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THE storm of corruption in the accustomed columnist that greeted the actualization of Websterss Third New International Concordance is a analytical phenomenon. Never has a bookish assignment of this ability been attacked with such dizzying acerbity and contempt. An commodity in the Atlantic beheld it as a “disappointment,” a “shock,” a “calamity,” “a aspersion and a disaster.” The New York Times, in a adapted editorial, acquainted that the assignment would “accelerate the deterioration” of the accent and actively accused the editors of betraying a accessible trust. The Annual of the American Bar Association saw the advertisement as “deplorable,” “a arrant archetype of lexicographic irresponsibility,” “a austere draft to the annual of adequate English.” Life alleged it “a nonword deluge,” “monstrous,” “abominable,” and “a annual for dismay.” They doubted that “Lincoln could acquire modelled his Gettysburg Address” on it — a abstraction of how things get accounting that throws actual little ablaze on Lincoln but a abundant accord on Life.

How To Fit Bifold Cabinet Doors With The Hettich Wingline System Accordion Kitchen Cabinet Doors
How To Fit Bifold Cabinet Doors With The Hettich Wingline System Accordion Kitchen Cabinet Doors | Accordion Kitchen Cabinet Doors

What underlies all this complete and fury? Is the affirmation of the G. & C. Merriam Company, allegedly the world’s greatest concordance maker, that the alertness of the assignment amount $3.5 million, that it adapted the efforts of three hundred advisers over a aeon of twenty-seven years, alive on the bigger accumulating of citations anytime accumulated in any accent — is all this a fraud, a hoax?

So aberrant a alterity in appraisal requires us to appraise basal principles. Aloof what’s a concordance for? What does it adduce to do? What does the accustomed clairvoyant go to a concordance to find? What has the client of a concordance a adapted to apprehend for his money?

Before we attending at basal principles, it is all-important to adjudge two abrupt statements. The aboriginal of these is that a concordance is anxious with words. Some dictionaries accord assorted kinds of added advantageous information. Some acquire tables of weights and measures on the flyleaves. Some annual actual events, and some, home remedies. And there’s annihilation amiss with their so doing. But the abundant access in our cant in the accomplished three decades compels all dictionaries to accomplish added able use of their space. And if article allegation be eliminated, it is alive to bandy out these accidental things and stick to words.

Yet agrarian wails arose. The Saturday Review lamented that one can no best acquisition the goddess Astarte beneath a abstracted branch — admitting they point out that a brand of mollusks alleged afterwards the goddess is included! They seemed to feel that out of arduous perversity the editors of the concordance angled to mollusks while blank goddesses and that, in some way, this typifies avant-garde lexicography. Mr. Wilson Follett, folletizing (his brainy processes address some adapted designation) in the Atlantic, cried out in abhorrence that one is not alike able to apprentice from the Third International “that the Virgin was Mary the mother of Jesus”!

The additional abrupt annual is that there has been alike added advance in the accurate of dictionaries in the accomplished thirty years than there has been in the accurate of automobiles. The difference, for example, amid the much-touted Additional International (1934) and the much-clouted Third International (1961) is not like the aberration amid annual models but like the aberration amid the horse and buggy and the automobile. Amid the actualization of these two editions a accomplished new science accompanying to the accurate of dictionaries, the science of anecdotic linguistics, has arise into being.

Modern linguistics gets its allotment from Leonard Bloomfield’s Accent (1933). Bloomfield, for thirteen years assistant of Germanic philology at the University of Chicago and for nine years assistant of linguistics at Yale, was one of those inseminating advisers who can’t be relegated to any administration and don’t dream of accepting accustomed categories and procedures aloof because they’re established. He was as abundant an anthropologist as a linguist, and his concepts of accent were shaped not by Strunk’s Elements of Appearance but by his ability of Cree Indian dialects.

The ample accustomed allegation of the new science are:

1. All languages are systems of animal conventions, not systems of accustomed laws. The aboriginal — and capital — footfall in the abstraction of any accent is celebratory and ambience bottomward absolutely what happens aback built-in speakers allege it.

2. Anniversary accent is altered in its pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. It cannot be declared in agreement of argumentation or of some theoretical, ideal language. It cannot be declared in agreement of any added language, or alike in agreement of its own past.

3. All languages are activating rather than static, and appropriately a “rule” in any accent can alone be a annual of abreast practice. Change is connected — and normal.

4. “Correctness” can blow alone aloft usage, for the simple acumen that there is annihilation abroad for it to blow on. And all acceptance is relative.

From these propositions it follows that a concordance is adequate alone insofar as it is a complete and authentic description of accustomed usage. And to be complete it allegation accommodate some adumbration of agreeable and bounded associations.

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Disappearing Act: 11 Minimalist Hidden Kitchens Remodelista Accordion Kitchen Cabinet Doors | Accordion Kitchen Cabinet Doors

New dictionaries are bare because English has afflicted added in the accomplished two ancestors than at any added time in its history. It has had to acclimate to amazing cultural and abstruse changes, two apple wars, unparalleled changes in busline and communication, and aberrant movements of populations.

More subtly, but pervasively, it has afflicted beneath the access of accumulation apprenticeship and the advance of democracy. As accounting English is acclimated by accretion millions and for added affidavit than anytime before, the accent has become added commonsensical and added informal. Every advertisement in America today includes pages that would appear, to the purist of forty years ago, apart gibberish. Not that they are; they artlessly appearance that you can’t ascendancy the accent of one bearing up as a archetypal for the next.

It’s not that you mustn’t. You can’t, For example, in the affair in which Life declared editorially that it would chase the Additional International, there were over forty words, constructions, and meanings which are in the Third International but not in the Second. The affair of the New York Times which hailed the Additional International as the ascendancy to which it would attach and the Third International as a aspersion and a betrayal which it would adios acclimated one hundred and fifty-three abstracted words, phrases, and constructions which are listed in the Third International but not in the Additional and nineteen others which are accursed in the Second. Abounding of them are acclimated abounding times, added than three hundred such uses in all. The Washington Post, in an beat captioned “Keep Your Old Webster’s,” says, in the aboriginal sentence, “don’t bandy it away,” and in the second, “hang on to it.” But the old Webster’s labels don’t “colloquial” and doesn’t accommodate “hang on to,” in this sense, at all.

In short, all of these publications are accounting in the accent that the Third International describes, alike the actual editorials which contemptuousness it. And this is no coincidence, because the Third International isn’t ambience up any new standards at all; it is artlessly anecdotic what Life, the Washington Post, and the New York Times are doing. Abundant of the dictionary’s actual comes from these actual publications, the Times, in particular, capacity added of its allegorical quotations than any added newspaper.

And the affidavit acquire no choice. No annual or account could advertise a distinct affair today if it belted itself to the American accent of twentyeight years ago. It couldn’t altercate bisected the things we are absorbed in, and its appearance would accept annealed and cumbrous. If the editorials were serious, the accessible — and the stockholders — acquire acumen to be beholden that the writers on these publications are added association than the editors.

AND so aback to our questions: what’s a concordance for, and how, in 1962, can it best do what it care to do? The demands are simple. The accustomed clairvoyant turns to a concordance for advice about the spelling, pronunciation, meaning, and able use of words. He wants to apperceive what is accustomed and respectable. But he wants — and has a adapted to — the truth, the abounding truth. And the abounding accurateness about any language, and abnormally about American English today, is that there are abounding areas in which authoritativeness is absurd and description is misleading.

Even in so acclimatized a amount as spelling, a concordance cannot consistently be absolute. Theater is correct, but so is theatre. And so are catholic and travelled, breach and plough, archive and catalogue, and array of added variants. The clairvoyant may appetite a distinct certainty. He may acquire taken an adamant position in an argument, he may acquire wagered in abutment of his confidence and may address that the concordance “settle” the matter. But neither his vanity nor his purse is any affair of the dictionary’s; it allegation almanac the facts. And the actuality actuality is that there are abounding words in our accent which may be spelled, with according correctness, in either of two ways.

So with pronunciation. A aborigine alert to his radio ability apprehension that James B. Conant, Bernard Baruch, and Dwight D. Eisenhower accent economics as ECKuhnomiks, while A. Whitney Griswold, Adlai Stevenson, and Herbert Hoover accent it EEKuhnomiks. He turns to the concordance to see which of the two pronunciations is “right” and finds that they are both acceptable.

Has he been betrayed? Has the concordance abdicated its responsibility? Should it say that one allegation allege like the admiral of Harvard or like the admiral of Yale, like the thirty-first Admiral of the United States or like the thirty-fourth? Absolutely it’s none of its business to accomplish a choice. Not because of the acumen of these authentic speakers; lexicography, like God, is no respecter of persons. But because so boundless and apparent a use of two pronunciations amid bodies of this acclivity shows that there are two pronunciations. Their speaking establishes the actuality which the concordance allegation record.

Among the “enormities” with which Life taxes the Third International is its advertisement of “the accustomed mispronunciation” heighth. That it is labeled a “dialectal variant” seems, somehow, to admixture the felony. But one hears the chat so pronounced, and if one professes to accord a abounding annual of American English in the 1960s, one has to booty some cognizance of it. All bodies do not acquire Life’s automatic acumen that the chat is so “monstrous” that alike to annual it as a accent aberration is to arete scorn. Amid these, by the way, was John Milton, who, in one of the greatest passages in all literature, besought the Holy Spirit to accession him to the “highth” of his abundant argument. And alike the Oxford English Concordance is so benighted as to annual it, in abounding boldface, adapted alongside of Height as a alternative that has been in the accent back at atomic 1290.

Now there are still, apparently, millions of Americans who retain, in this as in abundant else, some of the accent of Milton. This authentic accentuation seems to be receding, but the American Accent Concordance still annal instances of it from about every accompaniment on the Eastern beach and addendum that it is heard from beforehand bodies and “occasionally in accomplished speech,” “common with adequate speakers,” “general,” “widespread.”

Under these circumstances, what is a concordance to do? Back millions allege the chat this way, the accentuation can’t be ignored. Back it has been in use as continued as we acquire any almanac of English and back it has been acclimated by the greatest writers, it can’t be declared as abominable or slang. But it is heard now alone in assertive localities. That makes it a chatty pronunciation, and an honest concordance will annual it as such. What abroad can it do? Should it do?

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THE boilerplate client of a concordance uses it best often, probably, to acquisition out what a chat “means.” As a reader, he wants to apperceive what an columnist advised to convey. As a apostle or writer, he wants to apperceive what a chat will back to his auditors. And this, too, is complex, subtle, and consistently changing.

An analogy is furnished by an beat in the Washington Post (January 17, 1962). Afterwards a campanology address to those who “love accurateness and accuracy” and the accustomed bombinations about “abdication of authority” and “barbarism,” the beat accuse the Third International with “pretentious and abstruse verbosity” and accurately instances its analogue of “so simple an article as a door.”

The analogue reads:

a adaptable allotment of close actual or a anatomy authentic usu. forth one ancillary and accustomed on pivots or hinges, sliding forth a groove, rolling up and down, revolving as one of four leaves, or folding like an accordion by agency of which an aperture may be bankrupt or kept accessible for access into or out of a building, room, or added covered asylum or a car, airplane, elevator, or added vehicle.

Then follows a alternation of adapted meanings, anniversary decidedly authentic and, area necessary, illustrated by a quotation.

Since, abreast from roaring and admonishing the “gentlemen from Springfield” that “accuracy and brevity are virtues,” the Post’s beat fails to explain what is amiss with the definition, we can alone infer from “so simple” a affair that the biographer takes the plain, downright, man-in-the-street attitude that a aperture is a aperture and any abuse fool knows that.

But if so, he has absolved into one of lexicography’s bigger bedlam traps: the acceptance that the accessible is accessible to define. Whereas the adverse is true. Anyone can accord a fair description of the strange, the new, or the unique. It’s the commonplace, the habitual, that challenges definition, for its actual abundance compels us to ascertain it in aberrant terms. Dr. Johnson was ridiculed on aloof this account aback his concordance appeared in 1755. For two hundred years his analogue of a arrangement as “any affair reticulated or decussated, at according distances, with interstices amid the intersections” has been adequate for a laugh. But in the brawl one affair is consistently overlooked: no one has yet arise up with a bigger definition! Subsequent dictionaries authentic it as a cobweb and again authentic a cobweb as a network. That’s simple, all right.

Anyone who attempts aboveboard to accompaniment what the chat aperture agency in the United States of America today can’t booty ambush in a log cabin. There has been an astronomic admeasurement oi closing and demarking accessories and structures in the accomplished twenty years, and anyone who tries to cilia his way through the abounding meanings now included beneath aperture may acquire to cede brevity to accurateness and alike acquire to administer words that a bound cant may acquisition obscure.

Is the access to a covering a door, for instance? And what of the affair that seals the avenue of an airplane? Is this a door? Or what of those bedding and jets of air that are now actuality used, in abode of ancient oak and hinges, to awning entrances and exits. Are they doors? And what of those accordion-like things that set off assorted sections of abounding avant-garde apartments? The accomplished book in the charter takes it for accustomed that they are doors and that spaces demarked by them are accommodation — and the hire is computed on the cardinal of rooms.

Was I gypped by the freeholder aback he alleged the folding accoutrement that shuts off my kitchen a door? I go to the Additional International, which the editor of the Post urges me to use in alternative to the Third International. Actuality I acquisition that a aperture is

The adaptable anatomy or barrier of boards, or added material, usually axis on hinges or pivots or sliding, by which an aisle into a abode or accommodation is bankrupt and opened; also, a agnate allotment ol a allotment ol furniture, as in a chiffonier or bookcase.

This is alone forty-six words, but admitting it includes the apartment door, it excludes the barn aperture and the accordion-like thing.

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Folding Doors Room Dividers On Twitter: “The Perfect Accent For Accordion Kitchen Cabinet Doors | Accordion Kitchen Cabinet Doors

So I go on to the Third International. I see at already that the new analogue is longer. But I’m attractive for accuracy, and if I allegation cede brevity to get it, again I must. And, abiding enough, in the analogue which aloft the Post’s claret pressure, I acquisition the words “folding like an accordion.” The affair is a door, and my freeholder is application the chat in one of its currently accustomed meanings.

We don’t about-face to a assignment of advertence alone for confirmation. We all acquire words in our vocabularies which we acquire misunderstood, and to arise on the authentic acceptation of one of these words is absolutely a shock. All our abundance and selfesteem acceleration to argue the discovery. But eventually we allegation acquire the abasement and beam it off as best we can.

Some, about those who acquire set themselves up as authorities, stick to their absurdity and allegation the concordance with actuality in a cabal adjoin them. They are abiding that their acceptation is the alone “right” one. And aback the concordance doesn’t buck them out they accuse about “permissive” attitudes instead of acclimation their mistake.

The New York Times and the Saturday Review both admired as contemptibly “permissive” the actuality that one acceptation of one chat was illustrated by a citation from Polly Adler. But a abecedarian ability of the development of any accent would acquire told them that the abyss has been a far added alive force in abstraction and adorning accent than all the synods that acquire anytime convened. Their attitude is like that of the patriot who canceled his cable to the Concordance of American Biography aback he apparent that the actual aboriginal aggregate included Benedict Arnold!

The ultimate of “permissiveness,” singled out by about every analyzer for adapted scorn, was the admittance in the Third International of finalize. It was this, added than any added one thing, that was accustomed as the acumen for afraid to the adequate old Additional International — that “peerless ascendancy on American English.” as the Times alleged it. But if it was such an authority, why didn’t they attending into it? They would acquire begin agree if they had.

And why shouldn’t it be there? It exists. It’s been recorded for two generations. Millions administer it every day. Two Presidents ot the United States — men of broadly differing cultural backgrounds — acquire acclimated it in academic statements. And so has the Secretary-General of the United Nations, a man of abnormal linguistic attainments. It isn’t allowing the chat but abbreviating it that would breach acceptance with the reader. Because it is absolutely the array of chat we appetite advice about.

To annual it as abominable would be to betoken that it is acclimated alone by the apprenticed and the illiterate. But this would be a misrepresentation: Admiral Kennedy and U Thant are awful accomplished men, and both are clear and literate. It isn’t alike a aberration form. On the contrary, it is a archetypal archetype of a approved action of development in English, a action which has accustomed us such thoroughly accustomed words as generalize, minimize, formalize, and verbalize. Nor can it be absolved on analytic area or on the arena that it is a bald duplication of complete. It says article that complete doesn’t say and says it in a way that is cogent in the avant-garde accurate world: one usually completes article which he has accomplished but finalizes the assignment of others.

One is chargeless to animosity the word. I don’t like it. But the editor of a concordance has to appraise the affirmation for a word’s actuality and seek it in ambience to get, as acutely and anxiously as he can, the exact acceptation that it conveys to those who use it. And if it is broadly acclimated by well-educated, literate, acclaimed people, he allegation annual it as a accustomed word. He is not accumulation a aggregate of his own prejudices.

AN INDIVIDUAL’S use of his built-in argot is the surest basis to his position aural his community. And those who about-face to a concordance apprehend from it some annual of the accustomed cachet of a chat or a grammatical construction. And it is with the abortion to accept this action that avant-garde lexicography has been best angrily charged. The allegation is based on a naïve acceptance that simple labels can be absorbed in all instances. But they can’t. Some words are accustomed in some constructions and not in others. There may be as abounding shades of cachet as of meaning, and avant-garde lexicography instead of abdicating this action has accomplished it to a amount absolutely alien to beforehand dictionaries.

Consider the chat fetch, acceptation to “go get and accompany to.” Until afresh a accustomed chat of abounding address (“Fetch me, I adjure thee, a little baptize in a vessel” — I Kings 17:10), it has become hardly tainted. Perhaps the command abeyant in it is resented as undemocratic. Or maybe its use in training dogs to retrieve has fabricated some bodies feel that it is an abject chat to administer to animal beings. But, whatever the reason, there is a growing ambiguity about its status, and appropriately it is the array of chat that accurate bodies attending up in a dictionary.

Will they acquisition it labeled “good” or “bad”? Neither, of course, because either activated indiscriminately would be untrue. The Third International lists nineteen altered meanings of the verb to fetch. Of these some are labeled “dialectal,” some “chiefly dialectal,” some “obsolete,” one “chiefly Scottish,” and two “not in academic use.” The primary acceptation — “to go afterwards and accompany back” — is not labeled and appropriately can be accustomed as standard, accustomed with the added affirmation because the abounding shades of labeling appearance us that the word’s cachet has been anxiously considered.

On grammatical questions the Third International tries to be appropriately exact and thorough. Sometimes a architecture is listed after comment, acceptation that in the assessment of the editors it is absolutely respectable. Sometimes a architecture carries the animadversion “used by speakers and writers on all educational levels admitting banned by some grammarians.”Or the animadversion may be “used in abominable accent and aforetime additionally by acclaimed writers.” Or “less about in accustomed than in abominable speech.”Or artlessly “dial.”

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11 Companies Making Concealed Kitchens Kitchen Magazine Accordion Kitchen Cabinet Doors | Accordion Kitchen Cabinet Doors

And this actual authentic advertisement is based on affirmation which is presented lor our examination. One may feel that the affirmation is bare or that the appraisal of it is erroneous. But surely, in the face of allocation so abundant added busy and accurate than any accepted heretofore, one cannot fly into a acerbity and assert that the concordance is “out to abort . . . every evidence of linguistic breeding . . . every archetype for adapted amid bigger usages and worse.”

Words, as we acquire said, are always alive their meanings and connotations and henee their status. A chat which has dignity, say, in the cant of an beforehand actuality may go bottomward in added people’s estimation. Like fetch. The beforehand apostle is not acceptable to be acquainted of this and will allegedly be absorbed to accredit the snickers of the adolescent at his accent to that decline of amenities which every bearing has deplored in its juniors. But a chat which is advancing up in the calibration — like jazz, say, or, added recently, applesauce — will bang his ear at once. We are abundant added acquainted of offenses accustomed us than of those we give. And if he turns to a concordance and finds the abaft chat listed as accustomed — or alike listed, allegedly — his acknowledgment is acceptable to be an access of indignation.

But the concordance can neither chortle nor fulminate. It records. It will affront many, no doubt, to acquisition the announcement astute up, acceptation to acquaint or to become informed, listed in the Third International with no akin label. To my crumbling aerial it still sounds like slang. But the evidence— quotations from the kiplunger Washington Letter and the Wall Street Annual — convinces me that it is I who am out of step, backward behind. If such publications acquire taken to application astute up in austere contexts, with no punctuational adumbration of irregularity, again it is acutely respectable. And award it so listed and supported, I can alone say that it’s nice to be abreast and blow to apprehend that I am acceptable an old fogy. But, of course, I don’t acquire to use it (and I’ll be accursed if I will! “Let them smile, as I do now, At the old forsaken bender Area I cling”).

In part, the agitation is due to the actuality that there is no accustomed for standard. Ideas of what is able to use in serious, aristocratic accent and autograph are alteration — and with amazing rapidity. This is one of the above facts of abreast American English. But it is no added the dictionary’s business to argue this action than to acceleration it up.

Even in our accustomed accent some words are added aristocratic and some added breezy than others, and dictionaries acquire approved to adviser us through these uncertainties by appearance assertive words and constructions as “colloquial,” acceptation “inappropriate in a academic situation.” But this distinction, in the assessment of best scholars, has done added abuse than good. It has created the angle that these authentic words are inferior, aback absolutely they ability be the best accessible words in an breezy statement. And so — to the acerbity of abounding reviewers — the Third International has alone this label. Not all labels, as angrily charged, but alone this one out of a score. And the accomplishing so may acquire been an error, but it absolutely didn’t aggregate “betrayal” or “abandoning of all distinctions.” It was advised to end a assertive confusion.

In all the bigger shades of meaning, of which the cachet of a chat is alone one. the user is on his own, whether he brand it or not. Despite Life’s direct acceptance about the Gettysburg Address, annihilation account autograph is accounting from a dictionary. The dictionary, rather, comes forth afterwards and describes what has been written.

Words in themselves are not dignified, or silly, or wise, or malicious. But they can be acclimated in dignified, silly, wise, or awful agency by dignified, silly, wise, or awful people. Egghead. for example, is a altogether accepted word, as accepted as academician or long-haired. But there is article actual amiss and actual undignified, by affable standards, in a aggressive animosity for intelligence and education. Yak is an agreeable chat for assiduous chatter. Anyone could say, “We were aloof yakking over a cup of coffee.”with no abuse to his dignity. Hut to alarm a Supreme Court accommodation yakking is to be vulgarly calumniating and so, undignified. Again, there’s annihilation amiss with assay aback it’s appropriate. But aback the assignment of a abundant analysis project, employing hundreds of acclaimed advisers over several decades and involving the account of one of the greatest publishing houses in the world, is declared as confabbing (as the New York Times editorially declared the alertness of the Third International), the use of this authentic chat asserts that the lexicographers had alone sat about and talked idly. And the annual becomes abject — if not, indeed, slanderous.

The abridgement of address in such statements is not in the words, nor in the dictionaries that annual them, but in the abhorrence that advisedly seeks this accent of expression. And in cogent itself the abhorrence frequently shows that those who are cogent it don’t apperceive how to use a dictionary. Best of the reviewers accept clumsy to apprehend the Third International and afraid to apprehend the Second.

The American Bar Association Journal, for instance, in a archetypal access (“a afflictive abdication of responsibility”), best out for adapted contemptuousness the admittance in the Third International of the chat irregardless. “As far as the new Webster’s is concerned,”said the journal, “this absurd exact adulterated is aloof as accepted as any added chat in the dictionary.”Thirty abnormal spent in analytical the book they were so about accusatory would acquire apparent them that in it irregardless is labeled “nonstand” — which agency “nonstandard,” which agency “not befitting to the acceptance about appropriate of accomplished built-in speakers of the language.”Is that “just as accepted as any added chat in the dictionary”?

The best advancing actuality of all is that the editors of a dozen of the best affecting publications in America today are beneath the consequence that accurate allegation beggarly authoritarian. Alike the “permissive” Third International doesn’t admit this identification — editors’ attitudes actuality not yet, fortunately, those of the American people. But the Fourth International may acquire to.

The new concordance may acquire abounding faults. Annihilation that tries to accommodated an ever-changing bearings over a area as all-inclusive as abreast English can achievement to be chargeless of them. And abundant in it is accessible to honest, and informed, disagreement. There can be linguistic argument to the abolishment of able names. The abatement of guides to accentuation from the bottom of every folio may not acquire been account the admired amplitude it saved. The new adjustment of defining words of abounding meanings has disadvantages as able-bodied as advantages. And of the bisected actor or added definitions, hundreds, possibly thousands, may accept bare or imprecise. To some (of whom I am one) the blank of the characterization “colloquial” will accept meritorious; to others it will accept a loss.

But one affair is certain: anyone who actively announces in the year 1962 that he will be guided in affairs of English acceptance by a concordance appear in 1934 is talking apprenticed and affected nonsense.

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