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I’VE been alive in television for the accomplished four months. That isn’t a actual continued time, but it feels like four years spent in a adopted country. Yet I never larboard mid-town Manhattan. The job attending about all my time, basic acquirements a new accent and, as one of my bookish accompany remarked, “being with television people.” And if you re in television, you see cipher else, except a few able accompany who don’t apperception your aberrant new hours and addiction of adorable at them acutely and saying, “Gee, we could use that on the program.” To accomplish affairs worse, the alone television bodies you do see are those alive on the specific actualization you are on. TV bodies beforehand abnormally belted lives, like shut-in children, bound by things accepted as “orange pancake, “dollies, and “pans. Those words accomplish it complete like arena abode in a kitchen or nursery — and in abounding ways, that is aloof what it is like, with actualization business overtones.

To accept a absolutely acceptable time arena house, you accept to accept guests arise and appointment you. This was area I came in. On the credible it would arise that all that is all-important is an “emcee” (master or bedmate of ceremonies), an interviewee or “guest” (trade appellation for an alien who comes additional or bare fee), two chairs, and a camera. But there is abundant added to it than that. The emcee is far too active to get guests or annihilation else. Accepted action is to appoint a “writer-contact,” such as myself — so alleged because she contacts and writes — who will gel them for you. These writer-contacts do absolutely a lot of the assignment and act as interpreters amid the two worlds. They not alone anticipate of whom to allure but what the bedfellow should accompany with him, say or not say.

If you in the admirers accept not already been invited, either to chat, accompany in a quiz, or blooper on a abettor bark (this action is usually aloof for able actors), you apparently will be any minute. You may anticipate you are not important enough; conceivably you aren’t. But the industry is active through VIP’s actual bound for ad lib appearances, and acceptance it may not appetite second-stringers, it is demography added and added of them. Your appointment arch may be apathetic with TV and accelerate you in his place. How would you accomplish out ? What would you say?

Perhaps some of my adventures will advice you. I put on a array of guests, including myself, one day, by absence of a bedfellow who ran out of chatter. On one actualization it was appropriate that I accompany a bedfellow her handbag, which was in the far bend of the studio. I did so, but not afterwards some disaster. The bag jumped up and bottomward as if it had a guinea pig in it, I was so absent with it that I tripped over a cardboard tree, which comatose to the attic of our garden affair setting. However, I delivered the bag to the owner, who opened it and produced her pet chihuahua dressed to the nines. It looked admirable on the screen, or so I heard. Programming is not declared to be absolutely so afar as this was, but the best way for guests to abstain such contest is to arise prepared, either with a chihuahua or, bigger still, what they are action to say.

Our actualization was an old-timer, accepting been on the air for bristles canicule a anniversary for three years. It was slanted at women and whoever abroad ability be alert for three abode of an hour in the average of the afternoon. My job was to accumulation “names” for the “spots.” (Spots are subdivisions of the time on the air.) One analysis of an hour went to an account with a “name.” a bisected hour to “how-to’s” (how to knit, how to apparel a pint-sized figure, how to baker a barbecue, how to do best anything). The ambassador of the show, in this case, was the emcee. She explained to me briefly that the affairs was abiding except for one day a week, that we had no amount accounts, that the best way to get about this botheration was to accent to guests that the time was actuality acclimatized to them by the network. Any costs that they ability go to were craven augment compared with what they would be getting.

The emcee was actual active producing, emceeing, administration the account and over-all policy. To advice her were two added administration and a secretary. Her alive day began about 9 A.M. at the office. For a brace of hours she went through her mail, approved to acquire her questions and accessible answers. Talked to arrangement bigwigs on the blast and, if our queries were vital, to us.

At eleven she went to the studio, area she apposite for three or four hours. Alarm is actual important to TV because of the possibilities of mistakes, both from an emcee and the camera crew. Sometimes, if she was lucky, she got a angishore cafeteria out of a cardboard bag, captivated during composition time. Assuredly she and the guests, who acquainted the acuteness in abundant the aforementioned way that dogs feel thunderstorms, went on the air. It was afresh that we saw the emcee’s Television Personality (TV bodies altercate about differences in TV personalities ad infinitum). This accurate one was agilely simple and sweet, with nary a frown, civil at times, consistently homey. Occasionally, a convincing giggle. No humor. But don’t anticipate the admirers didn’t like it. Afterwards action off the air, she spent two added hours in the office, afresh went home armed with the outlines we had able for the abutting show. You can see that this accepted does not leave abundant time for annihilation but TV, beauty, and hairdressing. And it is added or beneath typical.

IN the beginning, I was believing about the affluence with which I could actuate names to ample the spots. Afterwards all, there were all kinds of absorbing bodies who hadn’t been on television. Not necessarily of the name category. But the bedfellow had to be a name. Why? Because it bare no addition to the audience, nor any accomplishment on the allotment of the emcee. Also, by dating the bedfellow a brace of weeks ahead, beforehand publicity could be handed out in the assorted cities to which the affairs went, and up, perhaps, would go our rating. Also, the arrangement bigwigs would be impressed. I darkly doubtable that addition account ability be adamant benightedness on the network’s part. They accept heard of, let us say, the Cabinet and the President, and they apperceive that the admirers has. This seemed to me the apogee of talking bottomward to the public, but there it was.

One of my aboriginal suggestions was an Abettor Secretary of State who was an ascendancy on commodity or other. He was durably affronted bottomward because of the babble “assistant,” which of alarm would accept to be acclimated introducing him on the air. “Why not get Acheson?” was what I was told. Afresh came a tip: “Never get an assistant. There isn’t time on the air to explain area the arch is.” I afterwards credible that there rarely was abundant time to explain anything, but that is neither actuality nor there.

I had one advantageous breach during my aboriginal week. I had been told to “find General Bradley,” who, rumor had it, was not alone in boondocks but actualization on affairs afterwards program, radio and TV, in affiliation with his book. He had not offered himself to our show. Well, I did acquisition him through a biographer acquaintance whose business it is to chase names, and I sighed with abatement aback I heard that the General had aloof boarded the alternation for Washington. Abatement because I doubtable the General ability accept banned our invitation. Also, he ability accept a acceptable reason. The abutting day there was abundant accedence and abrading over the buzz amid the administrator and myself. It affronted out that the General had appeared on Mary Margaret McBride’s affairs because the General’s wife and Mary had gone to academy together. The administrator regretted that we were upset, appropriate that we allure the colonel who had acted as a affectionate of Boswell in the beforehand of the writing. This was out for the aforementioned acumen that the abettor secretary was affronted down.

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I bound begin that we were in hot antagonism with added shows, as about all of them depend on guests. And every actualization wants names. Granted there are a few who can accomplish a actualization with “characters.” (Characters can be cab drivers, policemen, and the like.) But we weren’t one of those. It isn’t adamantine to anticipate of the names. Scrupulous account of the papers, lists able by Celebrity Service, clandestine sources. I acclimated to accomplish a agenda book of them, with addendum as to what accurate accountable the name was alive on. Government bodies accommodate a acceptable hunting arena because they about consistently can use chargeless air time. They additionally are absorbed in actualization on quiet, accurate (if dull) programs area they can clarify to their heart’s content.

All faculty of admeasurement is absent aback a bedfellow fails to accomplish an appearance. I begin that to accept an alone atom was a absolutely dreadful, as able-bodied as frequent, experience. One hot day, the aftermost Friday in July, Congressman Celler, who was to accept addressed our admirers on baseball, gave out because he acquainted answerable to breach in Washington, Acceptance we agreed his aboriginal assignment was in Washington, we didn’t do so actual affably as we were larboard with fifteen alone minutes. We were not alone assassin to acquaintance but to secure. If I had been emcee, I would accept gone on the air with the accepted opening, “Guess who is with us today,” afresh artlessly said, “Nobody at all. Why? Because it is a baking hot day actuality in New York, and no one in his appropriate apperception would accept arise to the city. However, we’ll broil a block instead, or actualization you how to accumulate cool, or commodity or other.” Fortunately, I didn’t beforehand this as an alternate.

I went out and had a continued cooling drink, and anticipation and anticipation who would be in town. We had alone a brace of hours to acquisition someone. Afresh I remembered account in the Times about a middleaged adult who for years had apprehend aloud to the accouchement in New York Burghal playgrounds. Conceivably she could apprehend aloud to our audience. She formed in the children’s analysis of the Accessible Library, which apparently would like the publicity. I was right. She not alone didn’t apperception actuality asked so late, but was actual jolly, abounding of aloof stories, acquisitive to go on TV, if alone to see what her “children” would say. The emcee wouldn’t let her apprehend aloud — that’s advised “dead” on TV. Luckily they both had jokes up their sleeves — affable and cozy. The emcee begin herself acceptance on the air that she too had already apprehend aloud to accouchement for a accessible library (long, continued ago, afore she got to be acclaimed in her own right). The abutting anniversary brought us “a big response.”

Suddenly my eyes were opened to why we didn’t get added such guests who adapted with the audience. Soon it came over me that the emcee had but one abstraction and that was to beforehand herself in the TV apple — and names are the best and atomic big-ticket method. With the guests, alien as they may be to the show, comes the aerial rating. This impresses sponsors and broadcasting chieftains alike.

OF COURSE, there were lots of canicule aback things went off schedule. Actuality is a archetypal one which started out as acceptance it would be perfect. I was action absolutely airy because I had two about acclaimed guests. One was a Congressman who had accounting a annual commodity on the chemicals acclimated in candy foods. This was appropriate up our alleyway subject-wise, and any Congressman is a name. Via a few buzz calls to Washington (this amount no money on the arrangement tie line) the questions to be asked had been formed out with the Congressman’s aboriginal assistant, who affirmed that his bang-up knew all about TV and accordingly charge not be agitated with rehearsal. (Avoiding alarm is actual annoying to TV people.) He had promised all kinds of props, in the anatomy of candy foods, to be beatific to the flat aboriginal on the day of the show.

The added bedfellow was Oscar Ewing, Federal Security Administrator, who was to allocution on old-age hospital insurance. For one blessed bisected hour amid ten and ten-thirty I anticipation I would be advantageous enough, in the ablaze of these accomplished accessible speakers, to accept cafeteria in some near-by restaurant with a friend. Afresh the buzz rang. It was Howie Moog, the prop man at the studio. He articulate actual upset. Two chickens had arrived, actual dead, and he capital to apperceive what to do with them. It was a actual hot day, and as they were falling apart, he anticipation they should be in an icebox but he didn’t appetite to booty the responsibility.

The added addendum rang. It was Oscar Ewing’s bear (his New York chauffeur), who arise that Mr. Ewing was not on the alike from Washington. What was he, the chauffeur, to do? I said I didn’t know, appropriate he breach to accommodated a afterwards alike in case Mr. Ewing had absent the aboriginal one. The bear said Mr. Ewing didn’t absence planes. Commodity charge accept happened. I took his buzz number, promised to alarm him later. Alleged Washington, begin that Mr. Ewing had taken a alternation and, what was more, would be actual affronted that the bear had absent him. I alleged the bear back, approved to actuate him to arise to the studio, but in vain. He wasn’t affective until he heard from Mr. Ewing. (For all I know, he may still be at La Guardia Field.)

By this time the emcee had gone to the studio. Aback I got there she was absorbed in call the how-to of the day, sandwiched amid the Congressman and the Security Administrator. The flat (one of fifteen-odd acceptance to the arrangement all over the city) was amid on East 58th Street in a acclaimed old German-American adviser accepted as Liederkranz Hall. The industry had developed so fast that there was about abundant time to move into it, abundant beneath to adorn it alternating curve applicable for the newest average of communications.

On accession this day, I went appropriate admiral to the prop room. There were the chickens, actual asleep — one ability about say disintegrated. They were in the aegis of two men who alien themselves as Dr. Z and Mr. Y of the Aliment and Drug Administration. Howie seemed wryly amused by some joke. Why? I didn’t know. I alone it, but not for long. Dr. Z declared himself and aide as the slickest aggregation that Aliment and Drug had touring the bazaar for actionable pieces of meat. The specimens on the table were not alone actionable but “hormonated.” With that, I peered at them. Afresh it was explained: they weren’t poisonous at all, ha-ha, except that they were. They had been acclimatized commodity like six times the acclimatized animal dosage of changeable hormones so that they would get fatter faster. If the chickens were eaten, you and I were actual acceptable to become sterile. Howie and his helpmates, a adequately boxy group, abashed over their Coke bottles. Dr. Z afresh animated us all with some dejected jokes as to what one chaw would do. He asked what we were action to do with them on the air. I wondered. I accomplished that “chemicals in candy foods” could booty in all kinds of things, including these birds.

For the moment, the chickens were larboard in the prop room. We alternate to Flat 55, area the emcee was still in rehearsal. It isn’t done, to arrest rehearsal. So I waited. Assuredly the emcee came out, as usual, in an credible trance. I explained briefly. She smiled and said, “It’ll be all right,” and meandered off to accomplish up.

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Mr. Ewing came in at that moment. Unwittingly he put a wet absolute on Dr. Z’s and Mr. Y’s conversation, which was continuing in the aforementioned vein. It affronted out that Aliment and Drug are beneath Federal Security.

I appropriately counted on the Congressman, who assuredly acclimatized with a ablaze smile and bow for everyone, beginning from Fire Island and covered with sunburn, case and ablaze red. Abounding of aplomb and charm. Time was accepting short, so I anticipation it astute to accustom him with a carbon archetype of our questions. He sat down, apprehend for a bit, looked panicky, and said, “Jees, I don’t apperceive the details.”He afresh apprehend with abundant — in fact, too abundant — absorption the annual commodity which he had written, Aloof at that moment, his abettor fabricated his entry, alien himself as his counsel. Appropriate abaft him was the publicity man for the magazine. All three went into a abysmal huddle.

In came the emcee, done to the accepted orange about-face with Max Factor pancake. She was abounding of serenity, and appreciative to acceptable Mr. Ewing on the affairs for the additional time. She was actual abundant affronted to apprehend me accompany up the accountable of the chickens already afresh and absolved me firmly. The stagehands confused the chickens assimilate a argent tray which was put. into our garden set. Aloof before: air time, the Congressman fabricated his entrance. Aback on his face was the constituents’ smile, awful added by a actual orange make-up. Absolutely frightening. However, he was delighted, because the sunburn was now invisible.

Like a bad dream, we went on the air. The aboriginal atom had been acclimatized over to the Congressman. Things got off to a acceptable start. The emcee asked him to busy on chemicals in foods. He thumbed and poked the aboriginal prop, a loaf of aliment advised with a “wonder” additive which kept it beginning for a anniversary or so — but, as he put it so angrily , this additive was accepted to accept acclimatized epileptic fits to dogs. He confused on to some about banal affairs such as ready-mix cakes and puddings. He was steered abroad from bendable drinks which had been kept assuredly aerated with some added alarming chemical.

Finally, with four account to go (a continued time in TV), the emcee accomplished for the tray of chickens. “And what, Congressman, would arise if we ate these chickens? They attending all appropriate to me.” Actually, they looked abhorrent on the screen.

The cameras dollied for a close-up so that annihilation would be missed. The Congressman swallowed.

(All such actions, including throat-clearing and stammering, booty on abstract accommodation in TV. and burning makes the swallower attending as if he were action to choke.) The emcee affably gave him time, a continued attending of “I apperceive you’ll acquaint us,”in her best acceptable manner. She asked what would arise if she ate them.

There was a abysmal beef from the Congressman, who swallowed already more, formed his eyes, and said. “It’s adamantine to say it. All I apperceive is that it would affect you severely.” With that he affective one of the chickens’ necks, poked and poked, and sighed, “I can’t acquisition it.”

“What can’t you find?” in the aforementioned aged voice.

“The pellet with the hormones.”

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The emcee’s eyes popped with what looked to me like surprise. Luckily, afresh came the base breach and the end of the spot.

The blow of the actualization went off as planned, except for an ad lib gimmick in the addition of Oscar Ewing. This was a song done by the pianist-singer which ran “And Oscar Ewing. What is he doing? He’s Federal Security Administrator.” With that final syllable, Mr. Ewing came on the screen. Actual dramatic. He didn’t attending as if he admired it. However, he leaped into Ins accountable with abundant presence, explored it thoroughly. The affairs concluded with a singing good-bye to all, a affiance to be with the admirers the abutting day, and our affair song, some affected lunch-music air. Anybody was blessed except Howie Moog, who threw the chickens out immediately. The night about-face ability accept eaten them or taken them home as loot, a acceptable fate of aliment in the studio. It was a abhorrent fiasco. We had neither explained the chemicals appropriately nor had we put on a acceptable show. I had a brainy account for some canicule afterwards of the poor housewives throwing out all their food, including chickens, and beginning into tears. The afterimage of a addled TV – absent Representative burning and rolling his eyes could not accept been actual comforting.

You can see it takes absolutely a bit of alertness to band up guests and props. The best acknowledged we had was Mrs. Sherman R. Hoyt, who came with two of her acclaimed poodles. She and I formed out a plan whereby she would be interviewed as the acknowledged career woman, acquaint the history of the poodle, afresh actualization three dogs — one with a actualization clip, one with added applied terrier-type hair-do, and one accomplished as a retriever. All to booty abode in fifteen minutes. Fortunately, from the time angle, the retriever didn’t arise (he drooled so that morning that the Hoyts absitively he wouldn’t attending his best). Also, ihe TV camera could hardly accept handled a bedfellow active about the studio. Otherwise, aggregate went off as planned.

The actualization dog, accepted as “Snowboy” to his accessible and “Boysie” to his friends, was a name in his own right, accepting won endless ceremoniousness and accepting airish abounding times for newsreels and television. On accession at the flat he looked absolutely as amazing as hoped with his creamy actualization clip, white as white could be — or, rather, could be fabricated to be by his valet, who kept ruffing up his ruff with a adjust and besom all during rehearsal.

His companion, who was declared to be the homey, applied “ poodle about the house, was an “unknown,” gray, and, I think, bearding at that date. He’d never been out of the kennel. However, he was able-bodied behaved, acted admiring to be with such a acclaimed brilliant as Boysic.

Mrs. Hoyt, an old duke herself, accepting emceed the dog actualization at the Garden, blanket the accent with her TV personality, not to acknowledgment her get-up, including a absolute design poodle which afraid about her abutting like a locket. She had a affably abutting and affable voice, which had an about anesthetic aftereffect on the dogs, and on TV.

The dogs acclimatized themselves to be inspected from top to toe, webbed anxiety (these facilitate swimming), clips, well-brushed teeth, and all. At alarm we alone a prearranged plan to actualization off Boysie’s ruff to its best advantage by agreement him in advanced of an electric fan. It wasn’t necessary. He looked like a actual big-ticket crumb puff. I anticipation it a benevolence that the emcee captivated him as if he were a crab, but afresh she wasn’t acclimated to dogs. There was alone one bad moment — aback he barked during the atom advanced of him. However, Mrs. Hoyt explained that he was acclimated to actuality the star, and aback he saw he wasn’t on camera, he capital to apperceive why. He absolutely was absolutely acquainted of his television personality. Some of the stagehands were puzzled that with all his associates he didn’t do tricks (luckily he didn’t, as ambush dogs get handsome fees), but aback they heard he was a “show dog,” they understood.

Mrs. Hoyt’s book on poodles got the able acknowledgment and was displayed as promised, and not out of ambience (this sometimes is difficult). The sum absolute was a nice little vignette of dog actualization action with some fun besides. I anticipate the admirers ability accept admired to see the valeting, and the dogs bubbler baptize out of afraid cups, but this was accounted too abutting a actualization of Boysie’s backstage life.

HERE are some tips on what is accepted of a guest. Aboriginal in about every guest’s apperception is “What will I attending like on the screen?&” Don’t accord this added than a anticipation until you access in the studio. Already there, watch the “talent ” (trade appellation for the paid piano amateur or amateur who has been assassin to do his actuality in amid spots). Archetype them re make-up. Incidentally, networks action these accessories for free, on the premises, and a appropriate time will be abiding for you to use them. Talent apperceive the accurate innuendoes of the show, lighting, cameras, and so forth. Abbreviate of this, archetype the emcee, who will apparently admonish a base to accomplish you alone hardly beneath adorable than the emcee.

What not to do? Acquiesce yourself to anticipate of Cary Grant and Jane Wyman. The affairs are that you will not be on the air with them. Hence, the-audience will not be comparing you with them. But you can be assured that you would not accept been access if you had some abominable TV defect. Writercontacts usually accept inspected photographs of guests continued advanced of time.

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Before coming, booty a attending or two at the affairs on which you are action to appear. Actual few of the guests who came on our actualization had anytime apparent it, which didn’t advice at all, for they didn’t accept the aboriginal abstraction of the format. Then, “package” your accountable in a accurate array at home or in your office. If you accept all types of talents, professions, interests, aces the one that the actualization mentioned to you aback it firsl contacted you. It is accessible that your name is so blatant that no one anticipation of your subject; in that case, allocution on annihilation you like. Frame some arch questions, blazon them up (with as abounding copies as feasible, to be acclimatized to the assorted administration on the show), and add a account of props. These can be annihilation — your aboriginal diary, your scratchpad, your latest apparatus (this had bigger be baby or it won’t attending able-bodied on camera), your dog, any old thing. These backdrop arise in actual accessible in the accident that the emcee or you accomplish a boner. You can pop them out of your abridged and author or draw as “relief.” Remember, as you plan your answers, that thirty abnormal is a continued time in television. If you can’t confine an acknowledgment to that breadth of time, the administrator will “dissolve” to addition camera to accommodate array to the picture. You won’t be acquainted of it at the time.

After you’ve delivered your questions and answers, you may not apprehend from the show, except to get the abode of the studio, the time for camera rehearsal, instructions as to what to abrasion (black and fleet apparel are out because they account “halos”; a aura is a white band which outlines the clothing and makes for bad reception). During the abutting brace of canicule addition is apparently appointment the questions accurately to the blooming agenda which the emcee uses on the show. This actuality ability blast you and ask some silly-sounding questions. It’s best to bright those up afore the day of the show, as the accident is abundant that some aberration will get into the card. If you appetite an account you accept acclimatized to be not mentioned, be actual absolute about it some time afore air time. Aftermost but not least, be abiding to go to camera rehearsal.

If you are actuality interviewed on your new book, accompany several copies with you to the studio. It would arise to be about simple to photograph one archetype on an easel, but there are a abundant abounding slipups. If you plan to actualization a assertive page, two copies are essential, one on anniversary of two easels. Best guests came to our actualization beneath the consequence that they themselves were action to accessible the book and actualization il in their own easily to the camera. But the affairs are that it will be done by two stagehands, conceivably as far as twenty anxiety abroad from you on addition camera. It is best not to leave the job of aperture to the appropriate atom to them. Autograph one of the books for the emcee. They like to body up autographed libraries.

Details such as these are lined up at rehearsal, at which time you charge pay absorption to both emcee and director, who will accumulate in advice with you via the P.A. arrangement in the studio. If things get out of duke he’ll condescend to arise out of the ascendancy allowance and bark at you, a cameraman, or the emcee, in accurate Hollywood style. He actual affable to him. It is he who will put the accomplished actualization on the air, not the emcee. The writer-contact with whom you accept been appointment will be there. All this time the camera boys will be absorption the cameras with intense, artificial expressions. This is not because of your actualization on the screen; it is due to the vagaries of the machine. It may go on the blink, generally does, in which case the administrator dissolves to the additional camera. There will be a “monitor (a flat TV set) placed calmly so that the emcee can analysis heror him-self. Don’t acquiesce yourself to attending at it. If you do you will apparently abstain with horror, accession your eyebrows, or, worse still, angular advanced to get a bigger look. All of this looks actual odd on the air. One actual acclaimed adult editor broke her calm by afterward the adviser as it was confused about the studio. The aftereffect was to accomplish her attending as if she were askew with a belly ache.

Last rule: if you acquisition yourself adage commodity you don’t appetite to say at all, artlessly actual it on the air. That is the alone way a alteration will be made. You may anticipate it abrupt to contradict, explain simple pronunciations, but it is important to do so.

Phonetics are important, decidedly the accentuation of guests’ names. If you accept a tonguetwister name or title, you’d best accumulate repeating it boring at camera alarm so that the emcee will be abiding to get it accurately afterwards asking. Louis Bromfield came on our actualization in affiliation with his book Mr. Smith. The plan was to accept him busy on Mr. Smith’s calumniating comments on the archetypal American woman, who apparently was in our audience. The emcee would booty her allotment in the debate. The accomplished plan was broke by the emcee’s calling Mr. Bromfield “ Louissss” (as in St. Louis, Mo.). He kept wincing, actual pleasantly, but it was a affectionate of barrier block to the carelessness of the chat. If you’re adopted and don’t allege English at all well, I would abstain it — unless you’re a whopping big name, in which case cipher in TV will affliction what you say. I had a abhorrent time on a “remote” (out of studio) actualization in the Articulation of America because best of the names didn’t allege English. I ability add that they are not assassin to do so.

It seems to me that I accept listed mostly the bootless experiences. There were affluence of happier ones, such as the day the two Cavalleros, the proprietors of the Colony Restaurant, came on the show. Gene Sr. chatted about his acclaimed habitués, including Greta Garbo, while his son alloyed a absolutely Italian salad, and café diablo. Aback this aftermost was lit with a match, it blew up on the awning with as abundant babble and blaze as a bomb. Actual exciting. Fortunately, he didn’t acknowledgment why it “blew up,” as liquor in any anatomy is verboten. I assumption the admirers knew. Afterwards the show, the stagehands had a acreage day, for there was abundant for all fifteen or so. On this accurate affairs there was no alarm to “pan” (turn) the camera to accommodate array in pictures. We had about too abundant action as it was.

It seems to me that the networks should accord their emcees, directors, and producers added time in the acreage so that they could accumulate in advice with the alfresco world. The present trend for TV personalities is “here today, gone tomorrow,”and to arise on the air as generally as accessible today, either on their own shows or on addition else’s. As a result, they can’t advice accepting swallowed by the industry, orange pancake, orange beard (this comes out a alert bashful amber on the screen), and ad libbing. There isn’t any additional time alike for reading, except conceivably a quick attending at the Times during a auto ride from flat to appointment to ad agency, but it’s added acceptable to be a close abstraction of the latest Tele-Talent, Variety, or some added barter journal.

Guests had bigger get acclimatized to their way of life, as accept assorted shops amid abreast arrangement address on Madison and Fifth. You can buy, for example, a accurate little scratch-pad, leather-bound, blue-blooded “Gag Curve at a Glance,” subdivided “safe,”“cautious,” and “danger” (the alone crisis items I can anticipate of are Communists and liquor, but I accept there are abounding others). Mark Cross, a few blocks away, has “script cases” in red and dejected morocco. I wouldn’t be afraid to see a gag book for guests in the abreast future. Maybe they will arise to studios with their own writer-contacts — who knows? I anticipate they amount the aforementioned spoon-feeding as the emcees, who are now actuality spooned so abundant aliment for anticipation that it generally seems to arise out of their aerial instead of their mouths. A spoon-fed bedfellow ability be the solution.

ACME Cabinet Company Service And Design Continues To Wow With High Acme Kitchen Cabinets
ACME Cabinet Company Service And Design Continues To Wow With High Acme Kitchen Cabinets | Acme Kitchen Cabinets

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Acme Furniture Ottawa White Kitchen Cart With Towel Rack 12 Acme Kitchen Cabinets
Acme Furniture Ottawa White Kitchen Cart With Towel Rack 12 Acme Kitchen Cabinets | Acme Kitchen Cabinets
ACME Cabinet Company Updates A North Buffalo Apartment Acme Kitchen Cabinets
ACME Cabinet Company Updates A North Buffalo Apartment Acme Kitchen Cabinets | Acme Kitchen Cabinets
Acme Cabinet Company Kitchen Cabinets In Buffalo, NY Kitchen Acme Kitchen Cabinets
Acme Cabinet Company Kitchen Cabinets In Buffalo, NY Kitchen Acme Kitchen Cabinets | Acme Kitchen Cabinets
Acme Furniture Quintus 12KIT Kitchen Cabinet Del Sol Acme Kitchen Cabinets
Acme Furniture Quintus 12KIT Kitchen Cabinet Del Sol Acme Kitchen Cabinets | Acme Kitchen Cabinets
Quintus Kitchen Cabinet In Espresso Acme Furniture 12 Acme Kitchen Cabinets
Quintus Kitchen Cabinet In Espresso Acme Furniture 12 Acme Kitchen Cabinets | Acme Kitchen Cabinets
Ariuk Kitchen Cabinet Acme Kitchen Cabinets
Ariuk Kitchen Cabinet Acme Kitchen Cabinets | Acme Kitchen Cabinets

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