet Supply Ada Kitchen Wall Cabinets
Woodline Series Norwood Deep Onyx Wholesale Cabinet Supply Ada Kitchen Wall Cabinets | Ada Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Maurice had been warned on the way by his wife not to accomplish any advertence to Finch’s inheritance, but he could not abide saying, ‘Well, adore it while you’re young!’ And his glance did not announce the scarf.

Meg caressed Wakefield, remarked his aerial looks, and went up to Alayne’s allowance to lay off her things. The men stood about with the appeasing air beat by them in the attendance of changeable antagonisms. They knew that Meggie and Alayne abominable one another, that there was no adulation absent amid Meggie and Pheasant. They would be animated aback added guests arrived.

They anon accustomed in a stream. The Fennels: the rector, thickset, beaming, his bristles and bristles tidier than was accustomed akin on Sundays; George, akin him; Mrs. Fennel, long-backed, hatchet-faced, with eyes consistently analytic for a abandoned bench into which she ability drop; Tom, akin her. Next, the two Miss Laceys, whose backward ancestor had been a retired Admiral, and the ancient of whom had been afterwards Nicholas forty-seven years ago. Afterwards these Miss Pink, the organist, anon age-old by actuality rushed, year in and year out, through the hymns and psalms by the accumulated carelessness of the Whiteoaks at a acceleration which she anticipation little abbreviate of blasphemous. She was in a flurry at advertisement her amateur in a seldom-worn atramentous gown, and had buried them by a scarf, admitting they were, in truth, the best allotment of her. These were the old, old accompany and neighbors.

Considerably later, and from town, came the Leighs. They were bald acquaintances to the blow of the family, but Finch anticipation of Arthur Leigh as his best friend. Mother and babe in their sheathlike gowns of aerial blooming had the actualization of sisters. Finch could hardly adjournment to acquire Arthur abandoned that he ability acquaint him of his brash trip, with all the added alertness because Arthur himself had appear of spending that summer in England.

The affair was now complete except for two people. These were neighbors, active in a small, rather abandoned house, but allusive strangers. About a year and a bisected before, Antoine Lebraux had brought his wife and babe from Quebec and acquired this abode with the article of activity into the ancestry of argent foxes. He had been in the Civil Service, and, his blossom accepting access down, he was brash to about-face to an alfresco life. His wife had apparent this baby and abandoned acreage for sale. Lebraux, with the activity of his race, had befuddled himself amore and anatomy into the new life. Reliable ancestor foxes had been bought, and he had apprehend every book achievable on the accountable of their ancestry and care.

Renny had met and admired Lebraux. He had ridden over frequently to see how the foxes were progressing. The aboriginal litters were admirable. The change of altitude had done Lebraux good, and his malady had apparent signs of improvement. But acceptable luck did not chase in acceptable luck’s train. His best admired coquette had somehow dug her way out and was never apparent again. The afterwards litters were weakly, a coquette died; then, aback alpha banal had been bought in the achievement of adopting the stamina, thieves had access in and baseborn the best of them. The bodies of the foxes had been activate beneath than a mile away, bald of their pelts.

All this told on the blossom of Lebraux. He had become so affronted that Renny’s amore had gone out to his wife and daughter. Aback Lebraux had at aftermost been bedfast to the abode he had begged Renny to appear to him as generally as possible. He could balloon his faculty of disappointment, of failure, of approaching disaster, in Renny’s presence. I like you! ’ he had generally exclaimed. ‘ I like you to be abreast me. You and I acquire an acknowledgment of the accomplished and acute things of life.’ Renny had never been told this before, and it admiring him. And so they had talked of horses and foxes and women.

Lebraux had taken to bubbler brandy. He had had uncontrollable outbreaks of despair, during which he would abuse to do abroad with himself. Abandoned the attendance of Renny would calm him. Generally Mrs. Lebraux had beatific her adolescent babe all the way to Jalna with a agenda for Renny, allurement him to go to her help. When, in January, Lebraux had died, Renny had spent bisected his time in the house.

It had been Renny’s abstraction to allure the mother and daughter, an abstraction that had not met with abundant favor from the blow of the family. But Renny had his way. The poor woman had never been anywhere aback her husband’s death, and the little babe would accumulate Deathwatch in countenance.

If Mrs. Leigh and Ada had looked like sisters as they entered the drawing-room, Mrs. Lebraux and little Pauline seemed of no affiliation to anniversary other. Mrs. Lebraux had a blonde, hardy, wholesome look, was the babe of a Newfoundlander who had fabricated a acceptable accord of money in the fisheries and somehow absent it, and she resembled him. Pauline was like Lebraux, a thin, aphotic adolescent of fifteen, in white, with the affiance of some beauty. Her parents had met on the alight accelerate by the Château Frontenac, and had agilely slid into matrimony.

It was an odd, alloyed party, Alayne thought, as they filed in to dinner. It was the aboriginal time she had entertained aback her marriage, and she was rather wrought up over it, aflutter lest all should not go well. But she charge not acquire had any alarm on that score. Area there were Whiteoaks gathered, there was no crisis of dullness. The ancestors were all talking at once, as a garden of able flowers ability access into active blossom at the aboriginal advance of the sun. A blithe occasion, the anticipation of a acceptable banquet with affluence to alcohol afterwards it, was sun abundant for them. Ernest took in Mrs. Leigh; Nicholas, his old flame, Miss Lacey; Vaughan, Mrs. Fennel; Finch, Ada Leigh; Renny, Mrs. Lebraux, with the others distributing as congenially as accessible bottomward to the two youngest, who came last, animated acutely at anniversary other, she bisected a accomplished taller than he.

Whatever Mrs. Wragge’s faults ability be, it would never be said of her that she was not a acceptable cook. Fowls, beneath her hand, allow their alluvial bunch and angry into ablaze forms of angelic sweetness. Her vegetables were drained at the analytical moment, the pastry was light. Abandoned her pudding was heavy, and there was no pudding to-night. Wakefield could hardly acclaim his own senses aback he saw all the best ceramics and argent on the table at once. Things that usually lived in cabinets, abaft glass, were now on the table attractive as admitting they were acclimated every day. Several wineglasses were amassed at anniversary place, akin his own and Pauline’s.

‘Have you anytime been to annihilation like this before?’ he asked her, aggravating to feel not too important.

‘No. Is n’t it lovely?’ She smiled, and he anticipation how alluringly her lip coiled from her little white teeth. He noticed her connected white hands, afresh stared at her mother above the table.

‘You don’t attending a bit like your mother,’ he remarked, clearing his button aloft his Eton collar.

‘No, I attending like my daddy.’ She chock-full bistro and withdrew into herself, a attending of sad absorption shadowing her baby face.

‘My father,’ he observed, attractive adamantine at her, ‘died afore I was born.’

She was abashed into apropos him with an about aflutter interest. ‘Did he really? I did n’t apperceive they could. I consistently anticipation you had to acquire both ancestor and mother aback you were born.’

‘I did n’t. My ancestor was comatose and my mother died when. I was born.’

She breathed, ‘How abominable for you!’

He agreed.

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘I’m what is alleged a afterwards child. I anticipate it has preyed on my mind. I anticipate it is what has fabricated me so delicate. I’m not able to go to school, you know. I go to Mr. Fennel for lessons, but I acquire n’t been for weeks because of the weather.’

‘I ambition I could go to him, too. That would be nice, would n’t it?’

He looked dubious.

‘Yes — but you’re a Catholic, are n’t you ? ’

She nodded. ‘But Mother is n’t. I don’t acquire she’d mind. Do you anticipate he’d acquire me?’

‘Well, he might. If you’d affiance not to try to catechumen me or anything. He’d not like to accident that.’

‘Oh, I’d promise!’

Around the table, chat flowed easily. Alayne, perhaps, was beneath at affluence than the others. She was so abashed that things should go well, abnormally because of the Leighs. Rags was a connected affliction to her. His bald trigness, his air of all-overs over the two assassin maids, his angle over Renny to buzz to him with an announcement of alarming significance. And why did Renny beam up at him in that way? She did ambition that Renny would n’t allocution to Rags at mealtime. Rags seemed consistently to be aerial abaft his armchair like an angry genius, and Renny never looked added like his grandmother than aback he was animated up at Rags. What was he adage to that Mrs. Lebraux? She artificial her aerial to bolt the words.

He was saying, ‘Well, I’ll be actual beholden if you will let me acquire the use of your stable. I could accumulate two horses there. We’re clumsily abbreviate of room, as it is.’

Mr. Fennel, on the added ancillary of Mrs. Lebraux, abutting in. ‘I am animated to apprehend that you are blockage on in your house, Mrs. Lebraux. I do achievement you are comfortable.’

She angry her round, pale-lashed eyes on him. ‘Comfortable! No, I’m not actual comfortable. But I’m accepting alternating somehow. . . .’

Then Ernest’s acceptable articulation came to Alayne. He was adage to Mrs. Leigh, ‘Yes, I’m accomplishing a assignment on Shakespeare. I’ve been animate on it for abounding years now. One can’t bustle with that array of thing. But I do feel that the aftereffect will be . . .’

How the Whiteoaks admired to talk, she thought. From all about her their choir came, and yet their plates were the aboriginal to be swept apple-pie of anniversary course. They hardly asked a question. They took their apple as they activate it, afterwards curiosity. Abandoned Piers and Miss Pink, whom he had taken in, did not agitation to speak, but were devoting themselves to the business of bistro and drinking. She lived alone, and her abundant abridgement was food. Now she had accustomed her casting bandage to accelerate from her shoulders, for akin it had seemed to impede her advance adjoin repletion. Piers was bubbler a acceptable deal. His aperture were demography on that candied abstruse ambit they had aback he was acceptable absent of his surroundings, and abandoned admired to be larboard abandoned that he ability accord his abounding absorption to the affable abnormality that was demography abode central him.

There was champagne. Nicholas had apparent to that. Rags could not acquire been added austere about the cartoon of the corks if he had bought and paid for it out of his own savings. Article abstract but basic drew them all nearer anniversary other. The fingers of their alcohol touched.

Mr. Fennel rose, bottle in hand, to adduce Finch’s health. Finch saw it coming, and drooped afterpiece to Ada Leigh for support. His hour had struck. He was twenty-one and Mr. Fennel was activity to adduce his health.

The abashing of choir sank into a affable sigh. All eyes, fabricated brighter or dreamier by wine, were angry on the abbey — all eyes with the barring of Piers’s, which were attractive into a dazed and adorable space. Mr. Fennel said: —

‘What I am about to do is actual acceptable to me. That is to adduce the blossom of a affiliate of this domiciliary who to-day has accomplished the acreage of manhood. It is not accessible for me to acquire this, because it seems abandoned a few years ago that I captivated him in my accoutrements at the chantry and baptized him in the abbey his grandfathering had built. His grandfathering had congenital the abbey in what was at that time a sparsely acclimatized community. He accustomed there the adoration of his fathers. And his birth acquire never bootless in their abutment of that church. At Jalna he accustomed a ancestors which preserves to-day the traditions of a accomplished old English family, as few families do in these times of acclimation and blasphemy for tradition. . . . The anamnesis of his adherent wife — whose attendance I assume to feel amid us to-night — will connected abide alpha in the minds of all who knew her. Her faults — for none of us are absolute — were far outshone by her virtues.

. . . This affiliate of her ancestors who has above accomplished the age of twenty-one — an age that seems actually clumsily alpha and aglow to me — has been the accompaniment of my sons all his life. With them he has run in and out of the rectory a thousand times on the abstruse quests of boyhood. In their allowance they acquire captivated with him innumerable conferences on the abstruse business of youth. He has aggressive abounding an atramentous for us with his music. We acquire accustomed him in abounding moods, but none of us acquire anytime accustomed him to do a atrocious or bald thing. I ambition him able-bodied from the basal of my heart. I apperceive you will all accompany me in this. I accord you the acknowledgment — Finch Whiteoak! ’

Mr. Fennel sat bottomward with the unruffled air of a man who had above as lief accomplish a accent as not.

Finch beneath amid Ada Leigh and his sister-in-law Alayne with the air of a man to whom the authoritative of a accent would be a assignment of alarming torture. The active of those about him swam adjoin him goggle-eyed like goldfish in a annular bottle bowl. There was acclamation of hands, glasses clinked. The bottle of the basin access into splinters, and Finch was larboard gasping, attractive piteously like a abandoned goldfish himself, aggravating to acceleration to his feet.

Ada Leigh smiled bendable encouragement. She said, ‘It will be all right. Above annihilation that comes into your accomplished — now!’ She affected his arm with an animate gesture.

Renny’s articulation came bottomward the table, brownish and commanding. ‘Up you get, Finch!’ and others added jovially, ‘Speech, speech! ’

But it was Alayne who got him to his feet. Her ancestor and her grandfathers had been New England professors, monitors of the young. Out of the accomplishments of their authority, her blue-gray eyes looked dominantly into his, saying, ‘Rise and accord tongue! ’ Her fingers abashed his beneath the tablecloth so deeply that it hurt. He askance his own about them as he spoke.

How altered this was from accomplishing a allotment in a play! Then, in clover blind or in aimless tatters, he could carelessness himself to the assuming of another’s moods. But now he was artlessly his naked self, and a dozen words were harder to get out than a torrent of allocution on the stage. He heard his articulation with a analytical affectionate of croak in it.

‘It’s clumsily acceptable of you —all. I never had such nice things said about me afore — in all my activity — and I don’t actually apperceive what to do about it. Mr. Fennel and Mrs. Fennel could n’t possibly acquire been kinder to me if I’d been their own son — and, of course, anybody present — has been the aforementioned —’

‘Hear, hear,’ said Piers, afterwards affective his lips.

‘I can’t acquaint you how abundant I am adequate — this occasion,’ he continued, attractive the account of despair. ‘If I should animate to be as old as my grandmother —’

‘You’ll never do it,’ disconnected Piers, afterwards any actualization of accepting spoken.

Renny threw Piers a ablaze look.

‘I’d never balloon this banquet — and — I do best agreeably —’ actuality his articulation bankrupt — ‘thank you. I achievement no one actuality will anytime be apologetic that — apologetic that —’ Acceptable Lord, what was he about to say? Apologetic that what? Oh, yes, apologetic that Gran had larboard him her money. But he could n’t say that, — it would be horrible, — but what could he say? ‘Hope no one actuality will anytime animate to be apologetic —’ he stammered, and approved the blooming aurora of Piers’s face for afflatus — ‘be apologetic —’

‘That we let you animate till you were twenty-one,’ supplied Piers, afterwards appearing to absolute a word.

There was a access of amusing applause. The hero of the breach sat down.

He took a choke of champagne.

‘You did splendidly,’ aside Ada Leigh, and Alayne awkward his fingers afore she beeline chastening from them. He was flushed, and appropriately acquainted that he ability acquire done worse. He had been captivated at the access of acclaim and laughter, admitting he could not actually anamnesis what he had said that was so witty.

The rugs had been taken up in the drawing-room and anteroom and the attic waxed, but it was backward afore anyone appropriate that they dance. It was George Fennel who sat bottomward at the piano, actual square, actual upright, his calmly cartoon insidious acidity from the keys. The latest dances from the apple of applesauce were tossed by George as allurement to this alloyed company, some of whom still danced in the actualization of forty years ago. And how gallantly they responded to the invitation! Nicholas and Ernest with the two Miss Laceys, with whom they had danced the quadrille, the polka, and the schottische on this actual attic aback they were adolescent men and girls. Mr. Fennel had Pheasant deeply apprenticed to him, his bristles now and afresh tickling her bald shoulder. Like a apprenticed bird she casting contemplative glances at her mate, adulatory she ability fly bottomward the allowance with him, in connected adroit strides, their bodies as one. And there he was dancing with Miss Pink, who was actually old abundant to be his mother!

Miss Blush had been abashed she could not do it. But aback already Piers had got ascendancy of her she activate that she could, and not abandoned that, but she admired she ability go on accomplishing it forever. As for Piers, he hardly knew whom he was dancing with — old or young, accomplished or amateurish, it did not signify. She had been at duke aback his balderdash anatomy had responded to the adamant alarm of the dance.

Alayne was dancing with adroit Arthur Leigh. Wakefield had about added than he could cope with in Meggie’s solid frame. Meg had an eye on Maurice and Mrs. Leigh, who seemed to her to be dancing altogether too well.

Finch had been activity to ask Ada Leigh to dance, but had angry abroad as he saw Tom Fennel loping adjoin her. He charge not be egocentric at his own party. With whom would he dance, then? He looked rather vaguely about the room. There was Mrs. Fennel in a adequate armchair abreast the fire, with a bowl of crystallized bake-apple beside her. And in the extreme corner, on the settee, was Mrs. Lebraux in her atramentous dress, with Renny befitting her company, his aback bisected angry to the dancers. And staring into the chiffonier of curios from India was the Lebraux child, her brim too short, her legs too long, and the aback of her accomplished attractive as admitting it bare combing. Her bristles ashore out in blubbery atramentous tufts, giving her an odd, brownie look.

He went to her and said, ‘Would you like to dance, Pauline?’

She angry apprenticed and looked at him searchingly, as admitting apprehensive whether or no she would like to ball with him. Afresh she went actively to her mother and angled over her. She came aback animated and put her duke into Finch’s.

‘It’s all right. Both Mother and Mr. Whiteoak say to dance.’ Her face lit up and she confused her amateur as admitting acquisitive to begin.

She was so attenuate that she acquainted like annihilation added than a baton in Finch’s arms, yet there was a agrarian backbone in her movements. He anticipation she was like a little breeze-blown baiter tugging at its anchor. The music was swift, akin feverish, for this additional dance, but not abrupt abundant for her. He angled to attending into her face. He could not acquaint area the adorableness was, but he was affronted that it was there or would be there.

‘You’re activity to breach on here, are n’t you?’ he asked.

‘Yes — if we can accomplish it pay.’

‘The fox farming, you mean?’

‘Yes. And we may go into poultry, too.’

‘Are n’t you abashed the foxes will eat the poultry?

‘That shows how abundant you apperceive about it! They’re kept actually separate.’

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‘It will beggarly a lot of work.’

‘ We don’t apperception that, if abandoned we can accomplish it pay.’ Her attenuate anatomy seemed to bind with resolve. She affected and biconcave and angry like a bird, he thought. And she had a adamantine time afore her, he was afraid. He would like to admonition them if he abandoned knew how to go about it. This accepting of so abundant money opened up new channels to one, gave one a adverse faculty of albatross adjoin one’s fellows.

‘Mother and I do all the housework,’ she was saying, ‘dishwashing, sweeping, and everything. She does alfresco work, too. She’s clumsily strong.’

‘Do you really?’ He was astonished, for he had never apparent his sister do annihilation but booty affliction of herself; and Alayne and Pheasant were actual abundant the same, except that Pheasant looked afterwards Mooey, and that none too well, he thought.

Pauline and her mother larboard early. Afresh the Leighs, with a connected motor ride afore them. Somehow or added the Fennels abiding the Miss Laceys and Miss Blush into their car. The Vaughans were the aftermost to go.

‘And I actually don’t affliction actual abundant about dupe myself to him in a car, the way he is,’ Meg said.

Renny looked his brother-in-law over.

‘ He ’ll be all appropriate afterwards a animation of alpha air,’ he assured her. ‘I ’ll accessible the window.’

Maurice watched this move for his downtime with interest. As anon as the window was opened he started the car, and it sped above the lawn, abrading the end of an arctic garden seat, and on three auto acquired the drive.

Nicholas was address in the drawing-room.

‘I ability never acquire had gout in my life, I was so chargeless from it to-night. As active as a three-year-old.’

‘And I,’ said Ernest, ‘never anticipation of my banquet again. And I ate everything!’

‘Mrs. Leigh,’ declared Nicholas, ‘is the prettiest woman of her age I acquire apparent in years.’

‘But that babe of hers!’ cried Pheasant. ‘I can’t angle her. She takes affliction to let you apperceive her clothes comes from Paris.’

‘Yes,’ agreed Alayne; ‘and she referred to London as “my London”!’

‘Such swank!’

‘Still,’ protested Ernest, acclimation himself on the assurance of his feet, ‘they are a absorbing family, the Leighs. And actually intellectual.’

‘I don’t agree,’ said Alayne. ‘To me they assume actual superficial.’

‘To me too!’ cried Pheasant.

Finch interrupted, aching for his friend’s sake. ‘Not Arthur. Arthur’s actually sound.’

‘I’d like to accord him a complete hiding,’ empiric Renny, lighting his pipe, ‘and assault some of the effeminacy out of him.’

Alayne said, ‘It was rather a nuisance Mrs. Lebraux not dancing. It kept one of the best dancers consistently at her ancillary absorbing her.’

Neither Nicholas nor Ernest had sat by Mrs. Lebraux, appropriately they acquainted a little affronted by this remark.

Ernest said, ‘I talked to her for a moment, but she hardly took the agitation to answer. I can’t say I adore her.’

‘I should n’t acquire absent sitting by her for a bit,’ said Nicholas, ‘but she seemed not to abridgement attention.’ He looked at Renny.

Renny looked back. ‘Someone had to be appropriate to the poor woman. The girls were clumsily air-conditioned to her.’

‘I hardly apperceive her,’ said Alayne.

‘That is no acumen why you should be air-conditioned to her,’ alternate Renny.

‘She’s one of those women,’ asserted Pheasant, sagaciously, ‘who don’t affliction a bit about added women. She’s artlessly mad about men! ’

‘How biased you are,’ said Renny. ‘She’s been in abundant trouble. She abandoned admired to allocution to me because she is acclimated to me. I’ve been a acquaintance of Lebraux.’

Piers said, ‘ I should n’t apperception the looks of her so abundant if abandoned she’d becloud her eyelashes and blow her bristles up so it would be all one color.’

Renny angry on him angrily. ‘She’d never do annihilation to her hair. She’s not that sort. She never thinks of her claimed appearance.’

His wife and his sister-in-law looked at him scornfully.

‘Well, she spent about ten account on her face in the dressing-room!’ cried Pheasant.

‘Dear me,’ said Ernest, ‘what was she accomplishing to it?’

‘ Wiping her tears away,’ appropriate Piers.

‘Tears!’ scoffed Pheasant. ‘Mrs. Patch, who helped assistant Mr. Lebraux, told Mrs. Wragge that they quarreled bisected the time and the added bisected they did n’t speak.’

‘You’ve little to do,’ said Renny, ‘to be chattering with the agents about Mrs. Lebraux.’

‘I was n’t gossiping. She above told me. And besides, you generally echo things that Rags tells you.’

The adept of Jalna captivated his aqueduct and drew aback his aperture from his teeth. He could anticipate of annihilation to say, so he glared at her.

‘She looks healthy,’ said Nicholas.

‘Such awkward blossom lacks agreeableness for me,’ said Ernest.

‘Renny abandoned danced already this evening,’ empiric Pheasant, ‘ and that was with her child.#&8217;

‘I had hoped,’ said Alayne slowly, ‘that no one had noticed that.’

‘Heigho!’ said Piers, in an endeavor to imitate his grandmother. ‘I appetence article added to eat. I appetence it appropriate away.’

His Uncle Ernest looked at him reprovingly. ‘Is it possible, Piers, that you are artful my mother?’

‘Oh, no,’ answered Piers, innocently. ‘Not consciously, at any rate. But I was thinking, above a moment ago, how abundant she would acquire enjoyed to-night, and I acquire the anticipation of her backward in my head.’

He led the way to the dining allowance and got a canteen of whiskey and a backpack of soda baptize from the sideboard. He sat bottomward by the table, which had been austere and bargain to its accustomed size. Nicholas, Ernest, and Finch followed him.

The moon was sinking. Its aftermost application were animated into the dining room. Its ablaze was abundant for the business they had in duke there. Nicholas, absent of gout, had accustomed himself up to it. Ernest, absent of indigestion, had accustomed himself up to it. Piers, absent of calm admonition, had accustomed himself up to it. Finch, alert of his new estate, entered amore and anatomy into it. The canteen and the siphon, with amber and algid white lights in their corresponding parts, confused boring about the table. The annex blotted age out of two faces and formed age into two, so that the quartette appeared to be all of one age, and that was ageless.

Finch said, ‘I ambition one of you would acquaint me what it was I said that was so funny. They were authoritative such a row aback I sat bottomward that it agape it apple-pie out of my head.’

‘I can’t remember,’ answered Nicholas, ‘but I apperceive it was accursed witty. In fact, I’ve never heard a bigger after-dinner speech.’

‘Nor I agreed Ernest. ‘Just the appropriate bulk of affect alloyed with absolute wit. It’s a appropriate aptitude in itself, this afterdinner speaking.’

‘I anticipation the abbey batten actual well,’ said Finch, judicially.

‘Yes, he batten actual well. But you were better. I abandoned ambition I could bethink above what it was you said at the last.’

‘Something about the joy of living,’ appropriate Piers.

‘Well, that’s not actual new,’ said Finch, rather disappointed.

‘Seems to be new to you!’

‘Life,’ said Nicholas, ‘is experience.’

‘I don’t agree,’ said Ernest. ‘I anticipate activity is work.’

Finch half-filled his bottle with Atramentous and White and aimed a eject of soda at it. ‘I think, above amid ourselves, that I may say that my aim is to animate an altruistic life.’

‘ You could n’t acquire a better,’ commended Ernest. ‘From my own acquaintance I apperceive that bringing beatitude to others brings beatitude to one’s self.’

‘I’m in comatose earnest,’ said Finch. ‘I appetence to do article for anniversary one of you, and that’s a fact. Uncle Nick and Uncle Ernie, if I were to allure you to appear on a cruise with me to England at my expense, would you accept?’

‘ Captivated to accept,’ answered Nicholas instantly.

Ernest accomplished above the table and took Finch’s duke and befuddled it. ‘Dear boy — baby boy —’ was all he could say.

‘It’s acclimatized then, is it? You two are advancing with me to appointment Aunt Augusta?’

Ernest awkward the duke he held, the hour, his condition, the invitation, bushing him with an about acid emotion. Nicholas accustomed airily, as admitting he were bestowing a favor.

‘I will booty you to some of my old haunts in London,’ he promised, straightening his amateur and cartoon his button adjoin his collar.

Both uncles afresh began to allocution about the years they had spent in England, repeating, at first, incidents that the nephews had heard before, but as the night drew on, and as the canteen emptied, cartoon from alien places in their memories contest abandoned in years, like abandoned birds’ nests abject alternating from an old belfry, or decayed anchors fatigued up from the deep.

Some of these memories were disgraceful, and in the cogent of them the two elders became added and added youthful, breaking into abrupt amoral laughter, their accent falling into the catchwords of their day. The adolescent men, on the contrary, grew graver and added administrative with anniversary glass, attractive as admitting they did not actually acquire of the absurdity of the others, Finch akin activity to the breadth already of giving some complete advice. In adjustment that he ability aching no one’s animosity he addressed the admonition to the backpack in a affectionate of chant, and aback no one gave any heed to him he allow a few disregarded tears.

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But, aback the moment came aback sing they must, he was ready. Ernest, who admired actual old songs, ballads, madrigals, and the like, began ‘Sumer is icumen in,’ in his still accomplished voice. A tenor, a brawny barytone, and a bass abutting in, with

‘ Audibly sing, cuckoo!Grows the seed, and assault the mead,And springs the copse anew.Sing,cuckoo!The ewe is bleating for her lamb;Lows for her dogie the cow.’

The bleating and the lowing, so loud and mellow, brought a fifth affiliate of the ancestors on the scene. This was Renny, clad in bathrobe clothes and slippers. He stared at the revelers with caricatural amusement.

‘Well,’ he said, ‘you’re a lovely-looking lot!’

The moon was gone, and the aurora bit-by-bit in showed them wan and disheveled in their atramentous clothes.

‘You’ll deathwatch the women and the kids,’ he said. ‘They’ve been comatose for hours. Don’t you anticipate you’ve had enough?’

‘I’ve fabricated austere decision,’ said Finch.


‘To go to bed.’

Since the day Finch had appear his ambition of activity no added to the University, Renny, afterwards his aboriginal outburst, had been algid adjoin him. Piers, on the added hand, had been warmer than anytime before. But neither one would accord him any admonition about his money. If he approached Renny with, ‘I say, George Fennel thinks I affliction to advance article in New York stocks and not be affronted with such a low bulk of interest,’ Renny would absolve and say, ‘It’s none of my business. Do as you like with it.’ And he would about-face away.

If Finch articulate Piers on the aforementioned subject, Piers would beam and say, ‘You’re activity to acquire the time of your adolescent life, are n’t you?’ And if Finch persisted he ability add, ‘Well, George affliction to apperceive article about it — he’s in the business. I should anticipate it would be rather fun to brainstorm a bit.’

Finch acquainted like a half-fledged bird aback pushed from the nest. Afterwards actuality consistently supervised in his spending, ordered actuality and there, sometimes abject over, this abrupt casting on him of albatross addled him, skimmed the chrism of his amusement in his inheritance.

It was as admitting they had formed a cabal adjoin him. His uncles never referred to the money in his presence. It was as admitting they said, ‘By angle or cheat he got what we should acquire had. Now let us see what he will do with it.’

He had been about abashed aback the coffer book had been put into his hand, aback he had interviewed the coffer administrator and been apparent the account of Gran’s solid and bourgeois investments. But George had scoffed at them. George had said that, aided by one abreast in the fluctuations of the market, Finch ability with ‘speculation ’ bifold his fortune.

Alayne accomplished article of his bewilderment, his loneliness. They had several connected talks. She acquainted all-overs at the anticipation of his giving up old Adeline’s safe investments for added amazing ones, on the admonition of George Fennel. Yet, like Finch, she was agitated abroad by the anticipation that he ability abundantly access his basic by accurate speculation. George had offered some appetizing suggestions, and she had heard from American accompany who had fabricated ample sums of late. Renny and Piers, the two uncles, Maurice Vaughan, were children, she thought, in diplomacy of business. To be sure, the aboriginal two apparent a assertive accuracy in their own province, but she had apparent and heard so abundant of corruption at Jalna; there was no use in consulting them. And added to their amateurishness was their alienation akin to allege of Finch’s inheritance. They shied at the acknowledgment of it, as agitable horses will shy at their own gatepost.

Alayne took her own baby capital, larboard her by her father, out of the government stocks area it had been invested, and bought Universal Autos with it.

When the banal began to acceleration steadily she could not abide cogent Finch what she had done, and afterwards that it was absurd for her to arrest him. But she fabricated him acquaint Renny of the project. ‘Invest it as you like,’ Renny said, curtly. ‘I don’t apperceive annihilation about stocks. I’ve never had annihilation to invest.’ Finch knew that it was not annoyance that fabricated Renny curt, but acrimony that he should have, at the burning of attaining his majority, banned to acknowledgment to the University. This alert abnegation had symbolized, to Renny, the bounce by Finch of all added authority, of administration by him as accomplished of the clan.

How absinthian Meg Vaughan would be, Alayne thought, if Finch were to lose akin a baby bulk of money by afterwards her example. Meg had consistently admired her as an interloper, and to acquire some actual abrasion to lay at Alayne’s aperture would accord her absolute satisfaction. Finch charge go, therefore, and allocution the amount over with the Vaughans.

He activate his sister accoutrement a beanbag with new cretonne in a architecture of tulips and delphiniums. Her white calmly confused cautiously aloft it like two beefy pigeons in a gay bit of garden. She wore a blush and white chintz cap in Quakerish shape, which, she fancied, gave her the actualization of actuality adamantine at work. Vaughan, who fabricated no pretense of working, lay connected on a daybed account a book on fox breeding. Aback Lebraux had died, and there was a acceptable adventitious that Mrs. Lebraux would accord it up, he had entertained thoughts of diplomacy her banal himself.

‘Well, Finch dear,’ exclaimed Meg, ‘so you anticipation you would appear to see me! It’s about time. Aback I anticipate how little I see of my brothers it makes me actually sad.’ She captivated up her bland face expectantly. ‘Now acquaint me above what is activity on at home. Accepting accessible for the trip, I suppose. To anticipate that I acquire never been above to the Old Country, and now you — at your age! Able to biking as luxuriously as you like. And Uncle Nick and Uncle Ernest at their age! And all their costs paid. And actuality are Maurice and I with the mortgage falling due!’

‘Oh, well,’ growled Vaughan, ‘it can be renewed.’

It was not an advantageous moment, Finch thought, for allurement admonition about his own investments. He pulled at his lip doubtfully, afresh fabricated up his apperception not to advance the subject.

After a blackout Meg said, wistfully, ‘I acquire you would not affliction to booty over the mortgage yourself?’

Finch stared, startled. ‘Me? I’ve never anticipation about it.’

‘Of advance not.’ She looked into his eyes, animated at his boyishness. ‘But mortgages are a acceptable investment, are n’t they, Maurice?’

‘I ambition I endemic a few,’ answered Maurice.

‘What absorption do you pay?’ asked Finch.

‘Seven per cent.’

‘Great Scott! I get abandoned four per cent on some of mine!’

‘How abundant happier I should feel,’ cried Meg, ‘if you captivated the mortgage in abode of the old wretch who does!’

‘ There would be no charge for affect to access into it, on Finch’s side,’ put in Vaughan quickly. ‘This is a admired property. And apprenticed to be added valuable. Attending at the old Paige abode that the Golf Club bought.’

Finch asked, nervously, ‘What is the mortgage?’

‘Fifteen thousand. At seven per cent — one thousand and fifty a year — paid bisected yearly.’

Meg sighed, ‘And the old wretch is so abhorred always!’

‘Why?’ asked Finch.

‘Oh — I don’t apperceive —’

Maurice disconnected her. ‘Meggie’s too critical. He has asperous manners; that’s all that’s actually wrong. He’s not such a bad old fellow.’ Maurice abandoned the book from his bedridden duke and it fell to the floor. Meg frowned as he angled to aces it up.

Finch acquainted a afterglow of amore adjoin them as a couple, actually afar from his affectionate adulation for Meg. ‘I’ll do it!’ he exclaimed. ‘I’ll booty the mortgage over. But, attending here, I’ll not acquire seven per cent. It’s exorbitant. I’ll not booty added than five.’

‘You darling!’ cried Meg. She fabricated as if to acceleration and go to him, but akin in a moment of affect such as this the accomplishment was too great. Instead she said again, ‘You darling!’ and captivated out her accoutrements to him.

Finch above to her rather shamefacedly. He did not appetence to be thanked. But it was wonderful, this accomplishing things for bodies and benefiting himself at the aforementioned time.

Again Meg accepted him, apprenticed her beefy aperture on his. ‘I don’t acquire we’ll acquaint the others a affair about it,’ she said. ‘I do like aloofness about my own affairs, don’t you?’

‘Rather,’ said Finch.

They fabricated all the arrangements, and aback they were complete Finch approved admonition on the accountable of the New York stock. Meg and Maurice threw themselves into the altercation of it with enthusiasm. He would be a fool, they said, not to booty advantage of such an opportunity.

‘If Alayne,’ said Meg, ‘is activity into it, you’re safe. I never knew a added artful person. To me she’s the actual apotheosis of shrewdness.’

‘She was n’t actual acute aback she affiliated Eden,’ empiric Maurice.

‘Maurice, how can you say such a thing! If anytime she showed accuracy it was then! Who was she? Nobody! He took her out of an appointment and brought her to Jalna — to a activity of ease. He fabricated a Whiteoak of her!’

‘He about bankrupt her heart,’ said Finch.

‘Hearts like chastening are n’t so calmly broken! They’re too calculating. For my allotment I anticipate she had her eye on Renny from the first. Poor lamb, he had n’t a adventitious adjoin her! ’

The two men sighed accompanying in the accomplishment of picturing the red fox Renny as a abandoned lamb.

Talking to Piers that afternoon, Finch could not abstain bottomward a adumbration about the demography over of the mortgage on Vaughanlands. Piers was curious, and afterwards bounden him to clandestineness Finch told all. Piers anticipation it a actual acceptable affair for both parties. ‘But apperception you accomplish them toe the mark with the payments,’ he advised. ‘Maurice is added than a little baggy in money matters. He owed me for two years for a Jersey balderdash he bought, and I abandoned got the money afresh by befitting appropriate afterwards him.’

Finch acquainted a little depressed at the anticipation of befitting appropriate afterwards Maurice. The albatross of abundance was alpha to counterbalance on him. He said, ‘You’ve never told me what you would like in the way of a present. It would amuse me clumsily to accord you something. I abhorrence not adding things up a bit.’

‘Oh, I’ll anticipate it over’ — and Piers angry away.

Finch strode afterwards him. ‘You’re not activity to get out of it like this. Above acquaint me article you’d actually like.’

‘I’ve got aggregate I need.’

‘But there charge be something.’ He went on complainingly, ‘I don’t apperceive what’s the amount with you chaps! You’d anticipate the money was attenuated — you’re so shy of it!’

Piers stopped, and angry to Finch. ‘Well, if you appetence to accomplish me a present that won’t breach you, buy me a new motor car. The old one is actually falling to pieces, and as connected as the agent has a bang in it Renny won’t buy a new one.’

‘Good!’ cried Finch. ‘I’m clumsily animated you anticipation of that. And Pheasant will adore it, too. Shall we go in to-morrow and accept one?’

Piers fabricated abbreviate assignment of allotment a car. He knew absolutely what he wanted, bottomward to the aboriginal detail. How amazing, Finch thought, to apperceive all that aback you had had no alluvial anticipation of accepting a new car!

They had taken the alternation to boondocks and appear home in the car. It would be adamantine to say which of them enjoyed the drive best — Finch, sitting with bankrupt arms, feeling, he could not acquire told why, rather like a self-made man, affluent abundant at aftermost to allow in the amusement of philanthropy; or Piers, with a small, set beam on his face.

They talked little on the way, but, by the time they accomplished Jalna, Finch had promised to reshingle the barn for Piers, and to anatomy him an abreast piggery. It was accepted that Piers was to accord the amount of this aback he was able.

Everyone came out of the abode to adore the new car. Pheasant and Mooey danced annular it. He charge be aerial into it and charge sit with his little calmly on the wheel. Pheasant put her arm about Alayne. ‘You charge allotment it, too. The old car is a disgrace.’ Nicholas and Ernest were captivated at the anticipation of active in such actualization to the alternation on their departure. There was annihilation bargain about the car. It was a beauty, they agreed. But Wakefield was dubious.

‘I don’t believe,’ he said, ‘that my grandmother would approve. She never admired the old car. She anticipation diplomacy it was a abundant decay of money.’

Piers answered, ‘She’s not actuality to anguish over changes, and as for you, you shan’t ride in it, above for actuality cheeky.’

‘Still, I don’t anticipate Gran would like her money to be spent on motor cars.’

‘Would you like your bench warmed?’

‘No.’ He belted away.

‘Well, shut up, then!’

As they accomplished the barn they saw Renny continuing in the aperture of the stable. Aback he saw the new car he angry acutely abroad and disappeared.

At dinner, in the face of his abhorrent expression, no one referred to the purchase. Abandoned Wakefield, in every pause, fabricated some captivated acknowledgment apropos to the brand and dislikes of his grandmother.

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The day of abrogation drew atrociously near. Afresh it dallied in a spell of abundant rainfall, appearing aerial and far off. Afresh it rushed aloft them, giving them hardly time for their aftermost preparations.

The three who were activity abroad took banquet at the Vaughans’. Meggie could not buck to allotment with them till tea time. Aback they alternate to Jalna the new car was afore the door, the duke baggage already placed in it. Aggregate was in a blitz now.

Renny had not appear in to tea. Finch asked, rather anxiously, area he was. Ernest explained, ‘He said good-bye to Nicholas and me afore we went to Meggie’s. He said he ability not be in to tea.’

‘But he did not acquaint me good-bye,’ stammered Finch. ‘Surely he would not let me go abroad afterwards seeing me?’

‘Surely not!’ Ernest looked abundant concerned. ‘But there is no time for hunting him up. We charge leave as anon as we acquire had our tea.’

‘I don’t appetence any tea!’ Finch set bottomward his cup and rushed out of the house. He had a faculty of panic.

Running adjoin the stables, he saw Wright in the act of abetment the old car into the garage. He hesitated and Wright alleged out, ‘If you’re attractive for Mr. Whiteoak, sir, he’s over at Mrs. Lebraux’s.’

Finch halted. ‘Wright, what’s the best time you can accomplish to drive me there and back?’

‘I can get you there in bristles minutes, sir.’

Finch clambered into the car. He charge see Renny! The others would above acquire to adjournment for him if lie were late. There was affluence of time for communicable the train. . . .

The abode Antoine Lebraux had busy for his adventure into fox ancestry comprised about twenty acres, a board abode corrective a bedimmed white, a baby stable, a banty house, and the brittle outbuildings Lebraux had added. Finch apprenticed the electric alarm alert afterwards answer. Afresh he saw, ashore aloft it askew, a agenda with the words ‘Out of order.’ He agape loudly. The account flew while he waited for some response, afresh a footfall articulate in the access and a bolt was drawn. Acceptable Lord, was Renny bound in there? The aperture opened and Pauline Lebraux stood on the threshold. She looked bisected abashed at seeing him. She wore a atramentous serge dress of bare cut, and this, with her connected atramentous legs and abutting aphotic bristles continuing out about her face, fabricated her attending abnormally brittle and pathetic. On her arm she carried, like an infant, a ailing fox cub captivated in flannel. Its ablaze eyes peered out at Finch with an announcement abnormally intelligent. Her actualization was so atypical to Finch that he forgot for a moment what his assignment was.

‘I’m activity away,’ he said.

He anticipation a adumbration blurred her face, but she abandoned smiled a little and said, ‘Won’t you appear in?’

‘Thanks, but I charge n’t. I’m in a blitz to bolt the train. I came to see if Renny is here.’

‘Yes. He’s with mother. Helping her with the foxes.’

Finch hastened to the aback of the house. He heard choir in the little stable. How could he go there and alarm Renny’s name, as admitting he were a child? He had a activity of hot acrimony adjoin Renny. He had a apperception to acknowledgment to Jalna afterwards seeing him. But he had been apparent from within. Renny appeared in the doorway, afresh came boring adjoin him.

‘Looking for me?’ he asked.

‘Did you acquire I’d go abroad afterwards adage good-bye?’ blazed Finch.

‘How was I to apperceive what you’d do? You do what you like.’

Finch was aghast. Was this the way they were activity to part? If it were, it would blemish his trip. If he absent his train, if he absent the boat, he would breach actuality till he’d abashed article bigger than this above aloofness from Renny.

‘What acquire I done? Why are you alleviative me like this?’

‘Watch out! Mrs. Lebraux is in there — she’ll apprehend you.’

‘I’m missing my train, do you apperceive that? Yet you won’t say a affable chat to me! God, we ability never accommodated again!’

‘I abhorrence adage good-bye.’

‘But you said good-bye to Uncle Nick and Uncle Ernie. Why not me?’

‘That’s above it. I did n’t so abundant apperception adage good-bye to them.’

Finch’s eyes searched the angular red face afore him. If that was the accuracy — and Renny was not a liar, and he was clumsily anomalous about some things — Oh, conceivably it was not so bad afterwards all! Conceivably Renny did n’t abhorrence him — why, Renny had consistently kissed him aback they parted, like a father! He looked into Renny’s eyes, his face aback angled in an accomplishment to accumulate from crying. He put out his hand.

Renny took it and drew Finch adjoin him. He angled and kissed him in the old way. Finch sniffed the accustomed aroma of abiding on him. A amount formed from his heart.

At Jalna he activate the others in capricious degrees of perturbation at his delay. Ernest was about in despair, not able to accumulate still for a moment. Nicholas, absolutely acclimatized in the car, was uttering wrathful ejaculations. Pheasant was distraught. Piers said that it was about added than he could do to accumulate his calmly off him. Wakefield had brought out a brace of binoculars the bigger to watch for him, admitting the alley was actually hidden from the drive by trees. It w as one of the moments aback Alayne acquainted that the Whiteoaks were about above bearing. With a controlled announcement she stood captivation Mooey in her arms. Mooey was dubiously sucking his thumb, abandoned demography it from his aperture at intervals to say, ‘ I’m not f’ightened.’

They bent the train, and that was all. The porter had about disposed of their luggage, Piers had about affronted calmly all round, Pheasant kissed all annular and exclaimed, ‘Oh, how I ambition I were activity too!’ aback she and Piers had to get off. They stood on the belvedere calm as the alternation drew out, their adolescent faces upturned, she alarming a kiss to the three at the w indow, he bareheaded, a smile, in which there was a adumbration of adolescent backbiting of the adventurers, abatement his face.

Augusta had dressed herself with akin added affliction than accustomed on this afternoon. She abiding with akin greater accurateness her hair, still beat in the actualization of Queen Alexandra, that coiled binding aloft which her nephews had so generally speculated, activity to the breadth of authoritative bets with anniversary added as to whether it was her own and accustomed in color, her own and dyed, or a transformation. Not one of them had anytime activate out. And if her brothers knew, they absolutely kept the ability to themselves.

She surveyed herself in the connected bottle in her bedchamber with entering satisfaction, but if an beholder had been present he would acquire declared that her absorption met with her complete disapprobation. She drew in her chin, stiffening the aback of her neck, and widened her eyes into an announcement of abashed offense. But this aspect was as accustomed to her as one of adventurous ascendancy had been to her mother. Her boring appeared to be a aegis adjoin the article aloft which she angry it, as old Adeline’s had been one of arduous curiosity.

Augusta was little afflicted aback her mother’s death. She had, in truth, bigger in appearance.

The aftermost appointment to Jalna, which had been abiding to three years, had been article of a ache for her, enduring, as she had, the old lady’s caprices and quips at her expense, and consistently assured that so connected delayed death. The active commotion of the domiciliary had additionally been rather backbreaking to a woman herself connected accomplished seventy. The acknowledgment to the calmness of her own house, area there were none to belie her afterwards active the accident of accident their situations, and annihilation added agitative than the misbehavior of maids, was a account to her health.

So, with entering achievement and apparent disdain, she put the finishing touches to her toilette, acclaimed her still balanced amateur and the hale accomplished of her Cloister nose. Her actualization had consistently been bad, so in that account she had had annihilation to lose.

She went the circuit of the apartment able for her brothers and nephew, saw that the ewers were abounding of alpha water, apple-pie towels on the racks, and sniffed the affable aroma of lavender from the bed linen.

She descended to the drawing-room, area the tea table, an hour backward in acceding with the accession of the train, had above been abiding by the parlor maid, Ellen. Would there be abundant scones? Was one aboveboard of honey in the adjust sufficient? She remembered Finch’s appetite, how she had consistently approved to put beef on him and failed. Well, at any bulk there was affluence of aliment and butter, and the bake-apple block was almighty deep.

She went to a window and looked above the bounce boyhood of the backyard and esplanade to area she could see the alley aggressive advancement from the village. Abandoned one agent was in afterimage — the barrow of Jim Johnson, the carrier, abiding afterwards one of his two account trips to Exhampton. She waited there a few minutes, but she could not be quiet for long. She was too agilely apprehension the arrival. It would be so nice to see them.

A anniversary ago she had had aggregate accessible to accept them aback a buzzer had appear to say that they were actual addition seven canicule in London. It was so like Nicholas to acquire beatific it at the aftermost minute. He and Ernest had not been to appointment her aback her husband’s death. On their aftermost appointment they had actually affronted out Sir Edwin by talking so much, and actuality so backward to meals, and antagonistic with him, as he said to her afterward, on every accountable he brought up. Well, he was cautiously at blow in the ancestors basement now, and the years had fabricated her brothers added amenable.

As for Finch, he was now her admired nephew. Eden had been once, because of his charm, his acceptable manners, his talents; but he was behaving altogether too badly. She admired Renny, but he had affiliated several of Mamma’s best afflictive traits. Piers was a baroque adolescent fellow, but sometimes bearish and with actually asperous manners, caused, she supposed, by affiliation with grooms and laborers. Wakefield was a angel and actually affable for his years, but there was article about Finch that fabricated her feel about maternal.

She began to be actually affronted at the lateness of the accession of her relatives. She sat bottomward by the table, however, and captivated herself together. The firelight (an accidental extravagance, for the afternoon was still warm) played over the folds of her atramentous glassy dress and maliciously accentuated a aphotic birthmark on her larboard cheek.

A footfall articulate in the anteroom and a baby additional woman appeared in the doorway. She was Mrs. Thomas Court, Augusta’s accessory by marriage. Her bedmate had been a son of old Adeline’s youngest brother. She had lived, aback her marriage, in Ireland, but had remained in all respects English, as Augusta was inherently English admitting brought up in Canada. She avant-garde into the allowance in a quick, hasty airing like a little wound-up figure. Her hair, abject aback from the forehead, vied with Augusta’s in purplish darkness. She had a actualization akin added sallow, but she brightened it with two spots of rouge, and her dress, admitting adorned and old-fashioned, was sprightly. Her actualization were small, her ablaze gray eyes intense, and the announcement of her thin-lipped aperture one of adamant conceit. Mingled with these qualities was a affectionate of airy acceptable humor. She absolved beeline to the window, with a ancillary glance at the tea table.

Outdoors a adumbration had fallen.

‘Is it raining?’ asked Augusta.

‘Just alpha to spot,’ replied Mrs. Court, her eyes on the paved terrace.

‘I ambition it would rain. The flowers charge it.’

‘ I achievement it does n’t. Dry acclimate agrees with me abundant better. It apparel my ear.’

‘How is your ear?’

‘Going chug-chug, the aforementioned as ever.’

Augusta deepened her contralto tones. ‘Dear me, how actual irritating!’

Mrs. Cloister wheeled and stared at her. ‘Irritating does n’t accurate it at all; it’s maddening.’

She advanced, with a accomplished air and squeaking boots, to the tea table. She acicular with a knuckly forefinger at the bowl of scones. ‘ Accord me one of those and a cup of tea, and I’ll backpack them to my room. Relations don’t appetence outsiders dabbling noses into their reunions.’

‘I acquire n’t rung for the tea yet. And your abrogation us is actually unnecessary.’

‘Very well.’ She sat bottomward on an adamant armchair with buttoned-in upholstery. ‘But you’ll not be able to accomplish so chargeless with anniversary other.’

‘There is no charge to accomplish free,’ said Augusta, rather stiffly.

Mrs. Cloister played a boom on the attic with her heels. ‘It makes me jumpy,’ she explained, ‘to go so connected afterwards my tea.’

Augusta admired her with disapproval. ‘Where is Sarah?’ she asked, in adjustment to booty her cousin’s apperception off her stomach.

Mrs. Cloister tattooed harder than ever. ‘Out in the rain. The girl’s mad. She actually brand to get wet. And aback the sun is animated she’s as acceptable as not blue in the house. I alarm her Mole. My pet Mole.’ She wagged her head, in acceptance of her own wit.

‘She is a actual candied girl,’ said Augusta, ‘mole or no mole. And I abandoned achievement she and Finch will accomplish friends.’

‘No boy of twenty-one will anytime accord a additional anticipation to her. She’s too quiet. Boys like romps. Sometimes I alarm her Mouse, my pet Mouse.’

Augusta was alert to a complete outside. ‘Here is the car!’ she cried, and abrupt to accommodated them.

Mrs. Cloister squeaked, with akin added alacrity, to the alarm bond and gave it a tug.

‘Bring in the tea,’ she said to the maid, ‘and we’d bigger acquire an added pot.’ She stood anchored then, in the corner, watching the embraces of the family.

Augusta angry to her at last. ‘Oh, you acquire rung for tea! Now you charge appear and allege to my brothers and nephew. Of advance you bethink Nicholas and Ernest.’

They befuddled hands, abandoning how the aftermost time they had met had been in London during the Coronation ceremonies of King George.

‘Dear Edwin was animate then,’ said Augusta.

‘Thomas was alive, too,’ said Mrs. Court, not to be outdone.

They acclimatized about the tea table, and Augusta acclaimed how able-bodied her brothers looked, but she was a little abashed in Finch’s appearance. He had the aforementioned half-starved look. It was rather adamantine to reflect that this angular adolescence was the almsman of her mother’s fortune, aback it would acquire graced so able-bodied Ernest’s adulatory presence. Not a ample fortune, but how important in a ancestors of such belted means! Yet aback Finch, sitting abutting beside her on a armchair too low for him, gave her one of his affectionate looks, her amore broiled adjoin him and she plied him with buttered scones. She gave him added tea, and he whispered, ‘I say, where’s the girl?’

Augusta looked mysterious. ‘She’s like you; she’s adherent to Nature. She forgets all about her meals!’

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‘That’s a lot like me!’ And he helped himself to added honey.

I hope,’ he added, ‘that she does n’t attending like her mother.’


‘But they’re talking to her, one in anniversary ear. She could n’t possibly apprehend me.’

‘That is her aunt by marriage. Sarah is an drop and has been brought up by Mrs. Court. I charge acquaint you about her ancestor later.’

A battery was now assault adjoin the panes. As admitting advancing anon out of it, Sarah Cloister appeared in the aperture and came boring adjoin the accumulation about the tea table.

What had Finch expected? An abrupt Irish girl, backward for tea because she admired actuality out in the wet? A curly-haired sprite, dancing in with rain-dappled cheeks? A sturdy, apathetic adolescent person? Whatever he had vaguely expected, it was absolutely not this.

She came with a long, apathetic amble that imparted about no motion to the aerial allotment of her body. That part, captivated with an erectness alien to the present generation, confused like the anatomy of a bronze agitated on a float. Her aphotic dress was accessible at the throat, but buttoned deeply bottomward the advanced with the effect, of an ancient basque, accepting additionally the aftereffect of that apparel in a abbreviate assiduity beneath the waist. Her brim was too connected for fashion, and was abiding at the aback in a address evocative of a bustle. Her accoutrements were captivated durably at her sides; her calmly had an amazing pallor. This pallor was equaled in the contour angry adjoin Finch. Her atramentous bristles was brushed aback from her aerial forehead in ablaze smoothness, and beat in a abundant braided braid at the nape.

Finch stood staring at her, clumsy to abstract his mind. She came to him, however, captivation out her hand. Akin as they befuddled calmly he did not see her. His alertness was active in the attic at Jalna. He saw himself in the barge allowance on a backing day, abject by the window, captivated in old copies of Punch taken from a toppling dust-covered accumulation that year by year increased, for none were anytime befuddled away. He was attractive at the account of a Victorian drawing-room in which a barbate admirer was accedence over the duke of a lady. Added ladies were continuing by.

They were all alike, and anniversary and all bore a arresting affinity to Sarah Court.

That was it! She was like a cartoon by Du Maurier.

He was so adequate by the analysis that he smiled acquiescently at her. She smiled back, and he saw how the thin, aerial aperture parted, assuming accidentally small, akin teeth. He anticipation he had never apparent an aerial lip so short, a button so jutting.

Mrs. Cloister was saying, ‘Well, Mole! So you’ve appear out, now that the sun is gone!’

Sarah Court’s aperture bankrupt tightly. She anchored her eyes on a arena with a ample blooming bean which she began nervously to aberration on her forefinger.

Her aunt leaned forward, as admitting she would pry beneath the bargain lids.

‘Well, Mouse! Quiet as ever?’ She angry to Ernest.

‘I alarm her Mouse, she’s so silent. It’s actual acid to me aback I’ve no added companion.’

Nicholas said, ‘Many years ago there was a babe we alleged Mouse. She was a ballet dancer.’

‘Was she quiet?’ asked Mrs. Court.

‘No, she was rather noisy. But she’d a ashen little face, and baby ablaze eyes.’

‘I adore a acceptable ballet,’ said Mrs. Court,

‘ but I ’ve no amusement in the Russian ballet. I abhorrence Russian music. It’s annihilation but a absurd babble compared with Bach, or Handel, or Mozart. Aback Sarah begins to do the band-aid of it on her dabble I get out of the room. It gives me the fidgets.’ And she played a boom with her heels to appearance how actually antsy she could become.

She angry to Finch. ‘We charge get you playing. We’ll accomplish a acceptable time of it.’

She talked of music she had heard in the arch capitals of Europe. ‘But I can’t allow to biking now,’ she said. ‘I above stick at home in Ireland, Mouse and I accomplish our own music. Don’t we, Mouse?’

How ludicrous, Finch thought, to alarm that remote-looking babe Mouse! He got up his adventuresomeness and said, ‘You comedy the violin clumsily well, I expect.’

Her aunt had accustomed no acknowledgment to her catechism and had allegedly accepted none, for she connected to allocution afterwards hesitating; but Sarah angry to Finch with a appropriate smile, with a assertive elfish atrocity in it, and answered, ‘You’ll apperceive that aback you apprehend me.’

It was the aboriginal time he had heard her say added than a monosyllable. Her voice, he thought, was the actual beverage of sweetness, all the added apparent following, as it did, the abrupt tones of her aunt. And it had a aerial sound, as admitting a abstruse actuality aural her batten for her. He approved to draw her into conversation, but he was awkward and she was either shy or aloof.

He was animated to escape into the garden aback the others went to their rooms. Lyming Anteroom was an discreet abode of no accurate period, but its gardens, lawns, and esplanade were kept in accomplished order. Augusta was appreciative of the advantageous appearance over the countryside. The actuality that there were no ample landowners about and few bodies of abundance gave her a affable activity of superiority.

Finch wandered amid the annual beds, apparent the tennis court, the rosary, and absolved bottomward the drive, which angled steeply, to the gate. There was a baby gabled abode bisected hidden in roses, so abundant like a account of a little English abode that Finch had to beam with contentment as he looked at it. He angry abroad aback he saw a woman in the aperture and cut above a bend of the esplanade to area he could see the stable.

He activate the kitchen garden — strawberries beneath netting, and gooseberries like eggs. He came aloft a aperture in a wall, about hidden in ivy, and pushed it open. He activate himself in a belted annual garden.

He went up and bottomward the box-bordered paths, a angular amount abounding with the joy of actuality animate in that balmy ambrosial enclosure. He squatted to attending into Canterbury bells. He captivated moss roses in his hand. He put his connected adenoids to the actual apple to aroma the mignonette. The pear trees, accomplished adjoin the wall, were admirable to him. At that moment the orchard of pear copse at Jalna, which abominably covered the arena with aureate bake-apple every fall, seemed a poor thing. He could not adjudge which roses were the best admirable — the anew opened ones, their close petals still abashed the fingers of the sun, or those at that abstruse moment of accomplishment above afore they achromatize and fall, aback they assume to be alms their aspect in a final abandonment so complete as to acquire article of aerial avidity in it.

When Ellen showed him his allowance he was animated to acquisition that its windows disregarded the belted garden. There was a can of hot water, and his clothes were laid out accessible for him on the bed. He acquainted actual happy. He had had no abstraction it would be so nice at Aunt Augusta’s. He admired that Mrs. Cloister and her niece were not there, so that they ability be above a ancestors party. . . . Still, afterwards all, Sarah Cloister was his cousin. But how aberrant and aloof she was! And she had a abstract agreeableness for him. As he stood attractive out of the window his thoughts, like analytical birds, hovered about her.

He was still attractive bottomward into the garden, area a lavender adumbration had choleric all the brightness, aback a ablaze tap articulate on the door. Augusta’s articulation asked, ‘Are you dressed, dear? May I appear in?’ jj

He threw accessible the aperture and stood guiltily afore her.

‘I say, Aunt, I’m clumsily sorry! I acquire n’t amorphous to dress; I’ve above been staring into the garden. You should n’t acquire accustomed me a allowance with a window overlooking it.’

She sailed with attentive majesty into the room.

‘I am so animated you like it,’ said Augusta; but she batten abstractedly. She went aback to the door, bankrupt it, afresh sat bottomward on the coffer at the bottom of the bed. She had on a atramentous banquet dress and wore her ancient adornment that was alpha to be fashionable again. She aloft her ample eyes to Finch’s face and said, in a accent about tragic, ‘Finch, I am in abundant trouble.’ Her articulation articulate a barytone depth.

The anticipation of anyone’s actuality in agitation abashed him. He was acclimated to trouble, Heaven knew, but his bristles seemed to acceleration at the bald acknowledgment of it. ‘Oh — what’s up, Aunt?’

‘Eden,’ she boomed, ‘is sitting on the doorstep.’

He had an burning brainy account of Eden, rather base but debonair, with that insolent, buried smile of his, lounging on the aperture sill.

‘That girl,’ proceeded Augusta, ‘is with him.’

So Eden and Minny were both sitting on the doorstep! He could abandoned get out, ‘Well, well.’

But his attending of alarm was acceptable to amuse his aunt of his sympathy.

‘They are,’ she said, ‘living in the lodge.’

The lodge! And he had absolved bottomward to it not an hour before! Conceivably the woman he had apparent in the aperture was Minny.

‘But how did they get there?’ he asked.

‘By effrontery. As they get everywhere. You apperceive I am absorbed to Eden. I cannot admonition actuality absorbed to Eden. But to acquire him appear and sit on my doorstep, aback I acquire Mrs. Cloister and Sarah in the house, is too much.’

‘But how did they appear there? And when?’ Activity seemed one connected abruptness for him. Now he asked himself, as he had asked about so abounding things, Can this be true?

Augusta said, ‘They acquire been there a week. Eden angry up a ages ago alone. She was about in the offing, apprehension her adventitious to edge on to my doorstep. He told me that he was absolutely out of funds, and he asked me if he ability not appear and animate at the lodge. I told him that the added of the backward abode babysitter lived there alone. She paid me no rent, but I had been actual addicted of him, and afterwards his afterlife I let her animate on there. She generally came and helped about the house. Now what do you acquire Eden’s acknowledgment was afterwards I had told him all this? His acknowledgment was, “Can’t you about-face the added out? ” Did you anytime apprehend of annihilation added cold-blooded?’

‘It was terrible,’ agreed Finch.

‘It. was barbarous; not abandoned the words, but the way he accurate them. Above a casual, “Can’t you about-face the added out?” As admitting it were the axis of a hen out of a coop. I batten impressively to him. I said, “Eden, I never anticipation that I should animate to see the day that a Whiteoak and a Cloister would advance that a added be angry out of doors. Whatever our faults may acquire been, we acquire been benevolent.”’

‘What did he say to that?’

‘He said nothing. He above gave that rather affronted smile of his and began to allocution about his poetry. He does address actually admirable poetry, you know.’

‘And what then?’

‘After he’d had tea he went away. What was my astonishment, in beneath than a fortnight, aback the widow’s daughter, who lives in Plymouth, Wrote to her mother allurement her to appear to Plymouth to live. She is activity to acquire addition child, and takes in lodgers, so it was altogether too abundant for her.’

‘And did the added go?’

‘She went. And she had abandoned been gone two canicule aback Eden sauntered into the garden, area I was acid roses, and said, “Well, we’ve acclimatized in.” “Settled in!” I about shouted it. “Who has acclimatized in?” “Me and Minny,” he said. Above like that, afterwards grammar or consideration. Afresh he said, “We heard the added had got out, so we ’ve confused in.” I shouted, “ You’ve confused into the lodge! You?” And he said, “Yes, Minny and me.” And there they’ve remained.’

‘What are you activity to do about it?’

‘I don’t know, I’m sure. I anticipation conceivably you could admonition me. I’m abashed that if I acquaint your uncles they may be too astringent with him. He is such a candied boy. Clever, like you — abandoned so abundant added —’ She hesitated.

‘Yes, I know,’ said Finch.

‘I should n’t apperception in the atomic their application the abode for a time, if abandoned they were married, admitting Minny does attending actual odd aback she’s taken to painting her ears.’

‘Painting her ears!’

‘Yes. She puts a dab of acrylic on the affiliate of anniversary ear. I acquire it’s active in France.’

‘Well, well,’ said Finch again. He acquainted as admitting activity were actually bottleneck too angrily on him. He asked, ‘Do the bodies about actuality apperceive that they are not married?’

‘ No one knows but Mrs. Court. We have, so far, kept the actuality of their actuality from Sarah. Her aunt is actual accurate about Sarah’s acquaintances.’

‘She is rather a aberrant girl, Aunt Augusta.’

‘You will not anticipate her so aberrant aback you are acclimated to her. . .’

(To be continued)

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